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By Shamus Posted Monday Dec 17, 2007

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Wavatars is a plugin that will generate and assign icons to the visitors leaving comments at your site. The icons are based on email, so a given visitor will get the same icon each time they comment. It livens up comment threads and gives people memorable “faces” to aid in following conversation threads. It’s also fun.


  1. Wavatars can generate 956,384 different shapes in 57,600 different color combinations for a total of 55,087,718,400 (55 billion) unique Wavatars. Yeah, you should have plenty. You’ll run out of human beings (or hard drive space) long before you run out of Wavatars.
  2. The icons are generated on-the-fly. You can adjust the desired size of the icons.
  3. For easy deployment, icons will automatically preceed the commenter’s name. You can set HTML to come directly before and after the icon (to put it inside of a <DIV> tag, for example) or you can control the placement of the icons manually if you don’t mind adding a single line of PHP to your theme.
  4. Wavatars are based entirely on email and are thus very portable. The same email will result in the same Wavatar, even on different sites, so users will have the same icon on all Wavatar-enabled sites. (Assuming, or course, that there are other Wavatar-enabled sites. I don’t know if anyone will want this plugin or not.)
  5. This plugin also supports Gravatars. If you like, it can show the Gravatar for a given user (if available) and fall back on their Wavatar only if they don’t have a Gravatar set up. This means users can choose to set up a unique icon for themselves, and if they don’t, they will be assigned a unique Wavatar. This is a great system that lets people personalize if they want, yet still provide a decent icon for the lazy or apathetic.


  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Copy it onto your website in the wordpress /plugins folder. Then enable the plugin. That’s it. Wavatars will instantly appear for all posts (even old ones) on your blog. If you don’t like how the image looks within your theme, read on…

The administration panel is under Options » Wavatars. You can adjust the size of the Wavatars, and assign HTML to come before and after each image to help nudge it into place. Each image is also set with the CSS “wavatars” class. On this site, I don’t have any HTML prefix or suffix, and instead just added these lines to my CSS:

.wavatar {
float: left;
padding: 3px;
background: #fff;
margin-top: -25px;
margin-left: -25px;
margin-right: 5px;

If that still doesn’t give you enough control over wavatar placement and you don’t mind editing your theme, just turn off automatic placement and add the line wavatar_show($comment_author_email); to your comment loop wherever you want the image to appear.

Your mileagle may vary. It all depends on your installed theme.

Note that the plugin requires that your install of PHP support the GD library. If it doesn’t, the Wavatars won’t show up and you’ll get a warning in the Wavatar admin panel. You can still use this plugin to display Gravatars, even if the GD library isn’t available.

This is the first release. You could even go so far as to call it “beta” if you want to be formal about it. It’s only been tested on one server (this one) so far. Please leave bug reports and questions in the comments below.

Download Wavatars v1.0.0


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520 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin: Wavatars

  1. Mike says:

    Nice job, Shamus. Are the icon sets customizable? I’m guessing it isn’t a coincidence that yours all look like dice.

    1. cvvz says:

      testing mail

  2. Adam says:

    Well I guess this is for those who would like ot have the same info. Nice of you to post it.

    Wonder what I’ll get.

  3. Shamus says:

    Yes, you can edit the PNG files that are used to build the Wavatars. There are a few limitations, though. I’ll put up an explanation of how the process works later.

    1. diseño web tenerife says:

      Good work team! The plugin work it perfectly!!

      Saludos desde Tenerife!

      1. Luisino says:

        Just checking it out now.

  4. Will says:

    Pretty neat, but after a while, all the shapes start blending together in my head. Then I have to start looking at names again.

    Maybe a shift from pastels to more saturated palette would help?

  5. Roy says:

    Very cool.
    Also: Will’s is scaring me a little bit.

  6. Joe says:

    I think will’s is a gravatar.

  7. Timo says:

    Wondering what mine will be. And I have to agree with Roy, Will is scaring me..!

  8. Snook says:

    On a slightly random note… I recall that you don’t like “dark background” themes. Is this why the d20 at the top right has a 1 rather than a 20 showing?

    Oh, and I love the wavatars.

  9. Love it. Such a simple idea. Did you make all those images by yourself?

  10. I think the picture it generated for Shamus is the best one.

  11. Ryan says:

    And of course I have to see what my email address looks like…

    1. Craig A says:

      Have to see what my wavatar looks like too!
      Cool! thanks! Got fb updated with it!

  12. Ryan says:

    Bespectacled and argumentative! How appropriate!

  13. Rask says:

    Of course, this plugin will generate a flood of comments to the tune of, “I wonder what my wavatar will look like?”

    …sort of like this comment. :)

  14. Al Billings says:

    This is great. I’ve added it to my blog as well. Happy Day.

  15. AlphabetFish says:

    I have a Gravatar, so it should show that one… Hmm, but this is a good idea for people who don’t feel the need for a Gravatar, but who still comment every once in a while.

  16. Oleyo says:

    Just checkin’ my wavvy ;)

  17. Oleyo says:

    Heh, I like it :)

  18. BillZeBub says:

    This is an excellent idea. Great work!

  19. Telas says:

    With my luck, I’d get a pink triangle.

    …not that there’s anything wrong with that; it’s just not me…

    Good thing I got a Gravatar. :D

  20. Uninverted says:

    If I ever make a blog, this is the first plugin on there. And they mesh well with the theme here, too.

  21. Telas says:

    Holy crud! I just realized that THESE ARE YOUR CHILDREN, Shamus!!

    I thought they were someone else’s work, like the Gravatars…

    That’s cool of you to code that up; I hope they get picked up on other sites. Congrats, and please ignore any unintentional but implicit criticism in my previous post.


  22. Will says:

    Yes, mine is a gravatar.

    I suspect my email address would have to be something epically GAR to make the wavatar generator spit out that particular image.

  23. Froody says:

    Interesting Plugin ^^ Testing now…

  24. xbolt says:

    I wonder what my Wavatar will look like?

    To differentiate this post from any other ones asking this same question, I shall add this whole paragraph of entirely useless information, that has absolutely nothing to do with Wavatars, this site, or anything else, other than to differentiate this post from other ones asking the above question, by rambling on about rambling on about the useless information contained in this paragraph in this comment of the above post by Shamus about what this comment used to be about, before I started rambling on about rambling on about the randomly useless information found in this randomly useless comment.

    Furthermore, this large block of text may grab the attention of random viewers of this comment better than a short sentence asking the question that was already asked in the first sentence of this random comment about randomly useless information found in this randomly useless comment. And to those people who are still reading this comment, I say to you: “Don’t you have anything better to do?”

  25. NobleBear says:

    I have come to the unfortunate realization that I have no idea what I’m doing.

    I would like to use gravitar, but I don’t know how; that is, I’ve set up an account and have a grav selected but I am uncertain how to apply it here.

    I read the bit about using a plugin but couldn’t decipher it as I am a hapless noob.

    Any “for dummies” style advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

  26. Xiphos says:

    Testin’ my email.

  27. laesin says:

    These are cool. Now to see what mine looks like.

  28. Matt T. says:

    Very nice set of updates, I love the way the site is looking, Please keep up the good work entertaining us!

  29. Avaris says:

    Very nice Shamus, and good of you to share your work.

