Escapist News Network: Sorcerers Demand Equal Rites

By Shamus Posted Saturday Nov 21, 2009

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Hey Graham, Kathleen, Paul, and the rest of the Loading Ready Run cast & crew: I have a little question for your team, which I hope you will not think is too impertinent. Just a query from a fan who wants to know a little bit about you personally. Seeing as how you guys put out your weekly LRR skit, plus Unskippable, plus ENN, plus the odd video extra and side-project now and again, my query is thus:

Do you SLEEP? Are you a squad of tireless and unstoppable Canadian comedy robots or something? Have you cloned yourselves? HOW DO YOU ACCOMPLISH ALL OF THIS EVERY SINGLE WEEK?

People give me credit for my output here and at the Escapist, but this is just prose and comics. Video is incredibly time consuming to produce, and these guys turn out a lot of it.

I especially liked ENN this week:

Making matters worse is that they’re now doing Desert Bus for Hope, where they play a non-stop Desert Bus marathon as long as people donate money to charity. Essentially, we pay money to have them tortured for our amusement. Communal griefing of public figures as entertainment. I am very curious how they will manage to produce this week’s offerings while trapped in a small room with the most boring game ever made. Check out the live feed of that event here.


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17 thoughts on “Escapist News Network: Sorcerers Demand Equal Rites

  1. RedRedKrovy says:

    I love the part about Ghost ‘n Goblins. That game was unbeatable unless you were a freak of nature or you cheated.

  2. UtopiaV1 says:

    Hang on, it all makes sense! The awesome videos being released day after day, the charity work, the website… they MUST BE ROBOTS, Canada have finally made good on their plans to build an army of robot comedians and take over the earth!…


  3. chakan says:

    Desert Bus for Hope! As of this writing, they’re about 14 hrs in, they had raised 8K before they even started, and are already up to 15.5K. They’ve got tons of contests and such to keep them interested and to get more money donated for the children. What’s more, this year they’ve got a few guests, and are giving away prizes every once in a while.

  4. gyfrmabrd says:


  5. Jazmeister says:

    She can’t be leading the charge, man, Robot Queen Elizabeth is just leeching off the UK economy over here, making friends with celebrities like Android Lord Webber.

  6. ima420r says:

    I was watching the game feed last night. Well, listening. Rrrrrrr rrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrr… on and on. It was very soothing.

    I think there was probably more action on the gamer feed, but there is something about the roar of an electronically generated bus motor that just makes me want to curl up and sleep.

  7. Eruanno says:

    I think they just have like five clones per each member that shares a hive memory. There’s no other possible explanation.

  8. Taellosse says:

    Well, it must be pointed out that Graham and Paul do the video stuff full time these days. The rest of the cast have jobs of various sorts, but those two (who are also the founding members of LRR) make their living off of the LRR site, merch, and the Escapist side projects. So they do have those 8-10 (or whatever) hours per day, 5 days per week, that you have to go do a regular job, to devote to scripting, filming if they’re the only 2 involved, and editing, and so forth.

    Also, Unskippable does not require that they actually spend any time PLAYING the games they show (though presumably they do play them), unlike you with your game reviews and comics. All they have to do is capture the video of an opening cut scene and record a voice over (which is not to suggest such a thing is trivial–merely that it saves the theoretical time spent playing the game itself to evaluate it before composing a review, or struggling with screen captures for a comic).

    Plus, I’m not certain of this, but I don’t think any of them have children, either. I’m pretty sure none of them are even married yet, though Graham and Kathleen, at least, appear to have been in a committed relationship for a while now.

  9. Dev Null says:

    Wait, I can click the link to get to the live feed of a marathon of playing the (deliberately) most boring video game ever? Oh no! I’m not falling for _that_ cunning ploy (again.)

  10. MuonDecay says:

    Equal Rites, incidentally, is the third Discworld book, and is very much a funny and entertaining read.

  11. Legal Tender says:

    @ MuonDecay,

    Ya, I lol’ed when I saw the name of the video over at the escapist!

    The Wyrd Sisters is one of my favevorite discworld series. Comes second after Men at Arms :)

    Bonus points go to Wee Free Men, first book to have ever made me laugh out loud .

  12. Joel D says:

    Canadian comedy robots?


  13. Awesome.

    Two best lines for me:

    “The elven community is up in arms, and trees” and “griffons can’t use a mouse.”

  14. xXDarkWolfXx says:

    All canadians are comedy robots, the ones that arent funny are the ones that are broken but we just havent gotten around to turning off yet. The only people who arent robots are the people in the government, theyre just morons.

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