Fallout 4 EP24: Enjoy Your Coffee

By Shamus Posted Friday Jul 29, 2016

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Mumbles commented that the blood mechanics in this game are crazy. This seems to be a thing with late-period Bethesda games: Ragdolls act like balloons full of strawberry jam. Which makes it all the more inexplicable to me that “high-definition blood splatters” is always among the most popular mods. There are a lot of things visually wrong with how people die in this game, but “the blood decals are too low-res” isn’t one of them. If anything, the extra detail would draw attention to the problem.

I dunno. It’s just strange, is what I’m saying.


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113 thoughts on “Fallout 4 EP24: Enjoy Your Coffee

  1. MichaelGC says:

    “Enjoy your coffIN.”

    Phew! – I feel like we narrowly escaped being buried alive in interment puns.

    1. Andy_Panthro says:

      I prefer my pun threads cremated.

    2. ehlijen says:

      Coffee? I love Coffee!

      1. My New Vegas character has 40 cups. I really should make another couple of them. :P

        1. Gruhunchously says:

          I hate myself for asking this but…got any mugs?

          Well!? DO YOU!?

          1. MrGuy says:

            It’s like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a coffee cup.

    3. Jean says:

      Okay you Mugs, quit acting like Drips. Thermos be a way to avoid threads like this in the future. They really are not the Cream of interactions around here.

  2. SpiritBearr says:

    If Synths dressed up as mannequins they’d be ripping off everyone’s favourite boss fight from Deus Ex Human Revolution.

    1. Andy_Panthro says:

      Or those classic Doctor Who baddies, the Autons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9HCzAXoDI8

      1. JackDaDipper says:

        I’ve always wondered if the Nestene was supposed to be horribly un-creative in its first appearance or if they made up the concept of living plastic but didn’t really think out the whole potential of it until they were introducing The Master. The whole pretend to be shop mannequins thing is really their least impressive trick.

  3. Andy_Panthro says:

    Didn’t Rutskarn already notice the coffin/coffee triggerman thing way back when they were rescuing Nick from mobsters? Or am I remembering that incorrectly?

    Also, much like Mumbles I was always angry that I couldn’t send companions back to where they really belong, and it turns out there was a way to do that all this time. Damn you Bethesda and your unintuitive interface!

    And finally, Campster is correct that Deathclaws are an evolved species, evolved via FEV in fact (according to the original games, anyway). They are a highly mutated type of chameleon.

    1. tmtvl says:

      Chameleon? I thought they were iguanas?

      Anyway: Bethesda interfaces are often maligned, hence the demand for mods like SkyUI and such.

      1. Syal says:

        No, the Iguanas mutated into Iguana-on-a-stick.

        1. Michael says:

          Iguana-On-A-Stick is people.

          Actually, come to think of it, I kinda remember that it was.

          1. Josh says:

            No that’s iguana bits. It’s completely different!

            1. Austin says:

              I assume you know this because of all the crap Reginald eats? Good Ol’ Reginald.

            2. Michael says:

              Oh, right, Iguana-on-a-stick is Iguana Bits with a chunk of driftwood rammed through it. My mistake. :p

            1. Somebody says:

              Wasn’t Iguana Bits the only one made from meat, and Iguana on a stick actual Iguana meat?

    2. MichaelGC says:

      You might be thinking of: “say ‘hello’ to ‘goodbye’.” Another instant classic in the repetitive realm of combat tauntery! Realm of combat tauntery.

      1. Austin says:

        I only have one thing to say to you on the subject of repetition.

        Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.

        1. Sunshine says:

          Profligates like you belong on a cross.

          1. Joe says:

            Ave, true to Caesar. (Kai-saaaar!)

        2. Tektotherriggen says:

          I used to monotonously spout repetitive dialogue too, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

        3. At least no one (except me) thought of “Say Hello to Death!”

      2. Andy_Panthro says:

        You are correct, I think it was “Say hello to goodbye!”. Lets just hope this trend of bizarre misheard combat taunts continues.

        1. MrGuy says:

          Why would you want a trend of byzantine mustard kumqwat tarts to continue? I think we should eradicate them!

          1. Andy_Panthro says:

            Why would you ever want to eradicate the beguiling moths “Cubiculum tinea“?

