Deus Ex Human Revolution EP34: Adventures In Indecision

By Josh Posted Saturday Mar 10, 2012

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And the last episode of the week, wherein I do all the right things in the wrong order and plot an efficient route in the most inefficient way possible.


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90 thoughts on “Deus Ex Human Revolution EP34: Adventures In Indecision

  1. Keredis says:

    It’s amazing just how efficient and effective the stun on that Icarus aug is during the part with those business men…

  2. Mark says:

    There’s an aug that makes sniping easier. It steadies your aim so you don’t miss as much.

  3. Klay F. says:

    I wouldn’t really call the fact that Tong got Sevchenko’s arm a contrivance. I mean Tong is the leader of the Triads in that part of the city, it’d make sense that he automatically got first dibs on the best augments, and the game heavily implies that Sarif’s augs are superior to Tai Yong’s augs.

    1. Thomas says:

      And Malik establishes that Tong’s guys get’s dibs on basically anyone who dies in their area

    2. Cordance says:

      Tong is the head of the harvesters also Sevchenko at the start has a modified militarily grade arm similar to the typhoon as per the opening leashed walk.

      Also the reason they want a secret operation is for the chip quest… The chip you are recovering probably has to do with the whole end sequence madness

      I know its impossible to keep track of all the open ended information for later just about everything you are wondering why or how has something earlier in the game. Even the whole motivation for wanting to save Megan and feeling it was wishy washy is because she is an X G/F at the start of the game.

      As a final note Im amazed Josh of all people doesnt know that the rag doll bodies are one hit kills there a youtubes of people killing everyone in a room with a body.

  4. Wandring says:

    I swear I NEVER hit anyone that I was aiming for when using the scope assistance mod…

    Even when you are not aiming for the target and firing the gun like you normally would, it would screw up the shot somehow… Only real hit I scored was when there was a bad-guy I pelted behind my actual target!

    Now the automatic weapon’s homing bullets mod, on the other hand… Pure bliss. Why couldn’t the crossbow and tranq-rifle be a little more like that?

  5. Deadyawn says:

    This LP made me want to play this game again so I got pretty much all the way up to here. The Talion AD quest confused the hell out of me because I couldn’t find the sewer entrance. I just got bored and went to see tong.
    I’m interested in seeing how Josh handles the bit at the port. It always seemed to give me a lot of trouble.

  6. Daemian Lucifer says:

    Josh,you never cease to amaze.That stunt with the civilian made me laugh out loud.

    I punched all those guys out because punching gives more xp.Heck,I even ended up selling tranq darts.

    On an unrelated note,guys PLEASE do me3 soon.I know Ive said that me2 disappointed me so much that I was indifferent about it,but it managed to prove me wrong.It pissed me off when I didnt even play it!And I would feel so much better if I watched someone else suffer.

    1. Gruhunchously says:

      That bad, huh?

      1. Daemian Lucifer says:

        Oh yes.I didnt mind the stupid “We fight or we die” line,I didnt mind the jersey shore guys,but then comes the conversation with the council,and jokers comment “I thought they were preparing in secret,but didnt tell you because,you know,cerberus”.The very god damned thing that I used to defend the stupidity of the council in me2!This means that bioware actually saw the smart thing to do,but decided to go the stupid route because….just because!And that stupid kid,gah!Why did they focus on that idiotic kid?!Oh,and lets not forget the opening crawl,”A race of sentient machines”.A game series that Ive praised for the correct usage of the term sapient,and now they are using the wrong term because….again,just because!!!

        Ive been angry with a few games before,but it was always because Ive played them.This is the first one where Ive watched someone else play it,and it still managed to piss me off!Im just so glad that its saddled with origin,so that I will never play it.

        1. Eric says:

          The game gets better past the opening. Earth and Mars are pretty awful, but the middle section of the game is pretty good and there are some moments that actually are emotionally affecting without feeling like cheap pandering or heartstring-pulling.

          However, there are still a lot of issues:

          1) It’s obviously rushed – tons of time-wasting fetch quests, minimal dialogue sequences, fewer choices in general, it’s buggy (lots of sloppy animation and camera work, broken quests, etc.), that sort of thing.

