Stolen Pixels #158: After Curfew, Episode 6

By Shamus Posted Friday Jan 8, 2010

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I’m regretting not using the EA guy again for this, but it was easier to tackle the subject with Breen.


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10 thoughts on “Stolen Pixels #158: After Curfew, Episode 6

  1. Henebry says:

    Breen was perfect.

    I’m liking your use of [Laughter] and [Applause] rather than running sound effects HA HA, CLAP CLAP. You’re running counter to comic book tradition, but not necessarily in a bad way.

  2. Factoid says:

    Breen is good when you’ve got multiple subjects to cover in one strip. The EA guy wouldn’t have let you cover the Sega bit.

    Good comic. I might have just left the last panel off completely, though. I think the repetition of the “We are your masters” bit was a solid punch.

  3. chabuhi says:

    Awesome — really makes me wish those guys read your comic. Although, having worked in the Big Money Biz ™ for almost 15 years, I know they wouldn’t give a shit and/or would be oblivious to the humor.

    The Bottom Line is our Overlord.

  4. Zombie Pete says:

    But what I want to know is… Will Rorschach really be in the next strip?

  5. Daemian Lucifer says:

    Well you were talking last year how EA was climbing down from its skull throne,and now they want to assure you that it isnt so.

  6. Fosse says:

    Good comic. I might have just left the last panel off completely, though. I think the repetition of the “We are your masters” bit was a solid punch.

    I thought to myself that the final panel was perfect just before reading your comment, Factoid. Yes, the punchline is in the penultimate panel. But the final panel is great for pacing, and is the equivalent of the lights fading out after a funny bit while the actors throw away a couple of small lines.

    Like all good throw aways, they probably aren’t funny to everyone. (Least of all me… I didn’t get either. Had to look up Lumines, and know that I can’t look up Rorschach because I’ll get irrelevant hits about ink blots.)

    Anyway, my thoughts are that the last panel cements the whole thing, especially in light of Breen being a recurring character.

  7. Xpovos says:

    I knew you’d have to comment on the EA server shut down eventually. I bought Madden 09 in March of 09, so after it’s life expectancy for most gamers, for the pure intent of playing it online over Xbox 360 with some buddies. Now, about a year later, it appears that is done. Yet, we are still paying the Xbox Live fee to play games online via Xbox, paid for the disk and game, and paid very nearly full retail. Even in March of 2009, it was $40.

    I obviously will not be buying Madden 2010 and kneeling before the masters. Nor Madden 2011.

    The real kicker for me though was Facebreaker (also on the list). It’s not a great game, but I got it at a great price. $10 in the bargain bin (new) is just about right for that game. Several achievements (X360 again) are only obtainable with online play. Come February, I won’t be able to get those anymore. Seems to me they’re violating some of Microsoft’s rules regarding achievements there.

    Anyone who knows more about this, please tell me, because I’ve tried researching the web, and it’s a common question with no answer. EA doesn’t care, and MS isn’t talking.

  8. krellen says:

    The last panel is necessary to close out the “talk show monologue” vibe.

    It also serves as a window to the next comic; given the last example of this, Shamus is, in fact, planning on doing an interview with Rorschach as his next (few) comic(s).

  9. Rick W says:

    Fosse: Actually, a Google search for Rorschach returns a couple hits for the Watchmen character on the first page, and most of the images are the character.

  10. Fosse says:

    Yes, well… I’m sure googling “wolverine” returns a lot about the X-Man. But that in and of itself doesn’t convince me that the old Belushi sketch is referring to Marvel’s merriest mutant. ;)

    In any event, I’m wholly unfamiliar with Watchmen, so I still don’t get the joke. But I like that it’s there.

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