    3. Hitch says:

      I would point out that there’s a mod to send companions back to their original home after you make the mistake of not understanding Bethesda’s completely obscure interface. But as we should all know by now, there’s a mod for everything. (At least on PC, and now, more and more, on consoles, too.)

  4. RTBones says:

    I dont know that I ever really noticed where you could or couldnt send companions, as I always have gone solo, apart from the times the game makes you take the dog – and I think there is only one of those. Of course, I’ve still yet to truly *finish* the game.

  5. IFS says:

    Ok hold up, I was reading the loading screen text in there and since when did Bloatflies shoot maggots at you? Their projectiles always just looked like darts to me (except the legendary bloatfly which shot plasma or something), and maggots sound like very ineffective projectiles.

    I suppose they could be maggots inside of darts or something like that, but that makes me kind of wish they had some sort of mutant parasite debuff, maybe leading into something like getting implanted with eggs in Dark Souls 1. Then again that would be far too creative for Bethesda, and besides even in the games where they’ve had diseases they’ve never been handled terribly well (mainly because they are both entirely nonthreatening and incredibly easy to treat).

    1. Pax says:

      I think that’s new the this one. If you go into third person after a bloatfly shoots you (or you can see it in VATS sometimes), you can see the little maggot wriggling in the spot it hit. I think it comes with a weak poison effect that lasts a few seconds, which is about all you can see the maggot for before it disappears. Not too surprising then, if a lot of people never noticed it.

      Of course, if you think about it, a common pest that can infest living creatures with its larva at range would be horrifying in a more realistic world. It’d be the number one enemy of trade caravans and the first place they’d go after hitting town would be the doctor so the things could be removed before they could grow. Eech, just thinking about it.

      1. IFS says:

        It could also make for some other horrifying variants of enemies, infested animals/ghouls/humans/mutants etc. Make them slower moving, maybe kinda lumpy and give them lurching animations to their movement, and have them explode into bloatflies when you kill them.

        1. Pax says:

          Geez, Bethesda, you went halfway to make a new enemy type, you just can’t close the deal.

          1. potatoejenkins says:

            Well, you can craft Bloatfly larva syringes and shoot people with it. When they die, their head explodes and spawns another Bloatfly. It’s quite nasty.

        2. Sleeping Dragon says:

          Oh gawd, as if the bloatflies weren’t disgusting enough as they are. I will say that Bethesda has reached the point where a lot of their insects creep me out: bloatflies, the chittering sound the Fallout ants make, Skyrim’s spiders…

    2. Isaac says:

      I always thought they shot poop at you. *shrug*

  6. My little brother once dropped an almost-full container of applesauce on the floor–it didn’t break, and the resultant high-speed ejection of applesauce in all directions looked EXACTLY like the blood spatter in these games. Only, you know, not as red.

    1. It was also probably tastier. :P

      1. ehlijen says:

        …he says in cannibalism denial…

        1. Also, they should have titled this episode “No, my Kool-aid!”

          1. Gruhunchously says:

            “Enjoy your Kool-Aid!”

            1. MrGuy says:

              Oh yeah!!!!!

    2. Philadelphus says:

      I once dropped a bottle of ketchup on the floor when I was fairly young (maybe 6 or 7), and while I don’t remember much of it myself I’m told the explosion was quite impressive. About all I remember is the tiny dab of ketchup that made it all the way to the ceiling.

  7. Hector says:

    I hate how much the companions wreck your stealth in this game.

    Loathe that particular “feature”. And ti feels completely unintentional, like they just never considered it at all. Just plain sloppy.

    1. Thomas says:

      I’m all for companions not being able to break stealth/initiate combat when the protagonist is in stealth mode. Sure it might lead to a few silly scenes in The Last of Us, but so much better than an NPC ruining a long careful bit of stealthing.

      I might even prefer that to Uncharted 4 where the companion will knock out the guard and hide the body if they’re in danger of being spotted.

      1. ehlijen says:

        I think a mix might be cool? As in, some companions just won’t do stealth (Strong, Danse maybe Cait), while others would be pretty good at it (Nick, maybe Piper) and others try but fail more often.

        Just so long as the player can easily learn which is which and choose accordingly.

        1. IFS says:

          You could even avoid some of the Last of Us awkwardness by just having the good at sneaking companions use stealth boys when they crouch or something.

