So-called Terrorists in World of Warcraft

By Shamus Posted Monday Feb 20, 2006

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A guild in World of Warcraft has decided to hold an entire server hostage. The guild has created the item that allows them to open up a great deal of content in the game, but they are refusing to use it until somebody pays them 5000 gold to do the deed.

I wouldn’t call these guys “terrorists”. Ever. (They are being called that by fellow players) People need to stop using the word “terrorist” to mean “a**hole”. Terrorists slaughter innocent civilians. A**holes mess up your computer game for their own amusement. There is a difference, and if you can’t spot it then you shouldn’t be writing headlines. Grow up already.

Anyway. These guys are being jerks, on purpose, for no other reason than they can and they want people to “remember” them.

This is just the sort of thing I was talking about a few days ago when I made the case that multiplayer gaming was not the magical future that some claim it will be.

UPDATE: The thread on Digg is now flagging this as a “hoax”. As in: The guys doing this were “just kidding”. The hilarity of the “joke” escapes me. Either way, they are being idiots. The people calling them terrorists were being melodramatic, and above all I’m glad I don’t depend on these people to take part in my on-line entertainment. Kids get bored with the game and decide to amuse themselves by spreading rumors, causing problems, perpetrating hoaxes, and being a bunch of drama queens. They make for poor playmates, and anyone who thinks the single-player experience is “an abberation” should spend a few hours locked in a room with these defective brats.

And while we’re all here: Happy President’s Day.

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5 thoughts on “So-called Terrorists in World of Warcraft

  1. Keld says:

    I quite agree, smack-tards and spoilers are the fly in the ointment that can ruin an often otherwise enjoyable game. My entire guild left Warcraft when the server filled with macroers and spoilers as it took all the fun out of playing.
    Another pet hate is people calling terrorists freedom fighters. If you use terror tactics, if you butcher civilians you are a terrorist, freedom fighters are a much rarer creature who only go after military targets and are very carefull to minimise any other casualties. Just because you are fighting for your freedom does not make you a freedom fighter, it’s how you go about it that counts

  2. CyberGorth says:

    Or, to the cynical mindset, “freedom fighter” is the term for a group using terror tactics to achieve some goal that your government approves of/supports. Terrorists are the guys that they don’t support or approve of.

  3. Evan says:

    terrorists! we need to tell bush! soon we’ll have a soldier on every corner of azeroth!

  4. lol – terrorists? more like douchebags :)

  5. Knaight says:

    Calling them Terrorists is ridiculous, and the hoax was stupid to begin with, but whats with the assumption that they are children?

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