Spoiler Warning 5th Anniversary Special: The Yawhg

By Shamus Posted Wednesday Jan 28, 2015

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We’ve been doing this crap for five years. There are now about 285 hours of spoiler Warning. To put that in perspective, let’s say you wanted to watch every single episode of Spoiler Warning ever. At the same time, your neighbor decides to do a Trek marathon where they watch all of the original series, all of the Trek movies (including the Abrams reboot) and every episode of Next Generation.

When your neighbor is done, you will still have about 68 hours of Spoiler Warning left to watch. (I’m sorry.) In our defense, I have no idea why you decided to watch all that.

Thanks for watching. We still haven’t picked the game for next season.

For the record: I thought The Yawhg was kind of charming and fun. If I had any friends, I’d totally play it with them.


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114 thoughts on “Spoiler Warning 5th Anniversary Special: The Yawhg

  1. Bruno M. Torres says:

    Just for trolling: This would be a good time for you guys to do Halo: the Master Chief Collection.

    1. Tizzy says:

      Clearly, you would have an easier time talking Josh into a Master Chef season…

  2. somebodys_kid says:

    Now that GOG has released a fairly stable version, can you guys do Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight for the next game?
    I’m only half kidding…

    1. somebodys_kid says:

      Actually I retract that half serious request with a completely serious one: Can you play Grim Fandango next?

      1. Isaac says:

        Grim Fandango would be awesome

        1. Daemian Lucifer says:


      2. SpiritBearr says:

        It could just end up being be Chris or Ruts telling Josh how to finish the game with a FAQ.I haven’t played it but I assume it has simlar puzzles to Monkey Island.

        1. Entropy says:

          Well, Josh would obviously have to play through first (as is necessary for all games)

          At which point he should hopefully know most of the puzzles. Still, I dunno what would necessarily be gained by watching the gang roll through what is basically a static story. No room for any leeway in gameplay, a la Last of Us, or in story choice, as in the Walking Dead.

          On the other hand, Grim Fandango is awesome. But you know what they should do? Psychonauts.

          1. I think Psychonauts would be better handled as a season of sampled games. If Josh is competent at playing, it’s… what? Maybe 4 hours or so? It’s been a long time, but I recall it going fairly quickly (unless you listened to every dialog or, like me, got held up by certain challenging areas). It would also be a nice companion to the Half Life 2 series, where a GOOD game is showcased.

            By the way, HL2e1 and e2 are still up for grabs…

        2. Hmm… I think there needs to be more challenge than that.

          If they played it on past devices, then they have to go from memory, at least at first. If Josh is stumped by a puzzle, then I vote that anyone else in the SW crew who knows what to do has to give him clues in a fashion similar to the old party game, “Taboo.”

          This would take some prep, but basically Josh has to guess key hint-words from the other SW members without them using a list of “obvious” clues. So for example, if a puzzle required the use of a hairbrush, the ones giving the clues couldn’t say “hair,” “brush,” “groom,” “comb,” “style” and so on. Rutz and Chris are the wordsmitheries, so they could handle that bit. It might seem like a lot more work, but as long as they remember it’s to torment Josh, they should have a ball doing it.

          A simpler method could just be to have Josh take a shot every time he needs a hint. Since I understand he’s usually a few polygons to the wind when he plays, he should be at least buzzing when he begins to make it a real challenge to remain coherent. :)

      3. Otters34 says:

        That would be wonderful. If possible, I’d love to see the crew tackle that pile of charm and wonderfulness and gentle gravity.

    2. Viktor says:

      Nah, now that they can do console games, original Dead Rising. Not long, lots of variety to gameplay, and plenty of story, good and bad, for them to talk about.

      1. I also wouldn’t mind a season of 2-3 episode games, ones that deserve a look-riff-critique, but not 40+ episodes of slogging through a plot so banal it’s hard to make fun of even with full-on Cuftbert mode.