          1. Lachlan the Mad says:

            *cough* Lily in New Vegas *cough*

          2. Fists says:


            I also miss the feature from NV where you can tell your companion how to engage (long range, melee, hold back etc.). I can’t remember if it actually worked in NV but this game really needed it.

            1. One way to do companions and stealth would be to have one-button “cmere!” and “stay there!” commands, so you could park them and snipe or pull enemies back to them and let them engage or summon them if you got overwhelmed. The companion commanding in this game is arse because you have to be able to target them to command them and they move around too darn much to make it anything but an out-of-combat thing.

              Heck, I’ve had to chase the dog around for a fair bit just so I could tell him to give me my stuff back.

              1. Fists says:

                This game would be so much better if the control system had been sorted out properly and you could map companion commands to the keyboard rather than having to aim at them first, that would possibly even be better than having functional AI if you could conveniently move companions around from cover to cover and tell them when to engage. Would also be awesome if the function of keys didn’t change as you go in and out of different menus, like why not just have F as the favourites key in the menu the same as it is out of the menu? Why are the controls upside down and inside out in workshop mode?

                1. Incunabulum says:

                  Things that would have been nice.

                  It would have been great if you could leave a companion at a spot, go scout ahead yourself, and if you got into trouble they would come running. Instead they’ll just stand there watching.

              2. Incunabulum says:

                Can’t do that – everything has to fit on the gamepad.

                1. Hence my firm belief that the gamepad is the devil.

                  I have more buttons on my MOUSE ALONE than on that sad thing.

                  1. I’ve got a mouse like that. I keep it hidden in case the buttons want to attack me while I’m sleeping. D:

                    1. Sleeping Dragon says:

                      I’ve been tempted to buy one of those but I’ve never seen the need… on the other hand I thought the scroll wheel was an unnecessary gimmick too until I actually got a mouse with one, now I can’t imagine functioning without it.

                    2. Since this is literally the only way I can respond to that, it was an impulse buy at my next-to-last job where they had a WoW Cata mouse that had been there probably since that expansion came out on clearance for something like $40. Grabbed it without a second thought because I’d been thinking about getting it for months. :D

              3. Coming_Second says:

                Do you envisage a “Do it!” and “*laugh*” button as well?

            2. potatoejenkins says:

              The feature IS in the vanilla game, most Companions have special recorded dialogue just for that. It was just never fully implemented for … reasons. I would really love to know why. they must’ve had them.

              Anyone who is still playing this game just look up registrator2000 on the nexus. Their mods “fix” at least half of the problems already mentioned in this seasons episodes and in the comments. Never chase Dogmeat again to give him your junk!

              Oh, and sneaking in Power Armor should be impossible. Tanks don’t sneak. Sneaking in Power Armor is plain stupid.

              1. Michael says:

                One of the few bits of genius in Tactics. As your armor got heavier, there were specific restrictions placed on it, including an increasing sneak penalty as you moved to metal and heavier armor.

                I want to say PA actually had a perception penalty, but that might have just been the envirosealed combat armor.

                1. Incunabulum says:

                  That was in FO1/2 also (IIRC). Something like a 50% sneak penalty for power armor.

                  1. potatoejenkins says:

                    Reminds me of that one game they made. Something with dragons. That one had sneak and movement penalty for heavy armor, too.

                    In all seriousness though, it doesn’t even have to be some “complicated” penalty. Heck, smack some standard minus Agility and minus Perception on the bloody armor pieces and you are good to go. But nooooo, thou shalt not soil the precious Power Armor! A trained soldier would have no problems with it! You are playing a female? Looser.

                    Eff it, I’m doing it. Thanks for the idea. (I’m still salty there is no Power Armor Training required though.)

                    1. MrGuy says:

                      I'm still salty there is no Power Armor Training required though.

                      I suspect this is a reaction to a major fan complaint from FO3. Recall in FO3 you could acquire power armor REALLY early in the game (basically at the Behemoth fight near GNR). But you couldn’t wear it until WAY late in the game – not until after the Enclave took the purifier and we escape to the Citadel with Dr. Li. It’s really, really frustrating to dangle “this stuff is amazing! Too bad you can’t use it!” in front of the player for half the game, until they petulantly dole out “training.” There’s no other way to get training in the early game – there’s no quest giver or obscure NPC who can train you. You just have to wait until you’ve advanced the main plot far enough.

