Spoiler Warning S5E51: No Thanks

By Shamus Posted Wednesday Aug 10, 2011

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I have this OCD thing I do when I’m fighting a lot of the same foe over and over again. I collect their armor, and combine them to repair them to 100% condition. Like a lot of obsessive behavior in this game, it’s stupid and worthless and I can’t stop doing it. I do enjoy it, for whatever reason. My biggest collection was when I wiped out the fiends and wound up with 39 mint condition Raider Blastmaster Armor. Since each armor is made from several others, that’s quite a death toll.

I don’t really behave this way in other games. There’s something about the Morrowind / Oblivion / Fallout 3 / New Vegas series that reaches in and helps me to discover new neuroses, encouraging them and cultivating them until they bloom into full-fledged psychosis.

So what’s your obsessive behavior?


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132 thoughts on “Spoiler Warning S5E51: No Thanks

  1. Guildenstern says:

    I just started watching this on YouTube and was mere seconds away from posting some snarky comment questioning why it wasn’t here on the blog yet. Well played, sir, well played indeed.

  2. AlternatePFG says:

    Saving. I have gigs worth of saving from New Vegas alone, that I have to clear it out. I don’t know why, it’s just the bugginess of the games is what I think. Bethesda’s and Obsidian’s games crash so often, that I get paranoid and end up saving like every 10 minutes or so. And I don’t overwrite saves, I make new ones. Help me.

    This habit of mine has even transferred over to other, more stable games, like Mass Effect and Half Life. I just can’t stop.

    Edit: At least the karma dispenser is at least somewhat more subtle than the one in Fallout 3. And it’s gone once you finish the DLC. Still, I hope you get Reginald’s karma back to evil before the epilogue.

    1. Rosseloh says:

      I hit the quicksave button like once every 3 minutes. It’s a habit, and a terrible one. Especially in games like The Witcher, where save files are each like 40 megs and there is no dedicated “quicksave” file.

      1. Avpix says:

        A couple years ago I tried playing KOTOR on a computer that wasn’t quite up to the recommended specs, and as a result had a tendency to crash rather frequently. Being completely addicted to the game, I wouldn’t give up so I ended up saving every minute. Since then I save at least once every 5 minutes in all Bioware games. It has its advantages, like not having to redo dialogue (I end up choosing the dialogue options a tad bit different each time and it pains me when the end result is identical).

      2. AlternatePFG says:

        Quicksaves for me about that frequent as well. It pisses me off to end when a game doesn’t have a quicksave key.

        1. RejjeN says:

          This. So. Fucking. Much!

        2. Woodthorn says:

          Hello. My name’s Daniel and I am a quicksaver.

    2. Malkara says:

      I did this in Morrowind, and I didn’t name my saves. I’d just hit a random string of characters.

    3. Dragomok says:

      I also save every ten minutes in nearly every game except strategies, have multiple save files and before quiting or making any important decision I save two, sometimes three, times one after another.

    4. Ranneko says:

      Same, I never quicksave either. Save game limits really infuriate me, I am looking at you Bioware, 300 saves in ME2 what the hell is with that? Heck I ran out in Dragon Age, and I think that had a cap at 1000. I fail to see why on earth there is a cap though, I am using a PC I have hundreds of GiBs of freespace, TiBs in fact. Why limit me like that?

      As a result of this behaviour, I have about 4.5GB of Fallout 3 saves.

    5. Alan says:

      My name is Alan and I am a quicksaver.

      I have been quicksaving since the original Neverwinter nights. On my first playthrough I netted about 250 save files, and about as many quicksave presses.

      Mercifully the save function on that game is fairly quick.

      Edit: heh, when playing the ‘comment game’ I save pretty often too.

      1. Adam says:

        I’m the opposite. I hardly quicksave at all. (Even in games from Obsidian, where I really, REALLY should.)

  3. Chuck says:

    I carry way too many weapons around, because I do enjoy killing things in new and different ways.

    I also hang on to a ton of crafting stuff, because I really like crafting.

    1. daveNYC says:

      Yeah. I usually keep one gun for each ammo type (within reason, I don’t lug around 9, 10, and 12.whatever variants of everything). Though I do go either energy or slug, not both.

      1. James says:

        i do limit my self to the weapons that 1) i like, such as the AntiMat rifle, its a 50cal sniper and i simply cant say no to it (i had like 12k caps so i bought one for 8k form the gun runners) is useful Snipers shotguns and handguns are really the best guns, E-weaps are nice but i don’t find them as useful as standard and big guns are pointless. and i dont carry too much like 3 different snipers its pointless.

        any weapon i get i repair to 100% if its worth the caps to sell, which is pretty much anything tbh, cus Obsiden got rid of the pointless 32cal pistol which is our DPS’d by the 10mm one you got at the start of fallout 3. i don’t lug around crappy melee weapons like bats and 2×4’s though, overall i’m less weird then most.

        APART from how i store things pretty much each thing live with its sisters in a different box, a Chest for Clothing and unique weapons, a wardrobe for spare guns i don’t wanna sell, a safe for building mats and a fridge for spare food, my inventroy also has to be clear and concise not like josh’s which is chockabloc full of shit

        1. Ayegill says:

          I carry one set of apparel, the party hat, and my various, most weightless with some exceptions, aid items. And a very small number of crafting materials. I have a carrying capacity of 220.