        Also, “Unrest.” Rutskarn is not allowed to be absent. The writer will be there to accept the praise and answer for his crimes. :)

      2. Chris says:

        I would be 1000% into this. Dressing up Frank West in goofy clothing options, blending things with a “WILL IT BLEND?” joke, laughing at the hilarious song in the park when the criminals come out, the laughably bad but still adorable cutscenes, etc. It’d make for a great season in theory. But it won’t happen because:

        1. Game requires playing through a few times before you’re a high enough level at the start to “beat” it, so either Josh would have to “preplay” the game a few times or we’d have to deal with not seeing the “real” ending.
        2. I’m pretty sure Shamus hates that game the way I hate Dead Island
        3. Josh doesn’t have a 360 set up to run HDMI (as far as I’m aware)
        4. I don’t know if there’s any interest from the rest of the cast.
        5. If we went PC with the port of DR2 there’s Microsoft Games for Windows Live to consider, which is its own bundle of headaches and sadness.

        1. Isaac says:

          God of War

      3. Humanoid says:

        Well, Grim Fandango is technically a console game too now.

      4. Benjamin Hilton says:

        I will do you one better: Stubbs the Zombie in: Rebel Without a Pulse.

        Have fun, eat brains.

    3. el_b says:

      wish someone could mash the two kotors together in a cohesive way, the added depth and better graphics would improve 1, and both had REALLY good areas and some less so.

    4. DeadlyDark says:

      Actually, I wouldn’t propose it hajf-joky, but seriously. JK1 is awesome as action game and has some interesting ideas with gravity (falling destoryer!). And I have soft spot for FMV, I can’t deny it.

      Also not so joky, Jede Outcast would be great, if only for a few episodes, just to show good and bad aspects of the game (mechanic is great, level design is questionable and plot is weak). I still love this game and I kinda have an intention to show how good Star Wars games were.

      More realistic request, though, Shadow Warrior (2013). I surprised with this game (not only combat, but plot and dialogs too). I afraid game is a bit longer than it should be, but hey, nobody’s perfect.

      1. somebodys_kid says:

        Completely agree about Shadow Warrior. It was about two levels too long, but an absolute blast to play.
        I know it’s been suggested elsewhere, but Call of Jaurez: Gunslinger would be a good choice as well. Campster’s video on it was pretty good so check it out if you haven’t seen it.

        1. DeadlyDark says:

          I’ve seen it, and I’ve played it even before Errant Signal episode ) Gunslinger and Shadow Warrior are interesting cases that kind of dinamic actions can have interesting choices in narrative and strong plot overall. I mean, it is expected from likes of NOLF and *Shocks, but here? Pleasant surprise and I approve with my whole heart.

          1. Galad says:

            Chipping in for a plus one for Shadow Warrior. The ending was somewhat lame, but it was still a joy to play.

  3. noahpocalypse says:



    1. Lachlan the Mad says:

      Seconded for the next “Twenty Minutes With” episode. Let’s face it, Octodad only has two jokes (“He’s a secret octopus” and “He flails around wildly”), and you can definitely cover those in twenty minutes. A full playthrough would get pretty dull to watch.

  4. Nicholas Hayes says:

    That was an awesome little storytelling game

  5. Joseph P. Tallylicker says:

    I’d honestly love to see another one of these. It’s very well built and funny. And I can’t decide who was the best Cuftbert…

  6. Dovius says:

    Pretty early into the vid, but I like the little touch of refering to Kelly with a gender-neutral pronoun.

    1. Daemian Lucifer says:

      Luckily Butskarn wasnt here,because he sure would jump on that with a bunch of stinky jokes.

  7. Ivan says:

    Freaking vampires man… turn your back on them for 5 min and suddenly they’re leading your entire society! Typical…

    1. Trainzack says:

      It’s just like dwarf fortress!

      Speaking of, that might make for an interesting one-off. But on reflection, I think it’s been discussed before.

      Anyway, congratulations on 5 years!

      1. Felblodo says:

        How are the commentators supposed to know what is going on after real time stream compression mangles their video feed?