    Spookily my Wavatar wears glasses just like me…

  30. laesin says:


  31. Feylamia says:

    I just installed the plugin on my blog without any problems whatsoever. Nice work! :) Now if you added an option to set a default avatar for users who didn’t leave their email or even an option for them not to use any avatar at all, it’d be perfect. :)

  32. Avaris says:

    Or not… it was different last time I checked (don’t post that often, so I looked bact t one of the DMotR threads). Liking the monocle though :D

  33. Luke Maciak says:

    Nice Shamus! Although I do agree that the colors are a little bit jarring – at least for me. But I’m impressed on how well it is working.

    @NobleBear – are you using the correct email?

    1. set up the gravatar account with your email address
    2. select the default gravatar on the site
    3. visit shamusyoung.com
    4. scroll down to comment
    5. locate the Mail (will not be published) (required) field
    6. recall the email you used in step 1
    7. put the email from step 1 into the field from step 5
    8. post your comment
    9. ???
    10. profit

    You do not need any plugin – plugins are for blog owners who want to have gravatars displayed in their comments. Commenters do not need to add anything.

  34. Feylamia says:

    Oops, one more suggestion: The &s in the gravatars url aren’t escaped properly and the -tag isn’t closed – you should fix that in your code. :)

  35. Ghalidrim says:

    Brilliant idea, and glad to see it released.

  36. Shamus says:

    I’m really thrilled that a couple of people were able to install it, and that it seems to be working more or less seamlessly.

    Planned features:

    * A graceful way of handling blank emails. (I forgot some sites allow this.)

    * Maybe some options for color? I’m not sure about this, but the “bag of skittles” look seems to be off-putting for some. Maybe a way for the admin to force a certain range of hues to keep the plugin from clashing with the theme? I’m not sure, since this would break the “universal” nature of the wavatars. I’ll think about this.

  37. Shamus says:

    Feylamia: I know the character escaping looks really odd, but that’s how the directions at Gravatar.com say to do it. I tried changing it to be more “correct”, and it broke.

    What “-tag” isn’t closed?

  38. Jacob says:

    This is a really neat idea

  39. Ian says:

    The more I look at these the more tempted I am to set aside my hatred of PHP and try to make these work in a web forum (and I’ve got my sights set on SMF). A bunch of regular posters on my forum don’t have an avatar so something like this would really spice things up. Since a valid e-mail address is required to sign up, this sort of thing could very well work.

    Hmm… *ponders*

  40. I noticed you use md5 for the wavatar generation, so dorks like me won’t reverse them to get at people’s email addresses. Maybe I should try making wavatar rainbow tables. That couldn’t possibly fail to be fun…

    Anyway, great work. If I weren’t too boring to have a blog, I would install wavatars on it straight away, whether it uses wordpress or not.

  41. Tara says:

    Very much awesome!

  42. ScottSM says:

    Good idea hooking to the get_comment_author filter. I had been thinking putting in an image there would mess up the html but now that I think about it an image is fine inside a span or cite or link or whatever. I’m going to have to steal that. Pretty nice just using the seed % number_of_parts too.

    One thing I was debating when making my own was that if you don’t add something to the md5 hash, the image name makes a sort of tracer for each user. So I think you could search for say 12345abcde30c6a0.png and find every thing that person had said on any blog. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. You can stop that by adding something like the blog name (or blog email if you want to be really paranoid since it’s not public) as salt in the hash. You’d have to do a separate hash for the image name and the part generation then (so the images stay consistent across blogs). But I’m still not sure if being able to find all comments is bad or cool.

  43. Sorry for double-posting, I hadn’t seen message 37. Here’s a suggestion for the color thing: Use the hash to generate the random colors the way you already do, and then scale each component to a range specified by the website admin. That doesn’t allow complete color scheme customization, but it should work. Anyway, that will maintain shape universality, and coloration differences between any two wavatars will be universal-ish. In the context of other wavatars, they should still be recognizeable.

  44. ScottSM: I would argue that someone who doesn’t want their other comments on other wavatar-using blogs located should not be using the same email addresses, since wavatars themselves are traceable and could be searched for with a specialized crawler. Perhaps the solution would be an opt-out from wavatars when posting a comment.

    Speaking of the hashes, I just realized that wavatar rainbow tables would be redundant, since the current system does make the hash of the email available.

  45. Kris says:

    So, I would probably set all this up if I still had a WordPress. But since I don’t, I’m just going to play on your site. Yay! I may eventually sit down and add support for Gravatars to Pixelpost though. That could be fun. But in the meantime… Let’s see how this puppy looks.

  46. Dave says:


  47. Edhel says:

    Looks nice. One question to Shamus: would it be ok to implement Wavatars in non-wordpress blogs? (I’m thinking of implementing it on mine when it’s ready)

  48. OM3G4 says:

    just checkin’ mah wavvy

  49. Loki says:

    just curious

      1. _YELEN_ says:


        1. fabeo says:

          just testin’

          1. pg says:

            holla rolla, gimme a wavatar…

            1. David Rall says:

              Here is a test to see a cute wavatar for me

                1. Jon says:

                  This is me…

                  1. Jon says:

                    Hmmm. switch off gravatar may help….

  50. Allan says:

    This sounds like fun.

  51. Allan says:

    Heh, kinda accurate, although in a stereotype sense rather than physical.

  52. Thomas says:


    Cool! It looks like you have some rendering issues in IE6: the top-left corner of each image is cut off. This is the case with both types of image.

  53. scragar says:

    This builds the options page where you can administrate the plugin rather
    than mucking about here in the source code. Which you seem to be doing anyway.

    well excuse me for being curious.

    oh, and you do know you can shorten:
    <?php echo
    all the way down to:
    if you want to right?

  54. scragar says:

    oh, you also have a spelling error:

    look at the seed (an ,d5 hash) and use pairs of digits to determine our

    shouldn’t that read “md5”?

    and am I allowed to edit this around and such to let it be used on a forum? I’d give full credit.

  55. Cineris says:

    I may need to register for Gravatars and use one white pixel now…

  56. wingo says:

    I have to know what I look like

  57. lxs says:

    ‘precede’ for posterity.

    I don’t know why you’re being so self-deprecating in point 4. This is cool software.

  58. Shamus says:

    Edhel: It’s all GPL’d. Help yourself!

  59. Shamus says:

    scragar: Thanks for the heads up. Yes, please help yourself to the source. I hope it’s useful for you. :)

  60. Rob Conley says:

    test of the system

  61. ScottSM says:

    How does the wp-content/cache directory work in WordPress? I didn’t have one in my test installation (WP 2.3.1) and it didn’t get created automatically. I did have one in my main blog. I seem to remember making it when I installed WP Cache. Are other people having trouble with that (activating the plugin and nothing happens)? If so, then just create the directory wp-content/cache/wavatars and make sure it’s writeable.

  62. Pete Zaitcev says:

    Nice. But I am basically amazed at anyone who can write a plugin for WordPress. I cannot even figure how it produces feeds.

  63. d4b3ll3z says:

    yet another meaningless comment to see what special face my email provides.

    1. Chiefer says:


      1. PB says:

        guess why i’m posting

  64. NobleBear says:

    mic check 1,2…

  65. Davesnot says:



  66. niall says:

    Can’t resist…

  67. NobleBear says:

    @ Luke Maciak: Thank you very much :D

    After doing some other things then reexamining the info I put in, I found that I had switched two of the letters in my email address when posting here. After headdesking a couple of times I got it fixed. It works just fine now.

    Thanks again!

    @Shamus: Thanks for all you time and effort to set up avatars on your site. :D

  68. NobleBear says:

    @ Shamus (again)

    I just noticed that I could switch to a black background here, Thank You very much for this feature as well. I personally find it easier to help me focus and find it less jarring on my eyes.