          2) Plot holes you can drive a bus through. Seriously, the premise for the whole game invalidates the entirety of the previous two games, with no explanation given as to how or why.

          3) Controls are terrible – I’ve died more times than I can count due to the Awesome Button being mapped to every single action, and constantly misjudging what you want to do.

          4) BioWare cheaped out with Ashley and Kaiden again – they have almost identical dialogue, fill the exact same roles in the game and might as well just be reskins of each other.

          5) No sense of time or scale. So the war against the Reapers is going on and on, but… for how long? The game implies that some measure of time is passing, but it’s extremely vague. So the Reapers cut through the entire Alliance and turian fleets in like 5 minutes, but we’re expected to believe there’s a ground war going on for weeks while Shepard wastes time doing fetch quests and relaxing on the Presidium? For a story about a last-ditch effort to save the galaxy, it’s pretty silly that there is literally no sense of urgency.

          6) Tying in with that, there’s no meta-game element to the war. BioWare really should have made war assets mean something rather than just a number on a completion bar. Imagine having to use different assets to regain control of different sectors, or strategically choosing which will fall because you don’t have the resources? Something like that would have really reinforced the desperateness of the situation, and as it is the standard BioWare formula feels like a major liability.

          7) The ending sequence is so terrible, and the truths behind the Reapers so mind-explodingly stupid, that it will make you want to set BioWare’s entire writing department on fire.

          1. Raygereio says:

            BioWare cheaped out with Ashley and Kaiden again ““ they have almost identical dialogue, fill the exact same roles in the game and might as well just be reskins of each other.

            Clearly you’re wrong as Kaiden is bisexual and Ashley is straight. See? Both fill completely different roles. [/sarcasm]

      2. bit says:

        Personally, going in expecting something terrible, the quality of ME3 thus far (about 4-5 missions through the main plot) is actually rather surprising. I’m enjoying the plot and the gameplay a lot.

        1. Pete says:

          Let me give you a hint here. When you reach the ending, alt+F4 when Shep ascends to heaven (youll know it when you get there). The last five minutes are just… bad.

          1. Joe says:

            Wholeheartedly Agreed. I’m excited for the ME3 series too. I actually had a really good impression of the series (as a whole, no less. Including the mess that was the ME2 main story. For various reasons that shall not be discussed here because I already fill Shamus’ blog with walls of text as is.)

            But the last 15 minutes were an exercise in fractal failure the likes of which I have never seen before.

          2. cadrys says:

            No, if you do that, you miss the chance to Pop TIM once and for all. Only Renegade option easier to decide than punching al-Jalani

      3. Simon Buchan says:

        I’m currently about 20 hours into ME3 (doing everything, and fairly slowly though), and it’s reminding me how much I enjoyed ME2 when I wasn’t talking to the council or fighting giant robot babies. So far, it’s quite fun, and the main plot doesn’t seem anywhere near as aggressively dumb as 2 – perhaps even… good – though I will enjoy watching Shamus rip each scene apart and make everything terrible in retrospect. In particular, that stuff on Earth, from the Demo? By far the worst stuff I’ve seen so far. Vega and the thing about EDI are perfectly fine (certainly less silly than Legion), and the Jessica Chobot character everyone was freaking out about is barely a character – she sits in her room and you occasionally let her interview you – you never see her unless you want to.

        On the other hand, it seems a bit more interested in calling back to previous memes and catchphrases than I’d like, though it’s largely pretty effective – the reporter punching bit in particular is possibly the best renegade interrupt full stop. And I hear the ending is a bit whacked, or rather “hokey” (that should be interesting), and that you reach it perhaps a little early, supposedly a completionist run is ~30 hours.

        Also? Vanguard is even more completely broken. You don’t even need a gun in most situations: just swap between Nova and Charge and you can take down even groups of the toughest enemies with ease. I’m counting that on the “pro” column rather than the “con” though :)

        1. burningdragoon says:

          OR, you can just say “no, go away” to Chobot’s character and never see her again. Is what I did.

          Edit: and not out of any protest or anything, it just felt like a stupid idea to bring her along, so I didn’t.

        2. Sumanai says:

          I don’t think the biggest problem with the Jessica Chobit is how annoying she is or could be, but rather the whole “are they seriously expecting to be able to say anything positive about Mass Effect 3 without people questioning their motivations?” angle.