        Which of those red and purple flashing blobs is our king again?

        Neither, those are the goblin macemen. The king is the string of mangled limbs over here, and this pile of guts over here.

        I thought that was red sand.

        No, the red sand is over here by the lava pool.

        1. Ivan says:

          Yeah good point, It would be incomprehensible to anyone trying to watch the stream (I.E. every commentator other than Josh). Would still be cool if it could be pulled off though.

  8. Mr Compassionate says:

    Yay Mumbles! Akways chuffed whenever I hear “and I’m Mumbles” at the start of an episode.

    1. Viktor says:

      This. Josh and Shamus are vital to the show, but Mumbles and Rutskarn are what take it from good to great IMO.

      1. They are the trickster gods who prank each other. For all the destruction Josh’s playstyle causes, it’s The Riddler and Harley Quinn who start smacking things with mallets and setting fire to the city while Commissioner Young tries to find a lightbulb for the Batsignal.

        Yes, I ran that metaphor through a Blendtec product. Deal with it.

        1. Humanoid says:

          My analogy was that Ruts is the salt and Mumbles is the pepper (or the Tabasco sauce maybe), but sure, that works too.

          1. Mumbles is the ketchup that someone spiked with Dave’s Insanity Sauce, and Rutz is the salt with the shaker lid barely screwed on, and the shaker itself is taped to a Duracell.

            Because that way, he’s…

            …puts on sunglasses…

            …a salt and battery.


  9. Daemian Lucifer says:

    “For the record: I thought The Yawhg was kind of charming and fun. If I had any friends, I'd totally play it with them.”

    And you just did.Thank god for internet friends.Just like real friends,only you dont have to look at their stupid faces all the time.

    1. Tizzy says:

      I feel the same here. Trying really hard not to see too much into it, too…

      1. DIN aDN says:

        It could be an unusual dialect-y way of saying ‘If a person were to have friends to play this with, I would recommend for them to do so’. IIRC he does use that phrasing sometimes.


        1. Shamus says:

          I was just being silly. It was actually supposed to be a dig at the other cast members. “Okay, I played with these loonies, but I wish I had some FRIENDS to play with.”

          Because, the other cast members are my friends, and they know it.

          It made sense when I was typing it.

          1. Daemian Lucifer says:

            “Okay, I played with these loonies, but I wish I had some FRIENDS to play with.”

            Right on.Why play with these losers when you can play with chandler,joey,monika,rachel,ross and phoebe.

            1. Lachlan the Mad says:

              Friends: The second-best 90’s American sitcom beginning with the letters “Fr”.

          2. EwgB says:

            If it makes you feel any better, I totally understood it that way. (Yay for making fun of friends!)

  10. Daemian Lucifer says:

    5 years.I am glad guys are still making the show.Thank you for the yucks.

    1. James says:

      God its been 5 years, jeeze.
      i still miss the Viddler in video comments, if youtube as a platform didnt have 1000 million idiots id like to see them use it, but no, not with the Youtube audience.

      We’ve seen the birth of Reginald Cuftburt and the play-style of StupidEvil/ChaoticStupid when originally josh planned to play as “Chatoic Good” remember that people.

      here’s to the next 5 years, old timers like me and Daemian will still be around to shout at the new hip viewers on their whatever mabobs, who don’t even know what viddler was or where Reginald was born.

      1. Entropy says:

        Honestly even on viddler, people totally used the comments to be kinda annoying at times. It was still super fun watching people react to crazy crap like the nuclear explosion though.

        It always used to take me twice as long to watch each episode since I’d have to pause and read every comment.

        1. IFS says:

          I think my favorite parts of the viddler comments on the FO3 episodes was people adding titles for Kevin MacLeod in the credits (since everyone else got one). Its really a shame those are gone forever now.

          1. I saw an article on i09 about the best and worst sci-fi moments of 2014, and they included the opening “Rocketman” sequence from Ascension. It had a very Bioshock-ish feel to it. Anyhoo, I clicked on it to get what I thought would be the YouTube page.

