New Year 2017 Livestream Part 2: Hitman

By Shamus Posted Wednesday Jan 25, 2017

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We really need to stream more often. We do it so rarely that we all forget the pitfalls and have to re-learn the whole thing again. It doesn’t help that each game has its own unique way that it thwarts streaming. The resolution is messed up. The in-game framerate is garbage for no reason. The in-game framerate is fine but the stream shows it as terrible. There’s no audio from the game. It streams a blank screen. It only streams a portion of the screen. There are just too many ways that something can go wrong.

I suppose part of the problem is that every game is a special snowflake with its own ideas on how rendering should work. Welcome to PC gaming, where the rules are made up and the specs don’t matter.

Today’s mishap is that the audio levels are out of balance so that Jarenth and I are very quiet.

Link (YouTube)

It’s a shame. This was my favorite part of the stream. This is a really fun game to watch.


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5 thoughts on “New Year 2017 Livestream Part 2: Hitman

  1. Baron Tanks says:

    Yeah, too bad! I was excited to see some more of you guys mess around, but with only Josh really audible it’s not as much fun. Better luck next time! Hitman is a great streaming game as you said. I enjoyed the hour or so I watched of the Chris/Josh stream a while ago.

  2. Jokerman says:

    “This is a really fun game to watch.”

    It really is, the whole series (bar… that one) actually, because it’s so open… it’s great seeing other peoples thought process compared to yours. It’s really good for speed runs to, not normally big on watching speed runs, but the games done quick Hitman Blood money stream was a fascinating watch, i thought i knew those levels inside out…. i did not.

  3. SL128 says:

    In the video, you talked about how cool it would be to be able to kill two targets by pushing one onto another, so I’m glad to show that it’s possible:

  4. kunedog says:

    It's a shame. This was my favorite part of the stream. This is a really fun game to watch.

    If anyone wants more, ICWXP–a (very) high-quality MST3K clone–did a couple levels of it:

    Their treatment of Resident Evil is the funniest longform LP I’ve ever seen (but I’m a huge RE1 fan (and so are they)).

  5. Doomcat says:

    Just a note on streaming: I wish you guys had your volume up HIGHER on everything, when I watch everyone (Including the game) sounds like they’re in the other room through a thin wall, where I can kinda hear them, but I have to focus, even with my volume all the way up…

    I really enjoyed Josh climbing around that manor though, that was quite entertaining.

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