                      I suspect the idea of Power Armor Training was a late-breaking hack. Since the main plot turns around the BoS, you need to encounter them early, and since most of them can die, it’s really easy to get Power Armor early in the game, which is kind of gamebreaking – if you’ve got working power armor, you’d never wear anything else, so you’re giving the “end game armor” out at the start of Act 2.

                      Rather than trying to fix this problem in a more gameplay-appropriate way (for example – have Power Armor break down easily, and have it only repairable by a small number of specialists), they decided to hack in a “training” requirement as the mechanism to keep you from running over the mid-game.

                      I’m glad they took power armor training out of the game. Or, at least, the “hard lock” training requirement from FO3…

                    2. Sleeping Dragon says:

                      (The comment pyramid has capped)

                      @MrGuy Personally I wouldn’t appreciate your PA breaking solution because that would make it a limited resource which would scare me away from using it. It’s actually what happened in FO4, even if the cores were relatively abundant I was afraid to use PA because “I might need it later”.

                      Also, later on Operation Anchorage gave you PA training and is one of the reasons why many players rush that DLC (or, I suspect, do it at all).

                    3. potatoejenkins says:


                      Fair enough. I can see how that might’ve been frustrating and why they changed it.

                      Yet still not how they changed it. As it stands, power armor is still “end game armor”. Now the game just throws it as you as soon as you leave the vault – no matter where you go! The suits are freaking everywhere. South, east, west, even underground. And the moment you reach level 36(?) and beyond the Commonwealth is littered with full sets of enclave power armor. It’s insane.

                      If it breaks, you do not loose it. If your fusion cores run out, you do not have to drop the thing. You just loose some protection and carry weight capacity. Slap some steel on the broken pieces – no repair perks required – and everything is dandy again. Fusion cores are found everywhere, sold everywhere.

                      For some reason we got a perk tree for fusion cores (which rewards you with a fancy suicide-perk, if you are a melee character), why is this not a perk tree for power armor? Everyone could’ve used it from the get go, but to get really good in it (or to be able to use T51 and beyond) you would’ve had to spend a perk. It’s not like you don’t get enough.

                      Btw, thank you for not using the “if you don’t like, it ignore it” argument.

                    4. ehlijen says:

                      I’d have thought the solution was simple? Don’t give out power armour until you want the player to have it. Have being able to salvage it from dead bodies be part of power armour training and have the suits simply not spawn from dead bodies first. After all, if something can kill a person in there, it probably broke the suit, too.

                      Either that, or commit to the open world and don’t make the players need training.

              2. Fists says:

                So when you say it’s in the game you mean there’s code fragments and unused assets that are presumably from that feature not that I’m just missing it when I’m playing yeah?

                1. potatoejenkins says:

                  Ay. You can only hear the responses if you use a mod that restores the corresponding commands (“Stay close/back, don’t engage hostiles” etc.).

                  I’m honestly curious what during development caused them to say: Nope, not gonna happen.

    2. Henson says:

      Seconded. I hate situations like in New Vegas or Skyrim where I’m taking a single stealth shot and then watching my companions charge towards the enemy. No, you fool, I’m in stealth for a reason. Stay back!

      1. IFS says:

        I remember Boone being fairly good about this. Well he won’t charge in anyways, he’ll hang back and shoot with you. ED-E on the other hand…

        1. djw says:

          Boone’s version of “charge into combat” is to “one-shot enemies to the head from long range”. You don’t know how much of an idiot he’s being because he kill steals you rather than reveals you.

      2. Incunabulum says:

        A plus I’ve noticed – melee followers do not try to only attack from directly in front in this game. FO3/FNV/Skyrim all had a problem where if you drew aggro on a mob that your follower was fighting, that mob would turn to face you – and your follower would then move in the line of fire to keep fighting.

      3. Dork Angel says:

        It’s even more annoying when you’re lining up a shot in stealth mode and your companion runs in front of you and you end up shooting them in the back.

        Or you build a guard tower, put a settler with a long range weapon on it then when the settlement is attacked they leave the tower and run outside to fight up close and get shot by your stealth shot. (I’ve lost a few settlers that way).