  69. DocTwisted says:

    Oh oh, I just gotta see what mine looks like! <.<;

  70. Bonnie says:

    I’m such a follower. I hope mine is cute . . .

  71. Feylamia says:

    * Maybe some options for color? I'm not sure about this, but the “bag of skittles” look seems to be off-putting for some. Maybe a way for the admin to force a certain range of hues to keep the plugin from clashing with the theme?

    That’d be nice for a lot of people, I think. :)

    Feylamia: I know the character escaping looks really odd, but that's how the directions at Gravatar.com say to do it. I tried changing it to be more “correct”, and it broke.

    Oh? I just changed the line (338)
    $url = "http://www.gravatar.com/avatar.php?gravatar_id=$md5&;rating=$rating&;size=60&;default=$url";
    $url = "http://www.gravatar.com/avatar.php?gravatar_id=$md5&rating=$rating&size=60&default=$url";

    and it works fine in my blog. :)

    What “-tag” isn't closed?

    D’oh – wordpress deletes and the likes and I forgot to use [code]. I was talking about the image-tag, the one in line 343. :)

  72. Feylamia says:

    Meh, wordpress deleted my nice “& amp ;” in the [code]. So just pretent that that second line is using the correct escape string for the ampersand. :D

  73. lebkin says:

    Normally, random “test” posts are annoying. But since everyone’s images are unique, I am enjoying seeing everyone else’s. A wonderfully interesting creation.

  74. Ralff says:

    Wow, this is actually pretty cool.

    Mostly just posting right here so I can see my face, though.

  75. Len says:

    Thanks for a great and fun plug-in. One of my favorites!

  76. Turbosloth says:

    heh… ironicially enough i’m a really long time reader (since about the 3rd DMoTR, but a chronic lurker… never posted a comment before… but now i cant resist, i wanna see what face i get!

  77. Turbosloth says:

    … damn thats ugly…

  78. xbolt says:


    Really? You have nothing better to do than waste time reading a repetitive comment that serves absolutely no purpose other than to waste time by reading a comment that is entirely random and useless?

    And even now, this comment is shaping up to be another random comment that comments about how random the random comment is.

    However, I will foil this evil plot to waste time, by saying something that may actually have something to do with Wavatars.

    I like mine. :D

  79. Turgid Bolk says:

    What can I say, I’m a fan. :D

  80. Rason says:

    Nice Shamus

  81. P'kay says:

    This is sweet. Thankyou for making the internet that little bit more awesome.

  82. Han says:

    Wavatars can generate 956,384 different shapes in 57,600 different color combinations for a total of 55,087,718,400 (55 billion) unique Wavatars.

    That’s a lot! But while they’re strictly unique, are they functionally unique? For example, just in this comment thread, Uninverted’s wavatar looks very similar to Avaris’s. Note that this isn’t a complaint, by any means – I think this is a great idea! I’m just wondering how many distinct wavatars, in terms of how we perceive them, there actually are.

  83. Greg says:

    What do I look like. Is it good?
    I wonder if you’ll see more comments from people whose emails generate cool pics and less from those who don’t :P

  84. Greg says:

    On a vaguely paranoid note (which isn’t at all a premise to test another email address) is it possible to work backwards from the code and know what someones email is from their pic?

  85. Plasma says:

    I’d like to point out that it isn’t under most circumstances really necessary to comment anew in order to see your wavatar: you can look at a previous comment you’ve made, as they seem to be back-thingied. To wit, I seem to be a square. With glasses. Fits me perfectly. I guess.

  86. red says:

    How do I look?

  87. ScottSM says:

    The email is put through a MD5 hash which in itself is very hard (pretty near impossible) to unencrypt (people have figured out how to generate a hash the same as a given md5 but not how to go backwards from one). Also Shamus is only showing half the hash so that should make it pretty much impossible to determine an email from a Wavatar short of brute force creating Wavatars from known or randomly generated email addresses and comparing (very unlikely).

  88. Gary says:

    This is a beautiful little plugin Shamus! Very cool!…..Now I just need a blog to put it on…..

  89. Very cool! I will be adding this to my site :)

  90. Shamus says:

    Greg: It’s not possible to recover an email from the name of the image, as the image is named using PART of the md5 hash. The first 17 digits are retained, the rest is thrown away.

  91. Heather says:

    Again, loving the wavatars Shamus. Another site I frequent (Rich’s ComixBlog, with far and away the best fan-produced Doctor Who comic I’ve ever seen), has just installed the wavatars, so I’m geeky girl with glasses and an evil grin on two sites now. :) How appropriate.

  92. Elethiomel says:

    This will be interesting to see. Apologies for yet another meaningless post.

  93. Yeroc says:

    Hmm..wonder what I’ll get?

    Very nice work Shamus.

  94. Adam says:

    There’s some garbage in your readme.txt that’s causing weird stuff to show up in your listing at wp.org.

    Cool idea. Much better than the default image I currently use for my gravatars. Time to play…

  95. Adam says:

    One suggestion. Function wavatar_show() should return, not echo, the wavatar, especially given the syntax in wavatar_comment_author(). Maybe there could be an optional argument that I pass to wavatar_show() to set whether it returns or echoes.

    I’ll make the change locally, but others might also appreciate having that built in.

  96. Missingno. says:


  97. Adam says:

    I’m done tinkering. Here’s my suggested change to wavatar_show(). (If you’re wondering why I’m doing this–I use my gravatars/wavatars in a CSS background image for each comment, produced by a function in my theme’s functions.php, so I need to grab only the wavatar URL to use it as the gravatar default).

    Here’s hoping the code pastes well:

    function wavatar_show ($email, $size='', $return=false, $urlonly=false) // adam's hack: add $urlonly and $return argument

    $email = strtolower ($email);
    $md5 = md5($email);
    $seed = substr ($md5, 0, 17);
    $border = get_option('wavatar_border');
    $rating = get_option ('wavatar_rating');
    if ($size == '')
    $size = get_option ("wavatar_size");
    if ($size == 0)
    $size = AVATAR_SIZE;
    //make sure the image functions are available before trying to make wavatars
    if (function_exists (imagecreatetruecolor)) {
    //make sure the cache directory is available
    $localdir = "wp-content/cache/wavatars";
    if (!file_exists ($localdir) && !wp_mkdir_p ($localdir))
    $dest = $localdir . "/$seed.png";
    $url = get_bloginfo ('siteurl') . '/' . $dest;
    if (!file_exists ($dest))
    wavatar_build ($seed, $dest, $size);
    } else //image functions not available
    $url == '';
    if (get_option ('wavatar_gravatars'))
    $url = "http://www.gravatar.com/avatar.php?gravatar_id=$md5&;rating=$rating&;size=60&;default=$url";
    //if we don't have image functions AND gravatars are off, then there is nothing to do.

    if ($url == '')
    if ($urlonly)
    return $url;
    $out = get_option('wavatar_prefix');
    $out .= "<img class='wavatar' border='$border' src='$url' width='$size' height='$size'>";
    $out .= get_option('wavatar_suffix');
    if ($return)
    return $out;
    echo $out;

  98. Eric the Baker says:

    I’ve been trying to resist for a day, I can’t anymore… This is my first post here, and it’s for this…ohhh the shame! Love the site.

  99. Shamus says:

    adam: Next revision I’ll add a function: wavatar_get (), which will create the wavatar and then just return the URL o the image.