      4. Eruanno says:

        I’ve played about 8 hours of Mass Effect 3 so far, and I honestly don’t see what’s so horrible about it.

        Spoiler-free opinions!
        – Sure, it’s kind of annoying to have one button doing a lot of double-duty. Does it make it the worst game ever? No.
        – The story seems to have a bit of deus ex machina going on, but so did Mass Effect 1, remember? It’s a lot less stupid than ME2’s story (although it feeels like ME3 highlights how the main story in ME2 was all like “How the hell did that even happen? Gosh, that was stupid.”)
        – ARGHBLARGH DAY 1 DLC. I got the Collector’s Edition, so this is a non-issue for me. I see how people could get upset by it, though.
        – GRR Origin sucks! Yeah. It does. But that’s not the game itself.
        – A lot of the time, there isn’t a “neutral” option in conversations. Not sure how I feel about this.
        – The main story doesn’t quite live up to the first Mass Effect, but it isn’t as bad as ME2.

        I guess it’s just cool to hate on BioWare.

        1. Raygereio says:

          I've played about 8 hours of Mass Effect 3 so far, and I honestly don't see what's so horrible about it.
          The majority of ME3’s plot is okay’ish, not good, but not outright stupid or nonsensical. Sure, there are some BioWare-creepy or silly bits, but nothing really offensive.
          No, the major thing that has everyone (even the hardcore BioWare fans who loved such wonders as Joker drooling over EDI *pukes*) all riled up is the ending.

          It’s… not very good.

        2. Daemian Lucifer says:

          “GRR Origin sucks! Yeah. It does. But that's not the game itself.”

          Its mandatory for the game,therefore it is the game itself.Saying otherwise is like saying “Yeah,the intro/cutscenes are unskippable,but thats not the game itself”.

          I dont hate the game because its cool to hate on bioware.Im hating it for 3 specific reasons that Ive stated above.Most of all,the joker conversation about the council.That one was just mind numbingly stupid.

          Also,one that Ive forgotten,that stupidity with kaidan(ashley doesnt exist,me2 killed her for good):”Commander,Im back,and for good.Ow,after being shot at bazillion times,that one robot chick has punched me so hard that Im in the hospital for weeks.”

          I dont care if the gameplay is stellar,I dont care that grenades are back,I dont care if its better than me2(better than the most idiotic still doesnt mean its good),these things make it so that I dont want to play it ever.

        3. Sumanai says:

          “I guess it's just cool to hate on…”

          You know, I’m starting to get sick of hearing that. For many years I’ve heard a flood of praise for Bioware, Microsoft, Bethesda, Sony, Nintendo, Blizzard and Apple and may God help you if you dared to say anything to these people that implied these companies are/were less than perfect. At best you were told you were nitpicking and dismissed as a whiner.

          Then when finally they do something that goes too far (ending for Mass Effect 3, Vista, Oblivion, PS3 PR, nothing yet for Nintendo, Blizzard or Apple, getting closer though) and people finally complain about problems with their products, some people come out and say “I guess it’s cool to hate on X”.

          Well, I can make a baseless accusations too:
          You only like it because others hate it.

          Even if you dismiss it, the Awesome button is badly designed and there’s no excuse for it.
          There are differences between Deus Ex Machinas. Some are more jarring, some fit right in.
          Day 1 DLC that’s cheaper to buy separate than in a special edition and contains a character that should be important in-universe.
          Origin is part of the game. If a game was shipped with a virus that deletes all my porn, that game would be deleting all my porn.
          “Neutral” schmeutral. Where’s my “diplomatic” option? I’ve been waiting for that since ME1. Which didn’t have it, but that doesn’t excuse ME3. Portal 2 got complaints for not improving enough, why shouldn’t ME3?
          Saying ME3 is not as bad as ME2 is like saying the Silver Surfer was better than the Fantastic Four. Sure, it might be true, but it doesn’t mean the comparison is meaningful. I could compare my cooking to elephant dung and just because you’d rather eat the dung doesn’t mean it is any good.