            They’d put it on Viddler. I have to assume it was i09 that put it there.

            I kind of felt dirty for having seen it. :(

  11. The Rocketeer says:

    Congratulations on five years!

    You joke about re-watching the entire series, but I’ve actually done it before. Actually, I’ve done it about a time and a half; the second time through I stalled out after ME3 and before Walking Dead S01.

    Not to mention all the times I’ve just re-watched a particular season or episode. I wasn’t fond of the game itself, but the Dishonored season is a thing of beauty, and New Vegas is well known as perhaps the most Spoiler Warning-est of all the seasons.

    As someone who’s followed the show from the start, I can say with confidence that you’ve only gotten better at at year after year. I wish Mumbles and Ruts were around more reliably, but I tell myself that they must be busy rescuing her boyfriend from old-timey bandits, or lecturing alley bums about how mechanics reinforce tone in a tabletop system, and those life choices aren’t mine to gainsay.

    Here’s to another five years of trolling, nitpicking, puns, fan squee, and ludonarrative dissonance.

  12. Aaron says:

    i feel that an alternate title of this game is “everyone is cuftbert

    1. Daemian Lucifer says:

      Except for Mumbles,who is Johnny Depp.

    2. Pat says:

      Everyone is Cuftbert. No two people do not have explosives in their pants.

  13. Ilseroth says:

    Well if we are to put forward potential games:

    Dark Souls II: Oh alright, I know it won’t happen, but I think that the games tendency to display storyline through world building, combined with brutal difficulty could be fun to watch.. That and this game has a fair deal of comparison to DkS1 and the ways it differs, improves and falters by comparison. I know it won’t happen but *shrug*

    Bioshock 2: While you guys were sick of Bioshock 1, and talked a lot about the nuttiness that was Bioshock Infinite on podcasts. Bioshock 2 was not really discussed much. Could be worth doing, though to be fair it was pretty similar to the first one.

    Walking Dead Season 2: It’s a pretty good season, and the first season was fun; and talking about where the cast thinks the series has improved or fallen in the new season could be interesting… Though you did *jusr* finish a zombie game.

    1. Isaac says:

      I also want them to do The Walking Dead S2 just so I can bitch about the flaws of the story (post-Ep. 1, of course) and the dumb season finale.

    2. WILL says:

      Bioshock 2 is also super fun, definitely a step up from the original and better than Infinite.

    3. Lachlan the Mad says:

      Infinite is still far and away my favourite BioShock game. I haven’t listened to the Diecast episodes on it, but I don’t get how most of the crew goes from “I don’t like these things about Infinite” to “I can’t stand Infinite”.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Possibly the Starcraft II campaign?

    1. Tizzy says:

      Please tell me you’re not serious!

      1. Anonymous says:

        I am, hence ‘Anonymous’.

        1. James says:

          The issue i feel with doing SC2 (WoL and or HoTS) is the story and gameplay are very separated and it can go on for long periods with not much to add outside of balance and mechanical discussion, which might cut out some of the crew entirely,

          1. Chris says:

            Also mission failures typically mean “Hey remember last week? We’re doing it again!”

            Not that we couldn’t have some fun poking at StarCraft, but I think it would make for a torturous season. The only way it’d work is if Josh pre-recorded footage of him beating levels complete w/ cutscenes, then we all just talked as he streamed it.

            1. Daemian Lucifer says:

              You could do heart of the swarm though.Its pretty easy,even on the highest difficulty.So on normal,there wouldnt be much replaying.Plus,the maps in hearts of the swarm are all under 30 minutes.

              1. Anonymous says:

                That summarizes my experience with Wings Of Liberty as well.

                1. guy says:

                  Heart of The Swarm is definitely much easier. I’m much more comfortable playing Terran, but I got bogged down with several Wings Of Liberty missions and pretty much breezed through Heart of The Swarm. Barely had to build base defenses, and there were none of the brutal bunker/missile turret/siege tank killing fields that I default to using to counter Zerg.

