A Very Dead Rising Christmas

By Josh Posted Saturday Dec 24, 2016

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Merry Holidays! Happy Christmas! Festivus Hanukkah! Whatever holiday tradition you celebrate, we did our very best this year to make it a Very Special Event!

And by that I mean we managed to pull three of the five castmembers together at the last minute to record an hour of a game about zombies and old people that nobody apparently likes very much. It’s a Decemberween miracle!


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22 thoughts on “A Very Dead Rising Christmas

  1. BounderTree says:

    Happy holidays to all of you lovely people.

    Dead rising never interested me because I REALLY don’t like replaying games so the timer is a killer for me.
    Unless the gameplay is so satisfying that I want more time with it at the end of the story I will, but that almost never happens.

    1. From what I could tell playing Dead Rising 2, it’s trying to fall into the same combat genre as Dynasty Warriors with a crafting system similar to Dead Island (but much better) and a wacky story taken completely seriously.

      For the most part, just buy a Dynasty Warriors game since you’ll get more fun out of that.

  2. Jingleman says:

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Hal says:

    All I can say is, “Thank you for making Homestarrunner references.”

  4. Exasperation says:

    Is it just me, or are the zombies at the very end of the video doing the Thriller dance when you turn the corner and spot them?

    1. Agammamon says:

      I can’t tell – they could be or it could be an animation synchronization glitch. But, if I had to guess I’d say that if they were the game devs wouldn’t have allowed it to be a subtle thing that you could miss. It would be obvious and in your face.

  5. Phantos says:

    Wait, this game came out already?

    I thought it was announced like a month ago.

  6. Benjamin Hilton says:

    In this game’s favor, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a setting in the post “we beat the zombies” world before.

    1. MichaelGC says:

      That’s a first for me too! Although they do seem to move pretty swiftly from the post-apocalypse into an apocalyptic post-post-apocalypse.

      Haven’t seen the end of the game, though – hopefully Freginank Westburt manages to clean up enough of the zombies with his tesla bumper-car that things are able to move forward into the post-ap … into a better state of affairs.

      1. Chris says:

        Dead Rising operates in a world where zombie outbreaks are more… regional tragedies than world-ending disasters. Each event basically takes out whatever city it happens to take place in, but the military contains them pretty quickly. In the first game it’s because Willamette is in the middle of nowhere and a single zombie straggler or two aren’t a bit deal, and after that the military developed vaccines and lockdown techniques to prevent most spillover into the general population.

        I think Resident Evil works in a similar (albeit even more confusing and convoluted) way.

        1. MichaelGC says:

          I see, thanks! So instead of the full-fat breakdown of society like you see in Mad Max or Walking Dead, it’s a sort of low-cal local apocalypse. An alocalypse.

  7. MichaelGC says:

    Wait a moment. Josh says this is a Spoiler Warning dream sequence, and immediately afterwards Chris’ virtual reality headset lights up? I mean, the symbolism could be a little more subtle…

    And later we learn that “Josh” lived in a made-up place called “Colorado” for seven “years.” Is any of this real? Is it me that’s dreaming? Ow.

    Nope, ‘s not me.

    Is it you?

    1. Benjamin Hilton says:


      Not me either

  8. Phantos says:

    We’ve come a long way since Frank West looked like something out of Monster Factory.

  9. Grimwear says:

    Oh man Dead Rising. I barely remember much aside from some fun times when I played the first one. I think I only ever made it past the first boss? Unfortunately this was before my family really started caring about upgrading anything so while I did have a 360 I was also playing on a 16 inch tv screen from the 80s. It was literally impossible to read any of the text that accompanied the game and by the time I got a new tv my desire to play it had fled.

    1. Phantos says:

      “Everyone has giant Imax theatres in their houses, right? Let’s just assume that, and not make the text big or legible enough for everyone.”

      This happened in Mass Effect 2 as well. What a stupid time in video game history.

      1. Hypatia says:

        This was especially annoying for Dead Rising 1 because the original Xbox 360 Core only came with composite video cables and the Xbox 360 Pro came with some hybrid composite/component cable with optional optical out. Xbox 360s didn’t even come with HDMI 1.2 output until the year after Dead Rising 1 was released. HDTVs themselves were just becoming standard.

  10. Somniorum says:

    I’m hearing Chris repeatedly try to defend the game, and keep alluding to problems it has, but every moment I watch this I just want to play it more and more.

    If you’re trying to sell that it’s a bad game, you’re not doing it so well : P

    1. Somniorum says:

      Okay, finally went and watched the Errant Signal video about it and I get the complaints he has now. There are certainly some things that sound less appealing to me that they’ve changed, though some of the stuff in there my first reaction was definitely “thank God!” with occasionally a hesitant follow-up of “… although it could affect that..” – like the mention of the lack of time limits anymore, as I generally hate being pressured by time in a game.

      However, then I found myself thinking that maybe that would kind of kill the pressure of trying to save certain people. Unfortunately, looking at the Errant Signal video, it sounds like saving people is largely meaningless and unfulfilling in general : ( I *hated* so many of the escort quests in Dead Rising 1 (only one I played), as you were frequently fighting an up-hill battle against not only the enemies, but also against the time limitations and the (intentionally? Not intentionally?) terrible AI of most companions… not to mention certain other janky things, like super-tough enemies respawning inexplicably fastOH MY GOD I PUT SO MUCH INTO KILLING THOSE PSYCHOPATHS IN THE JEEP AND I ONLY WENT A COUPLE LOADING SCREENS AWAY, AND NOW I’M TRYING TO ESCORT A FEW PEOPLE ON THE WAY BACK TO BASE AND THE JEEP AND PSYCHOS ARE BACK WHAT THE HELL CAPCOM, WHAT THE HELL???

      … er… … uh… *ahem* – anyway.

      In *spite* of that, what’d I’d rather see is not for it to be totally scraped, per se, but to see the really hateful, hair-tearing bits removed so that saving people could actually be fun and rewarding. If they did dilute it so much as Chris suggests, then that’s rather unfortunate.

      1. Phantos says:

        Wait, the jeep psychos respawned in your game? They’re not supposed to do that.

        …Or wait, was MY game the glitched one, where they WERE supposed to respawn and didn’t??

  11. Austin says:

    My only complaint is that the shot with the huge swarm wasn’t a selfie.

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