          1. Sumanai says:

            In case it’s unclear: It’s okay to like stuff, for example Mass Effect 3, but it’s not okay to accuse that those who don’t are just jumping on a bandwagon.

            If you haven’t yet ran into the reason why Reapers do what they do, or any of the endings, it’s too early to say that ME3 is noticeably better than ME2. Maybe the stupid isn’t as all permeating, but the stupid is still there.

      5. Gamer says:

        It’s not bad. The story is much more coherent than 2 and they fixed many of my minor issues with the gameplay.

    2. LunaticFringe says:

      I vote against the Mass Effect 3 let’s play immediately because I love this show and would like to play the game before (school prevents me right now) they do it so my rage can slowly bubble up and then lay repressed for numerous weeks before it all comes out watching Spoiler Warning. Of course it’s not a democracy but just throwing that out there.

      To the video I actually thought the Darrow mission was the most out of place in the game, especially after how suspicious he is before that. I mean you’re basically giving them the magic MacGuffin to continue the Hyron Project, and there’s no ‘wait a minute…’ moment from Jensen so he comes off like a stupid lackey.

    3. Adam P says:

      I thought their plan was to do DX:HR then Skyrim before touching ME3?

      1. X2Eliah says:

        I’d say both Skyrim and ME3 are way too ‘fresh’ and ‘new’ for SW this soon :|

        Some older game would be a lot more entertaining, imo (e.g. KOTOR).

        1. Daemian Lucifer says:

          Skyrim is no fresher than human revolution.As for kotor,they already said the reason behind not doing it is that weird cutscene problem.But prince of persia would be a nice run.

          1. Packie says:

            I personally would love to see the crew do another Obsidian game like say *coughalphaprotocolcough*. Excuse me.

            *starts walking away while whistling*

            1. X2Eliah says:

              Yeeeeah. Yeah.

            2. Eruanno says:

              Oh wow. The bugs Josh would encounter… They are unthinkable…

            3. anaphysik says:

              It’d be great to see them do Alpha Protocol, especially since I really loved the game, and it’s always refreshing and/or entertaining to see others tear into what you love.

              Problem would be the timed dialogue responses, which although surprisingly not a problem at all for me (I thought it would be the biggest hangup for the game, but I actually barely noticed it), the SW crew have stated their extreme detest for. Also, the mechanic does not at all play nicely with Josh’s habit of pontificating while at a dialogue selection, nor with the stream delay, nor with the ‘wait, what were we doing?’ feeling that often creeps up on them.

              But yeah, if they can stand it, AP would be really cool to see.

              1. Jason says:

                I think the timed dialog can be eliminated by changing the .ini.

          2. Vect says:

            It does seem that enough time has passed for Skyrim to come off as acceptable.

            Personally I did have a few problems with Skyrim’s plots, but I didn’t quite get as enraged as Shamus did with the Thieves Guild plot. I did find Astrid trying to sell you out to the Legion in the Dark Brotherhood questline an amazingly stupid move on her part and I was pretty disappointed that there’s no good Third Option in the case of the Civil War arc (maybe I was just more used to New Vegas giving you a more path) aside from telling them to cut it out. I also had trouble finding a good reason why a non-Nord (particularly a non-Human) would ever affiliate with the Stormcloaks.

            Of course, I’m sure that if they ever do that game, they’ll likely point out the faults in a more eloquent and detailed way than I did.

            1. Andy_Panthro says:

              I’d prefer not to see Skyrim, but only because it’ll be long and full of the same issues as every other Bethesda game. Also, Shamus already went through the Thieves Guild quest (and a little more of that might be better).

              My personal suggestions for the next SW would be one of these:

              Alpha Protocol, Max Payne 1/2, Thief 1/2/3, The Witcher 1/2, KOTOR1/2, NWN1/2.

              1. Bubble181 says:

                Man, I’d love to see a LP with Shamus for the Witcher. But ehh, I think that might not happen :-P

                KOTOR 1 & 2 aren’t coming ,they’ve said so many times. NWN 1 & 2 would be….Horribly, horribly long. I *like* both games, but I don’t think they’d work in this format. Long form playthroughs of 60-hour-long games with those graphics..No thank you.

                Max Payne might be good, but I don’t think they have enough to talk about for a whole season, really.