  100. Adam says:

    Thanks. Sorry my code pasted so horribly. This is an awesome plugin.

  101. Germelia says:

    Can’t resist trying out my university e-mail too <.<

  102. kamagurka says:


  103. Alex B. says:

    Wavatar test.

  104. Alex B. says:

    It looks just like me…

  105. Shishberg says:

    Well now look what you’ve done. You’ve forced me to finally get around to throwing out my hacky homebrew blog software and switch to WordPress just so I could use wavatars.

    Thanks Shamus. Thanks a lot.

    (That last line is a rare example of double sarcasm.)

  106. Rick says:

    OK, I gotta see what I get.

  107. Rick says:

    Current game of choice: CastlevaniaL SOTN on the PSP.
    And I get a wavvy is a vampire… how did it know?

  108. Estelyn says:

    What a fun toy! You know, I bet you thought this up just to get even more comments than you already do…

  109. bushtool says:

    Your plugin is great but my site has some issues that I can’t seem to figure out. If I use the automatic display option, the wavatar/gravatar seems to appear correctly but it breaks my comments rss saying something like there is an unidentified tag in the “title” section of the feed. Also I have a “recent comments” sidebar widget that now shows the same wavatar graphic next to every comment listing.

    If I manually add the code ,, to my comments.php and turn off the automatic flag, the comments rss feed validates fine. However the wavatar that shows up is the same for every comment regardless of the email address for the comment.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

  110. Shamus says:


    It’s hard to know what the problem is from here, but give this a try:

    wavatar_show ($comment->comment_author_email);

    Let me know how that works for you.

  111. bushtool says:

    That fixed the problem, that you VERY VERY much. This plugin is great. Now my visitors will have a great picture whether they want one or not!

  112. Tyler says:

    This is an extremely neat idea! I’m digging it… Too bad I have a Gravatar already… :(

    About the colour schemes, though. I think it’d be neat if the site that prompted the creation of one’s unique Wavatar forced a specific colour hue or theme. Then a person could almost guess what site that person frequents… or whatever…. I don’t know… Thought-provoking nonetheless.


  113. Shishberg says:

    Hmm. What would it take to get a commenter’s smileys to look like the wavatar, but with a different mouth & maybe eyes?

    So this :( would be my purple guy but with a frowning mouth instead of the straight one with the tooth, and this ;) would be the same but with a smiling mouth and one winking eye.

    Yeah. I know that’s a gazillion times more work than it’s worth. Never mind.

  114. Fernando says:

    It looks great, it’s a nice feature for a blog. Thanks ;)

  115. Dev Null says:

    Ya know what this plugin needs Shamus? A special page (well, just a special thread you could link to, maybe with the Gravatars turned off) where everyone can go to see what their Wavatar would look like, without them having to fill up the comments of any other threads…

  116. Shishberg says:

    Dev Null: But that’s the best bit! ;)

  117. I get the following error when I try to activate this plugin.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_current_user() in /home/content/r/g/b/rgblack/html/wordpress/wp-includes/capabilities.php on line 446

  118. Josiah says:

    Just checkin’ it out. Test Testy McTest from Testville, Testonia.

  119. Xed says:

    Very nice… of course, I also want to see what mine looks like :-)

  120. Johan says:

    Just wanna see what mine looks like.

  121. Johan says:

    And with my other email…

  122. What an interesting plugin! I’ve been on the lookout for a good Gravatar plugin, but this one looks to have that extra little oomph to make it that much more interesting (and geeky, which is a big plus in my book!). Great job!

  123. CJG says:

    I too am curious what my wavatar looks like.

  124. Palette says:

    Jumping on the bandwagon to see what my Wavvy is.

    Shamus, can this be used on Blogger? Or is it WordPress only?

  125. Shamus says:

    I don’t know how Blogger works, so I can’t really say. I would certainly need some editing, assuming it’s even possible.

  126. Rob says:

    Interesting idea I just came up with at random. Approach the people who do Gravatars, possibly joining up with monsterID or whatever first, and talk to them as possibly setting up one of the two as the fallback for a gravatar. So if you have a gravatar acount set up, but no gravatar, it will default to a wavatar or monsterID.

  127. Frank Lucas says:

    WordPress: v2.3.1
    MySQL: v5.0.45-community-nt
    PHP: v4.4.7
    Server: Microsoft-IIS/6.0


    Warning: opendir(../wp-content/cache/wavatars) [function.opendir]: failed to open dir: Invalid argument in D:\Domains\sunrisedancer.com\www\weathervane\wp-content\plugins\wavatars\wavatars.php on line 156

    where cache clearing button should be.


  128. Frank Lucas says:

    Is there an easy way to reduce the wavatar’s size?

  129. Shamus says:

    You can resize the wavatars in the admin panel.

    As for the error, I’m not sure why you’re getting that. I’ll have to experiment on my setup and see if I can get the error to appear. Thans for the heads up.

  130. Tobeon says:

    Really love your idea ^_^ however I had to do a little editing (very little) so it would work on my site, I had to add this line

    chmod($filename, 0644);

    at line 333 (in the wavatar_build function) as by default my server creates files with a chmod permissions value.. thing of 600, so the image wouldn’t be viewable

  131. Chad says:

    Just checking mine.

  132. Merci says:

    Very nice! Thank you for sharing this.

    Happy New Year!

  133. rev says:

    I can't seem to get it to work on my wordpress blog. at first, it complained that it couldn't write to the wp-content/cache/wavatar folder, so i created the folder manually. it stopped complaining about the folder, but the wavatar cache is always empty. it’s like it doesn't have permission to create the images. i'm about to give up.

  134. Asmor says:

    Hey, great plugin! One of the reasons I didn’t want to enable gravatars was because I expect many of my visitors not to have them, and didn’t want some people to have pics and some not to.

    One issue, though. When you fetch the gravatars, you’re asking for size 60, and then by default you set their display size to size 80, meaning you’re causing unnecessary upscaling and a consummate degradation in quality.

  135. Doug Smith says:

    Implemented at my site. Terrific idea. One of the most creative in Internet history! Love it. Great work.

  136. M says:

    Odd…it seems to not want to display a gravatar for me.

  137. Miral says:

    Some bugs (or stuff that seems buggy, at least; a couple have been mentioned before but they’re still broken in the latest version):

    1. The installation instructions don’t mention that you need to create wp-content/cache/wavatars and set it to world-writable. (Yes, I know you’ve got a mkdir in there. But that will only work if wp-content is already world-writable, which nobody should do since it’s just begging to be hacked. Or if you already have a cache folder, which isn’t standard issue.)

    2. The code contains “function_exists (imagecreatetruecolor)”, and that parameter ought to have quotes around it.

    3. You’re doing the strtolower on the email no less than three times (twice in wavatar_show and once in wavatar_get); all but the last is redundant.

    4. wavatar_show uses $border without actually assigning anything to it. And the border attribute isn’t valid XHTML anyway, so it probably shouldn’t be putting it in at all.

    5. wavatar_comment_author is expected to return the XHTML it wants to output, but you’re echoing it instead. (Also, you probably should put this filter on ‘get_comment_author_link’ instead, since ‘get_comment_author’ is more fundamental and used in other places (like the feeds).

    6. The URL encoding for the gravatar link is completely wrong.

    7. It chokes when the physical location of the files doesn’t match the URL.

    8. wavatar_show isn’t closing the <img> tag (with a /> trailer), nor is it including alt text; both of which are required in XHTML.