                  1. Anonymous says:

                    True, I feel like they would have to play through both HoTS and WoL, as on it’s own HoTS isn’t long enough for a series. There’s no zaniness in SC2, but it does definitely have logic problems regarding the whole ‘Kerrigan Affair’. Solution : play HoTS on normal or hard, and play WoL on easy or normal.

                    1. guy says:

                      I don’t see any major logical problems there, though it’s hyper-convoluted because it’s the center of multiple competing elaborate plans by ancient aliens trying to double-cross each other.

                      The major players are Zeratul, the Overmind, and Narud+Amon. Amon created or tampered with the Overmind to get the Zerg Swarm to serve as pawns in his bid to kill everything in the galaxy while hijacking the primary Xel’Naga plan to make Protoss and Zerg to fuse into the next generation of Xel’Naga or something. The Overmind knew that “everything in the galaxy” included the Zerg and thus made Kerrigan and then manifested on Aiur to hang out a big “shoot me!” sign so Kerrigan would get control of the Swarm. However, Amon apparently still had some capacity to influence her, except at some point he died. Presumably some of the other Xel’Naga killed him. Zeratul learned about all this and came up with a cunning plan to de-infest Kerrigan and then make her into the Primal Queen so she’d be free of Amon’s influence and take control over the Swarm to fight him. Narud came up with a cunning plan to deinfest her, use the power she lost to revive Amon, and then murder her. Zeratul and the Overmind appear to be winning.

              2. guy says:

                Yeah, that’s true, HoTS is relatively easy, so there wouldn’t be too much replaying to do.

                That said, I don’t know how well it would really work. The entire RTS genre is very much “games as movies”, with virtually all of the story content in between missions. And I don’t think the gameplay would make for very interesting conversations. It doesn’t have the zaniness of Skyrim or Fallout, and it doesn’t have the same sort of logic problems as The Last Of Us.

                1. Daemian Lucifer says:

                  “The entire RTS genre is very much “games as movies”, with virtually all of the story content in between missions.”

                  The ‘craft games are different though,because a lot of the story happens in missions with them.Even more so in later ones than earlier ones.And due to the shortness of hots missions,this is even more pronounced.Plus,starcraft 2 has dynamic maps that are quite interesting in themselves.

                  And when everything else fails,theres the critter clicking explosions.

            2. Here’s the magic of video editing: Fast forwarding with jaunty music and montages of profanity/death coupled with some cheats and/or save games made ahead of time that allow Josh to jump ahead if a situation becomes untenable.

              Easy-peasy, ludonarrative squeezy!

    2. Humanoid says:

      If it was to be an RTS then surely it’d have to be Shogun 2. :D

      P.S. RTS is my least favourite game genre of all, so thank god it’s not suitable for the SW format.

      1. Daemian Lucifer says:

        Except shogun isnt really an rts.Its tbs in the overworld,and rtt in the combat.

        1. Humanoid says:

          Shh, it’s an excuse to get Josh playing it again.

  15. Tizzy says:

    Wow! It took only five years. to get an episode with no negativity whatsoever. I’m stunned!

  16. Tse says:

    Wow, Shamus is the only one who got a happy ending… after blowing up people’s skulls…

    1. Torsten says:

      Mumbles didn’t do too bad, she did reach her goal. It just turned out to be not worth the effort.

      I’d like to think that if any of the games played in the five years had allowed co-op play, these are the endings that would have happened.

    2. Sleeping Dragon says:

      Not knowing the game once the tower and the slums events happened I started to suspect that the Yawhg would actually be the PCs slowly destroying the town as the game progressed.

      While we’re at it could someone more knowledgeable of the game share some insight? Are there rules that govern the endings? Is there any more depth to the game other than getting the stats up and then assigning the characters to the best suited jobs? How big is the variety of the random events and do they always follow the same pattern (for example, if you decide to follow the lady into the alleyway does it always trigger the vampire storyline)? Don’t get me wrong, I found the individual narratives to be fun but I’m curious what the scope of the game is.