        There must be a limit on the number of times you can shoot them too as everyone in one settlement, including my own companion, ended up attacking me after one particular fight…

        1. djw says:

          Sounds like you were doing them a favor. They were too stupid to live.

    3. Incunabulum says:

      I really think they do not actually *expect* their intended audience to sneak around much and the only reason the option is there is a) because its in all the other games (and this goes for Skyrim) and b) sometimes one of the peasants might want to feel empowered (more than normal I mean) by doing a one-hit sneak kill before running into combat screaming his head off.

      Look at Skyrim’s list of potential companions – there’s something like 3 (outside of the DB followers) of them that aren’t some variant of warrior. And of those three, ones a ‘blacksmith class’ (and can’t sneak), ones a bard class (and is required to single loudly anytime you attempt anything – including sneaking) and one’s a thief (Aela – who everyone took because of the sideboob so everyone knows that her sneak skill is pretty low).

  8. Volvagia says:

    And if Bethesda games were supposed to have the tone and subject matter of the BloodRayne franchise or a Tarantino film, the “balloons of strawberry jam” approach to blood would make sense. But Bethesda’s stuff doesn’t have a tone, and, if it does, it’s one that requires a more reserved take on blood than that.

    1. Pax says:

      Like in so many other ways, they’re clumsily trying to mimic the originals. The originals were gory, right? So in Bethesda games, you can shoot off limbs and heads while the ragdolls fly around spraying clouds of blood! It’s cartoon violence, whereas the original games were… okay, maybe not realistic, but what? Hyper-realistic? Anatomically correct cartoon murder? You blew chunks out of people with large caliber weapon. It was metal, but at least it wasn’t cartoon gibs explosions.

      1. Incunabulum says:

        That’s a pretty good description of the difference. FO1/2 are metal, FO3/4 are Itchy and Scratchy.

        1. MrGuy says:

          FO4 is definitely Poochy.

    2. Echo Tango says:

      Bethesda could also give the Fallout games a cartoon shader. I mean, the blood effects already look like a cartoon, the and there’s a lot of comic book influences throughout the games.* Why not just make these games into comic books? I think it would fit in a lot better with the pulpy, schlocky world they’ve built up, than the awkward attempts at Serious Realistic Games That Are About Big Issues that they’re trying and failing at. :)

      * Sci-fi robots, mad scientists, radioactive mutants, all of the electronics interfaces, all of the cartoon Vault Boy stuff…

      1. Ciennas says:

        Because we already have Borderlands.

        1. Echo Tango says:

          Yeah, but Borderlands doesn’t have crafting or Deathclaws. :P

          1. acronix says:

            Or Nuka Cola!

              1. He’s gotta do something with all that money that will never go to refunds.

  9. el-b says:

    good god that bioshock infinite baby looks like a gerry anderson puppet!

  10. Christopher says:

    It’s really amazing how gory the Fallout games are compared to other games when I think about it. I’ve seen and played Hitman, Dragon’s Dogma, Resident Evil games, Bioshocks, Dead Space, Mass Effects, Dragon Ages, JRPGs and Saints Rows, but I don’t think any of them have quite the amount of regular human dismemberment that Fallout does. Only Mortal Kombat compares. And yet, it never reads to me as “gory” in the way MK does. Probably because it just looks worse? It’s completely unbelievable for even a second.

  11. If you’re just going to give it all away for 7 caps why carry it around?

    1. MichaelGC says:

      I figured it would be Josh nobly taking a small loss on a single item amongst many, in order to keep things moving along.

      But that’s not what’s happening there, is it? XD Not at all.

      1. Andy_Panthro says:

        Specifically travelled all that way to a different merchant too, one that could have traded him various foodstuffs, ammo, meds… but instead he took nothing.

  12. Artur CalDazar says:

    I have never done this clearing warehouse quest, it’s surprisingly lame for something right in the middle of a settlement.

    I think companions hanging out in your settlements makes sense if your relationship is high enough, for most of them they don’t even have a day job that being there would interrupt, and for those that do just make the level of relation needed higher.
    Of course the reason is because it’s convenient so this might get in the way too much, especially when the two character with the most reason to not hang out with your settlers are the two the game wants you to be with the most, Piper and Nick.

  13. FYI: There is a Synth hidden among some mannequins at the Warren Theater. Here’s a YouTube video showing it in detail.