    Here’s a replacement version of wavatar_get that fixes #6 and #7 (and part of #2) — here’s hoping it doesn’t get too mangled:

    function wavatar_get ($email, $size='')
    $email = strtolower ($email);
    $email_blank = get_option ('wavatar_email_blank');
    if ($email == '') {
    if (get_option ('wavatar_email_blank') == 'omit')
    return '';
    if (get_option ('wavatar_email_blank') == 'blank') {
    wavatar_build_blank ();
    return WAVATAR_BLANK;
    $md5 = md5($email);
    $seed = substr ($md5, 0, 17);
    $rating = get_option ('wavatar_rating');
    if ($size == '')
    $size = get_option ("wavatar_size");
    if ($size == 0)
    $size = AVATAR_SIZE;
    //make sure the image functions are available before trying to make wavatars
    if (function_exists ('imagecreatetruecolor')) {
    //make sure the cache directory is available
    $dir = "wp-content/cache/wavatars";
    $localdir = ABSPATH . $dir;
    if (!file_exists ($localdir) && !wp_mkdir_p ($localdir))
    $dest = $localdir . "/$seed.png";
    $url = get_bloginfo ('wpurl') . "/$dir/$seed.png";
    if (!file_exists ($dest))
    wavatar_build ($seed, $dest, $size);
    } else //image functions not available
    $url == '';
    if (get_option ('wavatar_gravatars'))
    $url = "http://www.gravatar.com/avatar.php"
    . "?gravatar_id=$md5&amp;rating=$rating"
    . "&amp;size=$size"
    . "&amp;default=" . urlencode($url);
    return $url;

  138. XIII says:

    Brilliant idea, can’t wait to install it on my blog and I hope to see more soon. :)

  139. bushtool says:

    Shamus, you helped me out above but now I have a similar issue from adding the brian’s threaded comments plugin to my site. When I add the wavatar code manually to the new comments.php file, I get the default (the same graphic) wavatar for every comment. When I turn it on through the options setting, it works fine for each comment but the default (the same graphic) wavatar shows up next to every comment listing in my “recent comments” widget on the sidebar.

    Any ideas on how to fix this? I tried using both versions of this the (wavatar_show($comment_author_email); code.


  140. bushtool says:

    Addendum to comment above this one: I resolved the above issue by installing a new plugin that lists recent comments. It doesn’t show default wavatar like the recent comments widget. It is called “Whats New Whats Fresh Whats Happening…”. Seems to work good although I’d prefer going back to the recent comments widget because it doesn’t clutter up the sidebar with the dates.

    I love the wavatars!

  141. Michel says:

    testing picture in comments

  142. rev says:

    per my comment above, i just figured out that the plugin doesn’t play nice when your wordpress is setup in a sub-folder, i.e. your main page is in the root but all the wordpress files are not. the plugin created a /wp-content/cache/wavatars/ folder in the root but wordpress is looking for the images in /wordpress/wp-content/cache/wavatars/.

    any ideas?

    p.s. your captcha never changes.

  143. rev says:

    FYI I was able to fix my issues per comment #142 (Miral) above. Thanks!

  144. BG! says:

    Great plugin! It worked “straight out of the box” for me. Many thanks.

  145. Jessica says:

    This is a wonderful plugin. Unfortunately it doesn’t function on my blog. I wish it does. The wavatars that show up on my blog (for the commenters who don’t have gravatar) is simply a colored background, but no designs or faces on it. Can you advice me with any ideas or help on how to rectify this? Thank you.

  146. Oli says:

    Just checkin’


    EDIT: Hahaha, mine is so awesome! Thanks!

  147. Finalfork says:

    o_o…. i must know

  148. mapleleaf says:


  149. spaceman says:

    here we go

  150. Chris says:

    Love the Wavatar plugin, but somethings seems amiss. All of my monster avatars have been replaced with the generic Gravitar blue “G” avatar. It seems that you have the same happening on your site…or am I just seeing things.

  151. Chris says:

    I’m now thoroughly confused…my site has now fixed it’s self…yours also. Just don’t get what happened.

  152. admin says:

    After working fine for a couple months, my site today just started showing a generic gravatar for all commenters without a gravatar rather than the wavatar. What is going on?

  153. admin says:

    Re, my message above. Whatever goblins are around went away so now I’m back to wavatars again. Must be something gravatar.com is doing.

  154. wolkanca says:

    nice plugin. test comment.

  155. admin says:


    looks like the generic gravatars are mucking up the wavatars

  156. funkcoaster says:

    It appears something changed with the default icon from Gravatar and it’s making the Wavatars not work (unless you disable Gravatars, which is a BIG feature of this).

    Dude… your stuff is VERY VERY cool. Hopefully, you’ll figure this out…

    Thanks for the great plugin (even though it’s kinda broke right now)!

  157. ShadoStahker says:

    Gravatars recoded their stuff recently, which is what is causing the issues you’re seeing.

    The fix is easy.

    In function wavatar_get, change:

    $url = “http://www.gravatar.com/avatar.php?gravatar_id=$md5&;rating=$rating&;size=$size&;default=$url”;


    $url = “http://www.gravatar.com/avatar.php?gravatar_id=$md5&rating=$rating&size=$size&default=$url”;

    Yeah, that’s right, the problem was three semicolons.

    See http://blog.gravatar.com/2008/03/14/big-changes-afoot/
    for details on syntax.

  158. admin says:

    thanks ShadoStahker:, that fixed the generic gravatar issue on my site

  159. Chris says:

    Thanks for the assist ShadoStahker. I’ve been a little disappointed about the recent issues and was considering leaving the Wavatar plugin for something else. Thanks again!

    Now the creator of the plugin needs to apply the fix to his own site. ;-)

  160. rev says:

    hmm. my wavatars weren’t broken, but making shadostakhker’s mod actually *caused* the broken gravatar behavior. putting the semi-colons back in made it work again. is this fix really necessary?

  161. Feylamia says:

    So right now there’s no way to use wavatars and have valid code? Bummer… :-/

  162. Miral says:

    ShadoStahker’s code isn’t correct either, as I’ve said before. Use this line instead (I’ve split it up a bit so it displays better; this should all be on one line):

    $url = "http://www.gravatar.com/avatar.php?gravatar_id=
    . urlencode($url);

    I’ve sent a full patch (including some additional fixes beyond this) to Shamus.

  163. rev says:

    thanks miral. apparently i applied your patch earlier, which explains why my wavatars weren’t broken.

  164. Carlo Veltri says:

    This plugin is not compatible with freshy2 theme… why?
    Please help me

  165. Weird… I used to have easygravatars and then got wavatars… and when I deleted easygravatars (it was already deactivated), my wavatars started acting all funky. Hmm…

  166. Pange says:

    This is such a fun idea! (But oh my goodness, my wavatar is frightening, lol.)

  167. Les says:

    Mmmmm, nice. I like the style of the images, and it’s working for me.

  168. Ryan says:

    Wow, this is awesome! Keep up the good work :)

    I’ve added an extra ‘z’ to my email address so that I can see it in action (otherwise my Gravatar would show up).

  169. Kaessa says:

    THANK YOU for these lovely Wavatars. I just put them on my site. I was looking for an alternate default gravatar, but these are much more fun.

    Great work!

  170. turtlegirl76 says:

    Neat application. I’m considering installing something like this on my site. I like that it generate them for the person. Helps out those that are a bit web-challenged.