                1. Joe says:

                  I want to see them do a broken-up NWN2 playthrough as filler content. Do an episode on occasion whenever Shamus has some bile to get out of his system.

                  Also, because I’d love to voice my opinion on the game without going back to the review posts. I was a bit more charitable.

              2. littlefinger says:

                I can’t see thief working at all. Especially T 1 & T2 are basically storyline during (great) cutscenes followed by (relatively) free gameplay levels. The crew would only have time for story discussion during the first 5 or so minutes of the level, then we’d have to resort to level-building analysis and horrible puns.

            2. Gamer says:

              If/When they do Skyrim, I wonder if they will do just the main quest or if they will go and do other quest-lines.

              1. X2Eliah says:

                Bit of a catch-22 situation. Doing only the main quest will lead to complaints that they are missing the true spirit of the game, but doing all the quests (or all the questlines – all guilds, war, mainplot and the daedrics) would take so long that the videos would lose any pacing and get boring pretty fast, leading to complaints that they are missing the game’s spirit.

                Plus, you know, do we really want a three-times-longer-Fallout3-season again?

                1. Daemian Lucifer says:

                  Fallout 3 was a great season.Its new vegas that they went too long with.But,if they skipped the dlcs,it wouldve been fine.Also,they did just the main quest in fallout,and it was just fine,so they can do the same with skyrim.

  7. zob says:

    I might be wrong about it but I think Zelazny is a shout out for sci-fi writer Roger Zelazny

    1. PtG says:

      Actually, Zelazny is a quite common Polish last name and translated to english would mean something along the lines of “made from iron”. Quite fitting, wouldn’t you say ?

      Or i can be completely wrong and it could be indeed tied to Roger Zelazny.

  8. McNutcase says:

    I have to wonder if Josh missed an opportunity to ‘Ton the mercs. I refer, of course, to the method of escaping the ambush at the hotel in the original (the one where even if you clear the hotel, leaving via the window kills Paul) by knowing it was coming, and planting LAMs and leaving TNT crates positioned such that the moment the attackers spawn in, they’re blown to mush. Could Josh have planted a few mines in the sewer to have the mercs taken down the moment they appear?

    1. littlefinger says:

      And miss out on high-quality dialogue? Why?

  9. Sydney says:

    Bodies in this game are made of Death itself. Even a gentle nudge from a body in motion is instantly lethal. It’s hilarious.

    1. It’s hillarious, unless you’re playing non-lethal.

      1. Hitch says:

        Does someone dying who you’ve never attacked or even targeted count against you? Josh stunned that guy and she died, but Josh did absolutely nothing to her. How can it be his fault?

        1. Sydney says:

          It counts as a thrown physics object.

    2. Even says:

      They also apparently make for an extreme sport.

  10. silentlambda says:

    Huh. I never knew about the Talion AD quest because it’s initiated in the LIMB clinic that hands out the 1.screwyourselfover firmware update. That seems sort of self defeating on the part of the designers.

    1. Nick says:

      LIMB clinic still sells praxis kits, and that was a good enough reason for me to visit it and notice the guy. You can refuse the “upgrade”, after all.

      1. Klay F. says:

        I think it speaks more to the fear that most of us have of railroading. Considering how stupid Jenson has been forced to act in cutscenes, its really not too much of a stretch to think the same thing would happen here.

        1. LunaticFringe says:

          Yeah, the fact that I’m used to railroading actually affected my decisions in-game. When Malik was shot down and she told me to leave, I thought “well, that’s just the game having a ‘heroic stand’ moment that’s supposed to make me angry” and left. When the chip came up, I took it because I thought it was the only way to continue the plot for some inane reason. It’s really interesting how the current gaming culture actually affected what choices I made, I was, in a sense, ‘meta-gaming’.

    2. X2Eliah says:

      Yeah, same here – I never went to Hengsha’s LIMB to get the update, so I completely missed that guy..

  11. Moon O'Riley says:

    Mengyao’s voice actress actually is Chinese. IMDb

    1. Infinitron says:

      Reality is unrealistic.

      Liberal-minded Americans are always castigating themselves for the use of ‘fake-sounding accents’ even when they aren’t actually fake-sounding. Which ironically shows how insular and arrogant they are, because they falsely pretend that they know how a ‘real’ accent is supposed to sound like.