      1. IFS says:

        I’ve played the game a few times and as far as I can tell the endings are determined by what activities you spent the most time doing, your final role, and how successful you were at saving the town (one time when I failed to save the town pretty much everyone died in their epilogues). As for storylines they always play out basically the same (vampire comes up, if you accept then the next day you go on a killing spree). Annoyingly its completely random which events trigger when so its entirely possible to have an event come up across playthroughs at a point where it isn’t possible for you to be able to beat it. As for variety of random events there are probably something like five at each location, though most are like the lute duel or the magic ring where they give you a choice then maybe raise or lower a stat, there are three like the vampire that I know of where you destroy a location and three other ones that can lead to a specific location being destroyed (no idea if its possible to trigger all on one run). Personally I felt like after about an hour of play (it goes much faster when you aren’t reading the stuff out loud) I’d seen the majority of what the game had to offer.

        1. Sleeping Dragon says:

          Than I think I’ll give it a pass unless it happens to come in some bundle I’m interested in.

  17. Otters34 says:

    Thank you folks for five good years of this nonsense. May there be many more.

  18. Tintenseher says:

    I’m not sure what it was, but as this episode closed out I got a really warm, fuzzy feeling inside that just made me smile.

    Here’s to another five years.

  19. Viktor says:

    So, to summarize:
    Mumbles: Dainty meditating social butterfly princess
    Chris: Drunken lout of a vampire
    Shamus: Mad mage/avatar of destruction
    Josh: Friend to the woodland creatures

    Does anyone else think that just looks wrong?

    1. Chris says:

      I dunno about the rest of the cast, but mine is pretty accurate.

      1. Daemian Lucifer says:

        And that beard on the guy you picked is almost as epic as your actual beard.

      2. Does that mean you’ve got some kind of wasting disease eating away at your flesh while making you crave the blood of the living?

        Because I think that might put a few kinks in your lifestyle. You might have to start jogging or taking supplements.

    2. Ivan says:

      *Shamus* “Come on guys! Can’t we just forget about that? It was just that ONE time!”

      No but really it was great getting to see everyone playing at once and see contrasting playstyles, even in a game with so few informed choices. I guess the game was more about role-playing and telling a story than anything else. I’d definitely like to see you guys tackle more multiplayer games in the future.

  20. PhoenixUltima says:

    The Walking Dead: Season 2!

    ‘Nuff said.

    1. Daemian Lucifer says:

      If only more of them watched game of thrones,that one would be even better.

      Although…a blind run through the game of thrones game could turn out interesting:
      – Who is that guy?
      – He is the lord of this and that and this.
      – Oooh,interesting.Tell me more about him.
      – Well he is known for that and that.
      – Fascinating.I like the guy.
      The guy dies.
      – Noooooooo!
      And then repeat for the next one.

      1. C0Mmander says:

        I don’t get why people still assume I’ll be sad when a major character dies in that series since I already know it’s a giant game of Russian Roulette.

        1. Daemian Lucifer says:

          Because they are engaging characters.

          Except for the little prick,joffrey.His misery is always cheerful.

  21. Neko says:

    Congratulations, Spoiled Warners. I love this show and hope it never ends. Your series has – in all seriousness – got me through some rough patches over the last 5 years, and the Diecast has been super-helpful in getting me back on track and healthy again.

    Here’s to the next 5 years being full of interesting analysis, rage, trolling, and completely tangental rambles.

  22. Henson says:

    Well, that was fun!

    …I have nothing else to add. Wheeeeeee….ellipses dot….

  23. Rainer says:

    You got to do another playthrough of this game, please!

  24. DaMage says:

    I mean if spoiler warning is looking to play a game that is not man-shooty-action-adventure an XCOM play-through would interesting. But the only way that would work is if the person playing has some experience with the game, else they would most likely get stuck in the mid game.