  171. Yax says:

    I love wavatars. I can’t tell you how happy I am when I see my fanged/sunglasses-wearing wavatar. Thanks.

  172. PetMono says:

    i was testing to see if my gravatar was working and disappointed it did because i want a wavatar!

  173. PetMono says:

    it is working on my site and looks great! thanks shamus. two questions…

    1) the directories created (cache, wavatar) are world writer (757) and i suppose that if i change back to 755 = no more gravatars added. right?

    2) in my recent comments, all the gravatars are the same for everyone. i am using wp v2.5.1

  174. Just want to see what my wavatar would look like

  175. helena says:

    what does mine look like?!?!

  176. helena says:

    hm i’ll try another one

  177. helena says:

    how about this?

  178. xxfish says:

    what does my wavvie look like

  179. Starla says:

    Must find out my Wavatar!

    ….wait a minute…. I have a Gravatar…. poop.

  180. Starla says:

    Just another test. This email address definatly doesn’t have a Gravatar!

  181. testing says:

    1, 2, 3

  182. Joey says:

    Sorry, nevermind…

  183. qwer says:

    testing my wavatar

  184. qwer2 says:

    another test here

  185. Tim says:

    this is a test to see how this works!

  186. JaceMan says:

    Installed today, wavatars worked, gravatars did not. I applied Miral’s patch and then wavatars no longer worked either. Where there had been an image, only the text ‘wavatar’ now remains.

  187. Cynthia says:


    I am getting the following errors:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /hsphere/local/home/dropnby/sunflowerexpress.com/blog/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php on line 244

    It cleared up once I de-activatd the plug-in.

    Please let me know what I can do to fix this. Thanks.

  188. sg says:

    Will I like it..?

    Hey, not bad! It kind of looks like me.

  189. StefanC says:

    I hope I am not so angry as my wavatar.

  190. Chris says:

    Let’s see, if gravatar plays in now, I hope you have disabled it so I can check what my wavvy looks like.
    Thanks for your work, it looks nice combined with gravatar on my wp-blog.

  191. Chris says:

    Too bad it took my gravatar first, I’ll try now with my alternative email…

  192. smily says:

    Hehe perhaps you should set up a test form so people can see what their wavatars look like without clogging up your comment system. And now that I’ve said that i wonder what mine will look like…

    edit: nooo why is mine blue? not girly enough!
    p.s. i like this edit comment thingy

  193. Smelly says:

    Hmm…. wonder what mine is..
    EDIT: Cool…I look tired!

  194. Sullyaaa says:

    LOl. whats mine…
    EDIT: Lol its KEWL

  195. SimonSays says:

    I get the following error on my site when the plugin is installed and it goes away when I deactivate.

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in some private url stuff here plugin.php on line 244

  196. Lionel says:

    hi !
    First af all, Thank you for this plugin, I love it !

    I use wavatar on my wordpress blog but I have one question.
    There is one visitor who posted a comment when he didn’t have yet a Gravatar image.
    And now, he has one but it still displays the default image when he post again a comment. I want that it diplays its wavatar now.

    Can you help me please ?
    Tank you very much.

  197. SDPFLSD says:


  198. jason says:

    me too !

  199. peter says:

    I WONDER…….
    great idea

  200. Dude! says:


  201. Sketchee says:

    Love Wavatars. I link back to this post in my comments to thank you and decided hey why not post here and see my wavatar =)

  202. Sheta says:

    I can’t access the Wavatars.php admin page. I get “Nothing found” and the title for Wavatars Options is showing as “optionspagename” in the Settings menu.

    Also, is there a way to set an image for a user, for example if I wanted to upload an image to represent a particular email address, in place of the Wavatar?

    Thanks. The Wavatars are adorable. :)

  203. Sheta says:

    I figured it out. Advice: In your installation instructions, specify to upload the folder contents “loose” into the plugins folder, NOT into the wavatars/plugins/ folder. That made all the difference. When I used a Wavatars folder, it broke all other plugin admin pages.

  204. opaopa says:


  205. Tomb says:

    Hi. I am using your plugin on my site. Along with a “recent comments” widget. Any suggestions how to remove the wavatars from the recent comment widget? And only make them display in the comment section? Please email me with an answer.. Example seen here: http://www.verklighetskrig.com/blogg/?p=66

  206. Me says:

    well, dammit. I do not have an “Options Wavatar” page showing, so I cannot use this.


  207. ragman says:


  208. Aughadan says:


  209. hippie says:


  210. Vorapoap L. says:

    The plugin download is now unavailable. (404 error)
    Please fix

  211. il Silvano says:

    Sorry, I HAVE to test this!
    Nice work!

  212. Adam says:

    a test – sorry :(

  213. Trelas says:

    Wavatars change my “Option Link” in the Dashboard
    from ../wp-admin/options-general.php to

    Can you Help me?


  214. deizel says:

    nice work, shame i can’t see my generated face since i already have a gravatar :>

  215. kai says:

    test test test

  216. Zorry says:

    Interesting! Thanks

  217. malaussene says:

    I just found out this avatars in wordpress. They’re lovely :)

  218. Tim says:

    Nice work!

  219. Grischa says:

    I love the Wavatars. Added them to the Serendipity Avatar Plugin, too. Thanks Shamus for this nice new set of Avatars!

  220. Owen says:


  221. knarF says:

    Don’t read this boring comment I’m just testing… So why does you still read? hasn’t your mom told you to do as the adult tells you? she has? why does you still read? are you really soo excited about reading this? STOP! W.T.F? still reading this meaningless shit?

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    STILL READING? -Get yourself a LIFE! ;p ;p

  222. Just wanted to see how my wavatar looks like ;)

  223. wavatar says:

    i am an avatar but what avatar? a wavatar

  224. Francis Ocoma says:

    No comment, really. Just wanted to test this.

  225. David Hagler says:

    I think I have a gravatar setup, I’d like to see my Wavatar though …

  226. Marc says:

    Este es un plugin fantastico, me alegra haberlo encontrado, es justo lo que necesito.

  227. Jordan says:

    And I have…?

  228. aahhh says:

    hows my wavvie??

  229. Miss Sophie says:

    :( mine’s only showing blocks of colour. I am a novice, please can you have a look and message me some instructions???
    Thank you.

  230. Mikael says:

    Wonder if my gravatar or wavatar is shown ;)
    looks like the gravatar.. neat!

  231. charles says:

    Interesting. I might try try this within the scifi.me.uk collection of sites, although my wavatar looks like he got beaten up.

  232. Logan says:

    Testing. It will probably use my existing gravatar I bet tho… will have to disable that somehow.

    …yep. Anyone know how to test your email (or any email) as a Wavatar without going thru Gravatar?

  233. А вы не пробывали зарабатывать в интернете?

  234. Pavitra says:

    Hey, mine looks just like me!

  235. scannie says:

    Just wanna see mine!

  236. regina falaserio says:


  237. Rick says:

    Funky fun!

  238. rick says:

    hmmm, black box?

  239. Jorge says:

    I added these to my blog and everyone loves it — great choices – however i need to get rid of my gravatar so I could get a wavatar myself

  240. Jorge says:

    test 3

  241. nadia says:

    What an excellent plugin. Thank you :)

  242. juan says:

    Thanx, very fun…!!

    excellent plugin…

    From Chile.

  243. Gustav says:

    Cool. Wonder how my avatar will look like..

  244. oldguy85308 says:

    2/8/09-10:25 was here.