      1. Even says:

        I’ve always wondered that by what standard one should measure the authenticity of an accent. Trying to nail down a standard Finnish accent seems hard for me when the variation to my ear goes from the stereotypical blocky race-car driver accent to a more smooth cultured and nerdy one depending on the type of people you hear talking. Maybe I’m just missing the “First-Language” perspective. Even my own accent is more like a mix of some American and Finnish, due to picking up a lot of it growing up from TV, movies and video games.

        1. Moon O'Riley says:

          Generally languages don’t have a standard accent, unless you count the accent used by broadcasters (e.g. Received Pronounciation in the early days of the BBC) however they now simply employ people who speak clearly and can be understood by the majority of viewers.

          I as a New Zealander have been asked if I’m American, Australian, English or even Scottish by other NZers.

          1. Sumanai says:

            Once I ran into a conversation about the Meet the Sniper video for Team Fortress 2. Some Australians were complaining about the accent, since there were Australians in the TF2 team. However the developers intentionally put what they considered to be a bad Australian accent in, because they had put bad ones for others as well.

            But there were a couple Australians that said it was spot on. I think it’s a regional thing.

      2. Raygereio says:

        I wouldn’t call this arrogance per see. That’s to easy of an explenation and not even necesarily correct.

        I reckon it’s more due to a combination of an overdose of political correctness and ignorance of how real life accents sound like.

        1. False Prophet says:

          Most of the English-language voice actors for Assassin’s Creed II were Italian-Americans or Italian-Canadians, and those that weren’t were coached by their colleagues, and to my ears they’re quite good overall. Sometimes while playing that game I felt like I was at a family reunion.

          I’m not entirely sure why in TV, movies and games, characters from non-English-speaking backgrounds always have an accent–or even generic British accents (e.g., Received Pronunciation for Ancient Roman senators vs. Cockney for Roman plebians). It might be one thing if characters from different cultures/linguistic backgrounds were interacting (used to humourous effect in “Allo, Allo”). But if all the characters are supposed to be speaking the same language, why not have them all use RP or a Midwest accent?

          1. Thomas says:

            You’re talking about this page?

    2. anaphysik says:

      She also pronounces Mengyao’s name more correctly than Hugh Darrow does.

      Now certainly *some* of the accents are off. But not all of them. (Heck, I know someone who sounds almost exactly like Mei Suen in terms of accent. Uncanny.) Accents aren’t the problem with the characters (not even when their bad, tbh) – diction and syntax are.

    3. Hal says:

      Besides, you want bad Chinese voice acting? Play DX1. Whoever declared Mengyao to be the worst he’d ever heard is seriously missing out on Maggie Chow.

    4. Shamus says:


      On IMDB, they have this… thing:

      That’s Vikki Wong in the video. If that’s also her voice, then she’s obviously American, and so we return to the problem of a fake-sounding accent. (After all, the important part isn’t her DNA, but her native language.)

      1. Moon O'Riley says:

        She’s also listed as being born in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China.

        That doesn’t preclude her from having been asked to fake a bad accent. I was simply pointing out that it wasn’t necessarily the case. Where I live I’m exposed Chinese tourist’s frequently and there is wide variety in the way they will pronounce English sounds (probably relating to their own dialects and accents) so to my ears it didn’t sound like an obvious fake.

        Edit: Having listened again more closely I’m now leaning towards her being asked to fake the accent as her “r” sounds seem to close to an English “r” compared to the rest of her speaking.

  12. Infinitron says:

    Re: The biblical allegories

    According to the timeline, 3 years after DX:HR, there’s supposed to be an earthquake (“The Big One”) that destroys California. A disaster of biblical proportions…

    1. Thomas says:

      That would be a cool one. The good thing about choosing biblical allegories is most of them aren’t bad story outlines to flesh out. A Cain and Abel DX would be interesting, and I guess that would be exploring the affects of human manipulation/creation have on a person’s nature and how much they choose themselves.

      Then Noah.

      I’m not sure how Joseph would go. Most standard would be someone being forced into the Illuminati and working so hard that he ends up in control, but I think players would dislike having to work for the Illuminati and it would spoil the newness of the Moses thing. I guess it could be someone becoming a Sarif like figure slowly, through their hard work. I’m not sure what theme it would have though.