    Of course, I think they only used this technique once. Still, the mannequins were creatively used in enough places that I mistook them for raiders, Gunners, etc.

    1. Echo Tango says:

      That’s a bit disappointing – he’s hiding among the mannequins, but not as a mannequin. Like, nobody in the dev team thought, “Hey, we should make our mannequin models have movable arms and legs, so they can be put in different poses or have different numbers of limbs damaged or removed. We could even have an enemy NPC that uses the mannequin model, but is actually a synth, or maybe a human who’s story is that they’ve got really good makeup skills and are lying in ambush!”

      1. With all the traps, having tripwires that made mannequins move as if they were jumpscares in a haunted house would probably soak up loads of panic-fire from players.

    2. ehlijen says:

      Neat, but that video is 2 minutes too long for what what it wants to show. The synth was visible pretty much immediately, the rest was just pointless panning around the place.

      And does the synth speak? Does it move if approached? That would have been interesting to see, instead of just shooting it after much buildup to little conclusion.

  14. pedantic idiot says:

    Just so you guys know you need to go back to Kellogg’s lair and read the entries (I think it’s just the latest one) on his terminal before you can get trigger the part where you meet up with piper and nick which leads to the memory den.

  15. Jean says:

    I am amazed at how long this season seems like it’s going to be. It’s episode 24 and the main plot has barely been scratched. For comparison F:NV was in the middle of Dead Money* and Skyrim had the amazing Catbert Gaiden episode.

    *I will defend DM but I think it works best on Hardcore mode where your health is constantly draining while you’re outside and crippled limbs are harder to fix.

    1. IFS says:

      Just going to chime in to agree with you on Dead Money I played on hardcore and that combined with my characters relentless alcoholism (which in turn led to frequent dehydration) made for some fairly tense survival moments.

      1. Ciennas says:

        Dead Money becomes hilariously less difficult if you take the stealth perk that keeps traps from activating.

        Man. I wish Bethesda would swallow their pride and hire Obsidian to do a DLC or some writing checks. Because I would pay them handsomely for the privelege of playing a game with the mechanics established and having writing that doesn’t boil down to ‘ignore wide chunks of it, especially as you get closer to the end.’

        (The second paragraph brought to you from the great writing present in New Vegas, including Dead Money.)

  16. lurkey says:

    That bit about Mumbles wanting to combine a bunch of regular fedoras and shit into one superfedora? Actual weapons upgrade mechanics in “Two Worlds”. You somehow weld or glue together items of the same type, you get better item of that type. The more items combined, the better the result.

    Far, far away from the goofiest thing in that game.

    1. Echo Tango says:

      I would have +1000 tattered rags, and a +800 ratty wig. :P

    2. This is no longer the only reference to Two Worlds on this page.

      That being said, that did get harder as you went through the game because the variety of equipment went up fairly quickly and it took a lot of merchant hunting to find another weapon or two to slap onto the one you’ve got.

  17. Wide And Nerdy® says:

    Instead of a sarcastic dialog option, your character should have had a Silver Shroud dialog option throughout the entire game.

    Father: Its me. I’m Shaun.
    Shroud: Nice try “Father” but I see through your nefarious machinations.

    Piper: I’ve never been able trust someone. Its good to have you by my side. And perhaps we could be . . . more?
    Shroud: Indubitably, old chum. Crime in the Commonwealth never sleeps and neither must the Shroud, nor his faithful sidekick.
    Piper: That’s not really wh-
    Shroud: The Pied Piper!!

    Shroud: Madam Murphy, I have more of that Vitamin-X you keep asking for. May your Third Eye find justice.

    1. Sleeping Dragon says:

      This has been widely requested.

  18. Phantos says:

    Man, everyone kind of ran out of juice at the end there, didn’t they?

    Not even a “end on a joke” kind of thing, just:

    “It’s almost 9:30… gotta put the kids to bed, get up and go to Work Place Inc….”

  19. Kelerak says:

    This episode only made me want a BioShock Infinite season even more.

    1. Phantos says:

      If there has ever been a game that deserved to have the Spoiler Warning crew bitch about it for weeks/months, it’s that one.

      It would be so very cathartic.

  20. Phantos says:

    You think it’s a baby, but it’s a gun

    “Don’t come near me or my gun ever again.”

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