  245. teija says:

    Just testing

  246. S. Williams says:


    I love this plug in, but I have a question.

    Everything works great, except for recent comments on my home page. The recent comments widget displays no gravatars, or wavatars.

    But when you read a post the recent comment widget shows them both grav/wav…strange, huh?

    I would really like to get it to work on my home page, it really brings the new visitors attention to my recent comments.

    I would love to figure this out, but I am a newbie with hacking WP templates.

    Any ideas would be appreciated:

    defeat.doubt (at) gmail (dot) com



  247. lsw2001 says:

    testing 1 2 3

  248. Ravi Ahuja says:

    Is this also work with Gravatars?

  249. mE says:

    Just seeing my avaTAR!

  250. Mikey says:

    Very nice !

  251. Paul says:

    Just Crazy ;)

  252. Kate says:


  253. nicola says:


    edit: quite awful wavatars ;-)

    where I can find a script to auto-generate them?

  254. Maarten says:

    Cool stuff !

  255. Deepo says:

    I am using brian’s thread comments, and I can’t get the wavatars to appear in the no avatar in testing. I changed the info in the admin section to show a wavatar when a gravatar does not show…I have tried to put the code in the comments.php file in different places…

    Anyone know a work around for this ??



  256. Stefanos says:

    very nice work my friend.

  257. Jeremy says:

    Obligatory wavatar check comment…

  258. Ratziggurat says:

    Me want see!

  259. ade says:

    test :O

  260. Too curious says:

    Got to see for myself :)

  261. Artur says:

    Mhh… i like to testing, what i get too. (edit: oh i forgot, that i have a gravatar. anyway xD)

    Perhaps i intigrate it into my blog too ^^

    BTW a really really good work^^ look forward for new adds.

  262. Bruce says:

    I love the 20-sided die counters – really creative

  263. test says:

    Good job, and I also like the die counters.

  264. David says:

    Very good idea! Let’s see what my wavatar looks like.

  265. TYJMNN says:

    Hello World!

  266. Sandcat01.00 says:

    Hello World

    What’s my Wavtar?

  267. DavaoBase says:

    Hey, just checking if my own Gravatar trumps the Wavatar on this comment.

  268. Verious says:

    Very interesting.

  269. GPW says:

    wavy test

  270. good show says:

    old champ

  271. Jane says:

    I LOVE these, but I just added a plugin (user community) that made the default avatar go to a generic image. Gotta figure out how to get our wavatars back. I’m using WP 2.7 or whatever it is that is supposed to default to wavatars if you want, so I’m not sure where the code is hiding in the theme/plugin. No matter, I’ve got a query out to the plugin designer.

    Question for you: Is there any way for a user to go in and reroll the dice to get a different wavatar for their email addy? Not that they aren’t cute, but some people would really like a different one. (Nobody’s ever happy, y’know? :D)

    Ooo…I love this “go in and edit your post” feature. Cool!

    1. Shamus says:

      Jane: No, the Wavatar-from-email is deterministic. Same email will always yield the same image.

  272. Jane says:

    How totally cool. So the image doesn’t “reside” anywhere but is regenerated every time you enter the email and based on elements in the email itself that associate with visual elements? Like, “em” in the email might mean its base color is green and “ts” might mean round glasses? (Okay, so I’m using serious non-geek language, but do I have the right idea?)

    I’m getting no real help from the plug-in guy on how to have my anonymous default avatars go back to wavatars. He has the plugin pointed to a single image taken from the site folders. I’ve just used the wavatar default that is supplied with WP2.7. Would there be a way to, I dunno, point that simple PHP call to the original wavatar plugin rather than a specific file?

  273. arun says:

    that was excellent

  274. 2Φ3Σ27Φ (\)λ√λ22Φ says:

    Cool plugin i finaly have some way of identifying the fifty somthing regulars on my blog, and i can imediatly tell if some one is new, chek it out Zacoalconet.com

  275. nasedo says:

    im try if show my avatar .

  276. nasedo says:

    im trying if show my avatar .

  277. Petteri says:

    Sorry about this useless comment..

  278. majkelx says:

    am i cool?

  279. Matt SF says:

    Nice selection!

  280. BlueDevil23 says:

    Just checking out my wavatar.

  281. jesus2099 says:

    Now let’s see…

  282. Trivia Gnome says:

    TriviaGnome loves the Wavatar. If only I didn’t have such a dashing photo of myself plastered everywhere.

  283. Max says:

    Taking a peek at what mine would look like. :P

  284. Tyler says:

    I wonder what mine looks like!

  285. aaaa says:

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  286. Random says:

    I like it!

  287. Matt says:

    Cool! I want to see what mine will be…

  288. Le Son says:

    Look at the numbers of people posting just to see their Wavatar. The first comment was posted in 2007, and it’s 2009 now!

    Well count me in!

  289. Darren says:

    check out my avatar

  290. takashi says:

    Just checking ;)

  291. Steve says:

    Just checking my own!

  292. Steve says:

    Wow! is this from my webcam?

  293. Daniel says:

    I am now joining the countless hundreds in posting a completely useless comment with my only intent being to snatch a glimpse of my own, unique auto-generated Wavatar!

    For this, I express my deepest apologies.
    On the flipside, hopefully I get something cool!

  294. Di says:


    Love this plugin!
    However, on my site it’s only producing grey faces..!

    How do I change this?

    Please help!


  295. Dennison Uy says:

    I love this plugin! Congratulations on making it to the WordPress core!

  296. Anon says:

    I have two different emails.

  297. Anon says:

    So I want to test them both.

  298. TimBrockman says:

    This plugin is pretty cool. I really like the amazing comment dice as well.

  299. ken yeadon says:

    checking out my wavatar. Cool idea

  300. ken yeadon says:

    damn- forgot I had a gravatar, lets try with different e-mail address?

  301. Arjun says:

    Testing for my wavatar

  302. Danijel says:

    wow, 55 billion combinations, I thought that there is maybe 100 000 thousand of them, but 55 billion o_O :)

  303. Didn't saw my wavatar says:

    checking my wavatar :)

  304. PK says:

    Checking my e-mail…

  305. robo47 says:

    Wavatar Test :)

  306. vinayak says:

    testing my avatar

  307. Madinino says:

    Thank you for that nice plugin (which I’m testing just now) !

  308. Sushi says:

    Checking my e-mail…

  309. lluis says:

    Just checkin' my wavvy

  310. Wavy Tart says:

    What will mine look like? Tart-like, I hope. And perhaps a bit wavy too.

  311. Anonymous Enough says:

    I don’t suppose you could set up a service to see what people would get if they installed this plugin…as opposed to, say, leaving comments like this one on a two-year-old blog post?

  312. javier says:

    nice job

  313. 2Φ3Σ27Φ (\)λ√λ22Φ says:

    just want to see

  314. sonja says:

    wonder what I get

  315. checking my own drawing :)

  316. mike says:

    ^^ how does it look like?

  317. Blark says:

    Kwl Sick man i love it

  318. guests says:

    i love it

  319. Randal says:


  320. Jakob says:

    My Wavatar edit: damn, gravatar

  321. NewbiZ says:

    Just checking my wavatar :)
    Damned, gravatar :(

  322. NewbiZ says:


  323. LOOMiS says:

    This are a test.

  324. Mark says:

    They’re not based on IP address? What if fake e-mail addresses are used?

  325. Mark says:

    Like this.