    1. Humanoid says:

      Unfortunately the XCOM stream was lost in the great Twitch purge, it was a spectacular, if ill-fated explosion of technicolor fun.

      That said, the campaign is more likely to be lost in the very first mission than in the mid-game given the inverse difficulty scaling.

      1. DaMage says:

        There is that hump at about the 3 month mark where bad decisions early can leave you without the resources to continue. Such as choosing wrong research, not getting satellites up fast enough and not enough high ranking troops. Of course once you get over that hump the game start getting easier.

        Though I do agree, those first 4 missions you go are so crucial to the game, lose any one of them, or just have many troops get killed, and you’ll quickly lose.

  25. Daemian Lucifer says:

    Now that Ive given this some thought,guys you definitely should do heart of the swarm,at least as a one off.You already did a tbs(civilization),so its time you do an rts,and this one would be the best suited for the show,especially in the early missions.

    And after that,you only have to do a racing game and sportsball.Come on,you gotta play them all!Vidja game mon!

  26. arron says:

    I think the reason that Spoiler Warning has lasted such a long time is because you all bring different things to the table and it all slots together so nicely – like Mumbles’s entertaining personal anecdotes and popular culture, Rutskarn’s puns and storytelling, Shamus’s technical and design insights, Josh’s descent into Chaotic Evil gameplay..and Chris’s social insights into narrative and other issues.

    I still think that the Trainz and the Hitmas episodes are amongst the finest that you’ve done. And the scary ones where Mumbles gets to call Chris pee-pants.

    Thanks for a great five years, and I look forward to many years of insightful commentary and gaming madness to come.. :)

    1. Raunomies says:

      This is pretty much the comment I was about to write. I’d add that I really like and would love to see more hangout-style (spontaneous hey-let’s-do-this, less pre-planned?) content like Rutskarn’s Hitlympics which are pretty much guaranteed to end in complete mayhem.

      As for next SW game, I don’t know. I’ve heard that Walking Dead S2 has taken the bummer factors to the next level and in every turn pretty much everything bad that can happen will happen. It could be interesting to discuss but really heavy to watch.

      Stalker games? Another open world this soon after Skyrim, plot really is not that deep and atmosphere can carry discussion for only so long.

      Metal Gear Solid V or franchise in general? There is just so much plot it could be overwhelmingly daunting task.

      HL2 Episodes? These would be a nice closure to HL2 season now that over 2 years have passed.

      But whatever you choose it is bound to be interesting. Thank you for these years of entertainment and never lose your Cuftberting ways.

      1. Humanoid says:

        Still waiting for Hitlympics part 2 where Jibar can finally take his turn.

  27. Galad says:

    Guys, and Mumbles,

    Thank you very much for five years of entertainment, edutainment even, and amusing shenanigans! Here’s to another five years of more and even better entertainment in gaming! :)

    Also, I wishlisted this game, even if it’s short, it looks fun enough to be worth it in coop

  28. Steve C says:

    I really like these Anniversary Specials. I’ve seen every one and enjoy it each time. Funny thing is that I don’t watch regular Spoiler Warning as it’s a little too long for me. These specials are short and sweet.

  29. Hmm, I’d put forth Dragon Age: Inquisition as a possible candidate for Spoiler Warning. I quite enjoyed it, but it has a lot of wonky features that’d be worth discussing and criticizing in detail. However it’s also rather demanding on the ol’ hardware, so I’m not sure how practical that would be.

    1. Sleeping Dragon says:

      That does sounds like a nice idea, I think most of the grindy, pseudo-MMO content is skippable, I know I had something like 150+ power points when I finished it and I kinda breezed through the few final areas. The game also has both some narrative highs as well as a decent number of narrative fails to be discussed and the branching storyline

      Other than the technical requirements I have two concerns. It is a third part of a series that the SW crew decided not to cover (though I think the events could be summarized in a DA Keep episode where the team would create a savestate for their playthrough… that sounds rather cool actually) and it’s a pretty new game that a lot of people haven’t played yet.