      Chris’ Moses is good. I’m not sure what theme it would have because we’ve done augmentations good/bad? and nature/nurture

      And then David, which is a two part story. One someone gets caught up in an Illuminati rebellion movement/counter movement (maybe even Sarif turns into a power conglomerate) and rises up through skill, evoking jealousy in Boss whose become power hungry (The dark side to Sarif’ individualism coming through) The second part is probably another protagonist and is about the fall of David

      Actually, now I say it, David Sarif seems to be a pretty good David. Deliberate?

      1. Theminimanx says:

        According to the timeline, about 30 year after Invisible war, the world is basically screwed, so some people abandon earth and try to find a new planet to live on. That could be used as the setup for a Noah story.

  13. Infinitron says:

    You can’t talk about the media in DX:HR without mentioning Lazarus, the guy on the radio!
    It was an interesting decision to have him not actually involved in the game’s plot in any way. Or are they saving him for a DLC?…

    1. Andy_Panthro says:

      Also ties into the biblical theme (and after reading the wiki, it seems he came back from the dead! (well, sort of))

      1. Infinitron says:

        Good catch.

  14. Thanatos of Crows says:

    The problem Josh had with the quest marker is that he tried to look for it on the wrong floor. You actually see it marked on an upper level on the right.

  15. Gamer says:

    BTW, if you re-knock out someone who woke up, you get no experience for it. They only give you EXP for the first time they are downed.

  16. SougoXIII says:

    Darrow’s Secretary: This mission requires great stealth and efficiency.
    Josh: Sure. *bust out the exploding revolver*

    Never change Josh. Never change.

    1. Hitch says:

      He didn’t use the exploding revolver on any of the quest targets. Everybody he shot with that weapon in that segment were strictly murder for fun.

    2. Andy_Panthro says:

      I laughed more at the assumption that Josh’s Jensen was in any way stealthy or efficient. Obviously they hadn’t been watching what he’d been up to!

  17. 4th Dimension says:

    Hm, I wonder will they ever comment on Lazarus’s show?

    1. Gruhunchously says:

      I like Lazarus, because it’s always fun to listen to the conspiracy theorist nutjob’s take on current in-game events (and he’s usually right in the long run), and also because he plays DX1 music during his breaks.

  18. Alphadrop says:

    Any reason Belltower spec-ops wear the same colour scheme as Majestic 12? Or is it just that black and red looks all evil and cool. :P

    1. Gruhunchously says:

      Maybe the MJ12 goons are ex-Belltower. I mean, Bob Page would have had to have gotten all those troops from somewhere, and I can’t really image a shadowy conspiracy holding recruitment drives (unless they were masquerading as the government, like in Paris). As we’ve seen, the Illuminati seems to have Belltower in it’s pocket, so Page would probably had control over the organization when he staged his coup.

      1. LunaticFringe says:

        I recently replayed Deus Ex and a couple diaries in MJ12 Barracks mention how the various troopers think they’re part of a private security company.

  19. Atarlost says:

    I just want to say thank you. Someone just used praxis in casual conversation and thanks to Spoiler Warning I knew what he was talking about.

  20. littlefinger says:

    Question: is the team going to tackle the Missing Link DLC? I just finished it, and it does add something that has serious implications to the Deus Ex universe (at least as I see it) and it shows where Eidos wants to take the series.

    Chronologically, we’re approaching the point where it’d fit in the HR timeline so this is the best time to fit it in…

    1. Daemian Lucifer says:

      They said that they probably wont do it.

  21. MatthewH says:

    On humans making all decisions as a form of bias:

    Earlier today I was reading Werner Dannhauser on Friedrich Nietzsche (for a class), and something the commentary brought up was the nihilist complaint against positivism: that by chosing these data over those data all empirical studies are -from the start -interpretations of facts, not the facts in themselves. Not even science can escape subjectivity.

    Surely DX:HR could do something with that interpretation -but I don’t think they do. At least not in this game.

    1. KremlinLaptop says:

      Comments like this and arm-pit farting are two of my favourite things on TwentySided.

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