  326. Estelle says:

    Checking my Wavatar

  327. peter says:

    Checking my Wavatar

  328. guest says:

    Checking my wavatar…
    edit: nice :P ;)

  329. Yakup ÇETİN says:

    Bu gravatarı seviyordum bu ÅŸekilde ki eklentilerle daha hoÅŸ oldu ÅŸimdi à§eÅŸit à§eÅŸit logo :) TeÅŸekkà¼rler.

  330. TL says:

    It would be a nice feature to have a place on this website where a visitor can find out what their wavatar would look like. (without posting, that is)

    One problem I see is that when users post to a blog with a hidden email address, as I am doing right now, the email address should in theory be discoverable from the wavatar, right?

  331. SarahKistle says:

    Am I wearing pajamas?

  332. jack Mort says:

    yeah its very useful

  333. Bolex says:

    Interesting idea

  334. Toby says:

    Another wavatar test

  335. Blah. says:


    EDIT: Lol. Insane but not that bad :-)

  336. Mark says:

    I have to admit, I’m curious what mine looks like…

  337. Doram says:

    Me too!

  338. asdsad says:

    asdsa sad sad

  339. CBlue says:

    Want to see my wavatar

  340. Sammy Fischer says:

    And like everybody else : checking my wavatar

  341. Seth says:

    Checking my wavatar

    EDIT: Damnit! You should disable the Gravatar feature so people can see what there Wavatars look like.

  342. Ave Yo says:

    What are the odds that I will get a Yellow one?

  343. beep says:

    I want to see what mine will look like too!

    My favourite colours and it has glasses! Sweet!

  344. Hooonza says:

    checking my wavatar – mmm :-)

  345. lubos says:

    I use wavatars on my site (slovakcooking.com). They are great, I only wish there was a way to turn off the mean looking ones. One of my regular commenters got assigned a pretty scary looking image with giant sharp teeth. Any thoughts on adding options to WordPress to customize the set? I don’t think I’ll be needing all 55 billion of them :)

  346. Liam says:

    A nice idea :-)

  347. Matheus says:

    I have 2 emails of the same wavatar o_O

  348. Andrew Baker says:

    I just wanted to say awesome job on this. I initially have had a gravatar, but always forget about it until I post something on a site that has it. (i used a different email because I like the others am curious to see what can get assigned to me :P) But I recently have installed IPB 3 forums and noticed that my gravatar got assigned to me on the forum! I haven’t run into this on ANY forum software yet, and was really excited! So I went through all the administrator options and was sad to see I wasn’t able to change the default to something other than defined in the skins imageset. I did find that you could manually edit the core file to add wavatar to the image string, but will be working on an IPB mod to do this instead of modifying the php files in case others would like to do the same, or would want to swap between this or monsters or indenticons.

    But awesome job anyways! I like these and the indenticons the most!

    -edit- Oh god, this one looks like he’s about to poop himself!

  349. And how says:

    You like that bro?

  350. zardoz says:

    what’s it look like?

  351. dewdrops says:

    just checkin it out..

  352. Tilian says:

    How do I look? :O

  353. Danny says:

    have to try lol

  354. Jade says:

    Wow, great plugin!

  355. Phil says:

    Is this cool or what?

  356. Andy Jones says:

    Sorry, Simply must know what my wavatar is…..

  357. Kijote says:

    Wow man! I’m a fucshia triangle! Lol!! Great idea!!

  358. intrepion says:

    What am I?

  359. intrepion says:

    Trying again…

  360. John says:


  361. Hogan says:

    A check to see what I look like

  362. Konrad says:

    I cant wait click of the Post Comment button.

  363. Tommy says:

    @Shamus – any chance you’d consider working up a plugin for Simple Machines Forum (2.xx) ??

  364. Jah says:

    Just testing…

  365. Jabberwock says:

    testing again

  366. Dave says:

    dangit! forgot I had one of those

    1. BaBoKa says:

      YAWC (Yet Another Wawatar Check)

      Damn. I’ve forgot my gravatar :|

  367. diseño web tenerife says:

    Ops, i mistake in the firs post.

    Good work to the all team and thanks for all.

    Saludos desde Tenerife!

  368. Freitas says:

    Teste teste

  369. wegwijzer says:

    Cool, curiuos how mine wavatar looks like.



  370. Andrea says:

    Having options for different styles as for monsterids, wavatars, identicons…Brilliant idea and oh so fun to use! Wandering minds would like to know if at all possible to install plug in on blogger?

  371. Nickers says:

    Hi, just checken out these Wavatars…

  372. Daniel says:

    Yeah they preety cool little characters hey Nickers.

  373. Joachim says:

    This is really wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

    Take care

  374. Dave says:

    <— Here's mine!!

  375. 阅网博客 says:

    这文不错,推荐阅读!good job!

  376. loutre says:

    Very nice, I keep it for my WP blog :)

  377. robot 3d4n says:


  378. Shin K. says:

    Your idea ROCK!.
    Even many years after your creation, it still fantastic idea!

  379. Jason says:

    Nice work

  380. lilsis says:

    Cool idea. Will have to give it a whirl.

  381. Sharon says:

    Looks like fun – can users select and/or change their wavatar?

    Edited to add – gee I don’t like the grumpy one that got picked for me – though it does remind me of what I look like before my first coffee of the day – if I am stuck with this one I defiantly would not post again….

  382. Loonie says:

    Hi Shamus !

    I’m using your Wavatar plugin (which I heavily modified), and I think I found a good solution for the blogs that don’t require the e-mail address. When there’s no e-mail address, it applies md5 on the name instead.
    My code goes like this :
    function wavatar_get ($email, $nickname, $size='')
    if ($email == '') {
    $md5 = md5($nickname);
    } else $md5 = md5($email);

    Hope it helps !

    Thanks for having created this very useful plugin !!

  383. Hemme says:

    Why I’m not wavatarized?

  384. zabigun says:

    hello. testing wawatar.

  385. Howard Leroy Hays says:

    This was fun, & a very educational read. I didn’t have ANYTHING else to do. I’ll get something going some day, but for now I will just say………..THANKS for letting me visit.

  386. angga says:

    Mantap ya.Gmna cara ganti avatars!

  387. Michael says:

    Just checkin…

  388. Squeeky says:

    Yup, yet another “I wonder what I look like”

    1. Just curious like everybody else! says:

      WOW!! Started December 17, 2007—I really am “a day late & a dollar short” (more like years and millions)! What a fantastic idea and thank you for sharing this.
      AND I can’t find anywhere to just post my comment, so I have to reply to the user above – sorry.
      And props to the WAY TOO funny useless paragraphs from 1 user. And yes, I read it all the way to the end.

  389. Rodin Dedi says:


  390. Eventagentur says:

    Your website does not render correctly on my android – you may wanna try and fix that

  391. Robert says:

    Will it use my gravitar or wavitar, have I any say in the matter?! Hmm, can’t see my wavitar without removing my gravitar. Oh well…

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    I have always disliked the idea because of the costs.
    But he’s tryiong none the less. I’ve been using WordPress on a
    variety of websites for about a year and am nervous about switching to another platform.
    I have heard very good things about blogengine.net. Is there a way I can transfer all my wordpress
    posts into it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  397. Ivan says:


  398. Jan says:

    Just want to see what mine come up as!
    Cool idea.

  399. J says:

    Trying out the generation feature.

  400. Lilli says:

    Want to see my avatar.

  401. Andy says:

    Here we go. What do I look like?

  402. Diego Navarro says:

    Nice job

  403. sawung galing says:


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