Wednesday Action Log 11-8-23

By Issac Young Posted Wednesday Nov 8, 2023

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By this afternoon Risk of Rain Returns will be released. My family will miss me.

What are you guys up to?


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17 thoughts on “Wednesday Action Log 11-8-23

  1. sheer_falacy says:

    Talos Principle 2. Puzzles! Philosophy! More puzzles!

    The areas in the game honestly feel too big. You do sprint quickly and the compass identifies the places you need to go (mostly), so that’s something. I really liked the gravity puzzles. Pandora statues are very rude but it feels good to finally solve them, and I think they’re way easier than the star puzzles in the first game, some of which were insane.

    1. Sleeping Dragon says:

      I ended up having to use a walkthrough for a bunch of puzzles in the first one, especially once the timewarp/clone mechanics started, but I loved the philosophy side of it. I’ve heard good things about the sequel but it’ll probably be a while before I get to it.

  2. Jaloopa says:

    I’ve been playing Gotham Knights and, weirdly, I’m genuinely unsure if I’m enjoying it. The fighting seems fairly similar to the Arkham games, and the crime scene investigation is quite cool if a little simple, but it feels a bit soulless somehow

    1. Dreadjaws says:

      If you’re anything like me, the more you go through the game the less you’ll like it. It’ll come to a time where it’ll all become too monotonous and grindy. The story and characters are alright, though.

      1. Gresman says:

        Thanks for the info. That sound exactly like the weird jank game I need to sink my teeth into. Might get it once it is on a deep discount. :)

      2. Jaloopa says:

        I probably won’t bother carrying on then. I’m playing through GamePass so it’s not like I’ve wasted a big chunk of money on it

  3. Cozzer says:

    Started replaying Cyberpunk 2077 from the beginning, this time with a new graphic card and the DLC. Love it. I tried creating a male character for variety, but I like the female voice (and the personality it implies) much more than the male one. At least I created a Corpo girl instead of my former Streetkid, even if the differences are really minimal.

    Also, I played the first episode of Life is Strange 2. I’m going through the Capitain Spirit thing before starting the second episode.

  4. Daimbert says:

    Started a new Jedi Consular character in The Old Republic. I had thought that you could select any powerset for your secondary, but as a Consular both on character creation and through the quest they give you I could only select all the Jedi powersets as Paige had said. That doesn’t matter to me as I use the base one anyway, but I was under the impression that you could mix and match the secondary more than it allowed me to.

    Also finished off Dragon Age Awakening. I was about to start the final sequence and thought there was going to be more to it, but instead it only took me about an hour and a half, which meant I could have finished it any time and didn’t have to set aside a longer play session to finish it. I was disappointed with Sigrun’s ending but that was probably because I allied with the Architect at the end, which was a tough decision since my character both would have recognized that she needed all the help she could get but would have wanted to kill him anyway since she didn’t trust him. I ultimately went with “Ally now, kill later” which got me the explanation but didn’t allow me to chase him down, for I guess obvious reasons. I only have Witch Hunt left of the DLC I want to do and then it’s Inquisition.

    1. Yeah, I double-checked that recently as a subscriber as well. Only force users can use force secondaries; non-force users can only use the non-force secondaries. This goes for adding a second powerset as a subscriber, too. Was surprised that narritively this, adding a second powerset goes through a GSI office. The office looks like the Nar Shaddaa GSI establishment, buth with more generic decorations. When you leave, you get deposited on the Fleet station. Was also reminded that you used to get pointed to skill trainers on the Fleet Station by Elara Dorne’s dad, Imperial-side. I don’t remember who it was Republic-side; I had stopped playing just before KotFE came out and all the changes that were made about that time. I’ve played so much since then I forgot some of the original structure.

      1. Daimbert says:

        The details of the quest are actually different per class. Force users get a Force-related vision type thing, while the non-Force classes get something that matches their classes (since you were an Agent, you got that one). Then again, it might just be GSI for all of them, as I can’t remember the details of the two or three I went through. And there’s a lot more choice for non-Force users, as I’m pretty sure you can select from Republic and Imperial side specialties which you can’t for the Force users. And also, where you end up depends on when you activate it. It came up for me right away, so I did it on Tython, and it dumped me at the Jedi Temple there.

        1. Yes, I had 8 options (of which I already had Operative, of course). I had acces to Agent, Bounty Hunter, Trooper, and Smuggler. It was very tempting to add Smuggler/Scoundrel as my second, but it is mostly just different animations with minimal difference of skills from the Operative powerset. Leaning toward just adding sniper to have to full suite of Agent default abilities.

  5. Dreadjaws says:

    Pretty much nothing new for me this week, mostly the same as last one. I’ve been on-and-off playing a platformer called Lapin where you play as a rabbit, but every time I go play the game has an update, and every time my internet decides to be slow right at that moment. It’s been putting me off, honestly. If I see another update I may just uninstall. It’s not like the game is grabbing me.

  6. Verbal_ancient says:

    Finished Tunic today. The boss fights were fun, but there’s only a few of them before it shifts focus to puzzle solving, and the puzzles were very tedious. There was a new game+ mode, but I only enjoyed the game enough for one play through, I don’t care to do a second one

  7. merle says:

    Maybe sticking my face into Baldur’s Gate 3, finally.

  8. RFS-81 says:

    Street Fighter 6 as usual.

    I got Tekken 7 from Humble Bundle and tried it for a bit. My understanding was that each character has a shitton of moves and you have to learn which ones are actually useful. I was not ready for this! It doesn’t even pretend to have a tutorial which arguably is an improvement over the average fighting game.

    Code Vein came along with Tekken on Humble Bundle. It’s Dark Souls but anime. It has a co-op mode and I was planning to pitch it to my brother to play together if it was good, but I’m not into it. It has an interesting “fantasy apocalypse in a modern world” setting, similar to Darksiders.

    1. Tuck says:

      You could pitch Code Vein to your brother as a comedy game

  9. RCN says:

    I’ve been playing Human Resources Machine again.

    Now that I have a better knowledge of algorithms I’m trying to see if I do any better in it.

    So far… I think I’m actually doing worse than the first time around.

    Hope I can try to implement something like quicksort into the final stage, as I’m pretty sure it was a straightforward “sort this sequence of numbers” that is literally what sorting algorithms are for.

    Then I’ll see how long bogo sort takes to complete it just for a laugh.

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