    2. RTBones says:

      I had the same thought. It has an advantage in that I believe the entire cast has played it, but you are correct in that the difficulty would be the technical side.

      Alternatively – Divinity: Original Sin would be interesting as well.

      Unrelated to the above, I offer my heartfelt congratulations to Spoiler Warning and her crew for five years of gaming goodness. I have thoroughly enjoyed the ride, and will gladly punch my E ticket for the next round. Here’s to the next five.

      1. I also think it’d be fun if everybody made characters and did a 1-20 (or 1-28, if they want to do epics) run through Dungeons and Dragons Online. DDO doesn’t really play the same way most MMO’s do. It’d be a weird season, but I think it could be a lot of fun, particularly since someone like me could roll out a heavyweight character to do any heavy lifting and just let the Spoiler Warning people run around flailing amusingly at everything.

  30. Congrats on 5 years, here’s to 5 more!

    And I’ve watched every season except Walking Dead at least twice. You guys have entertained me through knitting a lot of socks and shawls.

    Still hoping for the Minerva’s Den DLC, even as a one-off, just because I think it’d be fascinating. Come on guys, Bioshock computers? You know you want to!

  31. Sabrdance (MatthewH) says:

    I don’t think this is on my list, but that ending reminds me a lot of the end of Fallout 3, there…

  32. Pat says:

    If you guys are taking suggestions for the next season, I’d like to put forward Sleeping Dogs. Great game that I know Chris has a lot to say about, and the rest of you might also.

  33. Ithilanor says:

    Congrats on 5 years of Spoiler Warning! Hopefully there’ll be many more years of great analysis and hilarious wackiness.

    The Yawhg seems like an interesting little game; reminds me of Long Live The Queen, though it’s a bit more surreal.

    For the next season, I’d like to see something fairly light and short, maybe a few specials, then delve into Walking Dead S2.

  34. Samyo says:

    The recently released KOTOR Collection thing (It has stable versions of KOTOR 1 and 2 on it that work on modern computers, it’s a gift) has come out, would it be possibly to finally do that fabled KOTOR playthrough? That would be absolutely wonderful in every way.

  35. Cuthalion says:

    The Yawhg was great. I put it on my tiny wishlist right away. Good 5-year show!

  36. Chevalier Mal Fet says:

    Not sure why I’m commenting – since I never have and I’ve been reading Shamus’s site since he was halfway through DM of the Rings – but I must be in a funny mood.

    Anyway, Shamus’s comment on 285 hours of Spoiler Warning amused me since for the last six months or so that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

    I remember when they did the first episode, back in 200…9, I think it was. I was very excited, since I loved Mass Effect, but the episodes were so long and I never had the time or the patience to sit down and watch something for that long, so I actually wound up skipping it. And the next one. And the next. Next thing I knew it was four years later and they’d done something like 14 seasons of the thing. So, on a whim this summer (after a visit to the TV Tropes page) I decided to watch it.

    Now, my life these days is not at all what it was then. I’m a full-time history teacher, I have lessons to plan, papers and tests to grade. But at least once a night I try and watch a single episode of Spoiler Warning. It’s a nice way to stay somewhat connected to the world I left behind in college. I get to experience games that I no longer have the time to play and enjoy myself, and I get to do so as if I were playing through it with a bunch of friends on the couch . Sometimes their commentary provokes outraged disagreement from me, sometimes it makes me see a game in a whole new light. But it’s always interesting and I have difficulty at times between choosing to go to sleep and just one more episode…

    Anyway. Shamus asked why the heck anyone would want to subject themselves to 285 hours of Spoiler Warning. I just thought that I might break my long silence and answer his question.

    At present rates I should be able to watch this episode in a year or so. I shall comment again then in celebration.

  37. rayen says:

    Can you do this again? Seriously, add jarenth and rutskarn and glitch… and anybody else. that was entertaining in the best ways.

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