          And i also have Rex loaded to near capacity with weapons. And my companions each carry a different set of specialized weapons.

          And i have a lot of weapons just lying around in my house(since that looks way more badass than just stuffing them into a crate)

    2. decius says:

      I max survival, shun medicine, and gather from every plant, brahmin, and bighorner I see. I often have to cook and eat bighorner steaks for their strength bonus in order to carry my supply of steaks.

      I did a hardcore run where I didn’t purchase any food or water. I survived off of hunting and gathering, with a little bit of prospecting.

  4. droid says:

    I always hide the body. It is kinda pointless when I systematically stealth kill every enemy on the level. Which is most of the time.

    Of course it varies with the game.

  5. Tse says:

    I am a hoarder in New Vegas, as well. I have over 100000 caps and I still pick up and sell everything.

    1. Matt K says:

      Me too. I actually never bought anything in the game, but I filled the police station outside of Primm with stuff. It actually worked out pretty well. I had a desk for armor, one for weapons, one for food and one for misc stuff. But towards the end I had to be like why am I picking up this shotgun? I already have 20 of them.

      For Morrowind, I enjoyed killing named characters by trapping their souls in soul gems. I was disappointed to find out that Oblivion removed this feature (and for so many more reasons).

      1. James says:

        look happy Skyrim looks amazing, maby no slaughter of the NPC’s and their will be plot armor its a beth game, but the faces they no look derpy now. plus DARK BROTHERHOOD is their so its got a +1 just for that

  6. Kelly says:

    I carry with me, at all times, all the Rockets not used in Come Fly With Me, one Dinky toy, one Evil Gnome, and thanks the New Bison Steve mod, also an Action Abe figure.

    All my characters wear the 1st Recon Beret and I tend to prefer suits to actual armor, especially Benny’s suit.

    As for Joshua vs Daniel yeah that’s a stupid option. Not having the ability to turn Joshua into a psychotic maniac again without taking the perk that gives you some thoughtless asshole options? Arguably less stupid. Also it’s actually a decent perk outside of that if you play this DLC at much higher levels, since HH scales more than OWB or DM do and the White Legs can actually be decently powerful. It’s certainly a better perk than say, Spray and Pray.

    Also Joshua is a crazy companion, his version of his armor is an NPC-only version with 45 DT, plus the 5 for his headwrap, making him the highest DT value in the game (besides the Giant Roboscorpion I think).

    And yes that’s the Combat Shotgun you’re talking about Shamus, that thing is goddamn amazing. I’m actually replaying 1 right now with the FIXIT mod, and that gun is as amazing as I remember. I tend to prefer rifles in New Vegas though, even with the Armory mod that adds goddamn who knows how many weapons I still just end up using one of the sniper rifles (and A Light Shining in Darkness, which is fun for a lot of reasons and doubles as a holdout weapon to boot).

    Joshua not leaving when the canyon is blown is a known bug but not one I’ve personally experienced.

    1. Yeah, I always end up using A light shining in darkness, and the first recon beret.

      Possibly because they’re the chosen items of the two other most badass men in the wastes, and they’re given to you as gifts for helping them out.

      1. James says:

        you cant actually drop the rockets their a 0 weight quest item, even when the quest needs 4or5 ? and there still undroppable after completion, might be a bug they overlooked, im sure you can get rid o them with console commands but i got ps3 version (dont hate me!)

    2. Ayegill says:

      My armor of choice is remnant power armor with the 1st recon beret.

  7. AlternatePFG says:

    This is incredibly random, but does Reginald have the Old World Gourmet perk? It would be incredibly useful for him. Some types of alcohol heal you, you get some addiction resistance and it improves the bonuses from it as well.

    In fact, maybe show off all of Reginald’s stats and perks?

  8. A Viewer says:

    My obsessive behavior is collecting all forms of ammunition. For example, I have close to 8000 Electron Charge Packs, ~6800 Energy Cells, ~5900 Microfusion Cells, etc. but I keep buying (and crafting) more. A really crazy thing is that I’ve managed to acquire over 2000 .50MG rounds (plus another 1500 or so of the various other rounds for the AM Rifle).

    1. acronix says:

      That`s my obsession too! Though I only collect lead ammo, explosives and flamer fuel. I also keep one completely repaired copy of each weapon I come across.

  9. Jabrwock says:

    Diablo taught me to collect everything that wasn’t nailed down and return to town to sell it, or store it. Even if it slows me right down.

    I’ve been doing that with RPGs (especially those that give you containers to store stuff in at “home base”) ever since.

  10. bit says:

    Old World Blues completely ruined my life. I did all the Sink stuff before the main quest (To great benefit to the ending) Meaning that I HAD to collect plants to make into salient green, which I would then use with empty soda and Sarsaparilla bottles to make myself healing items. Collect mugs and dishes for Muggy, seditious materials for the Book Chute, Nuka Cola and milk bottles for the Sink, Saturnine Fists to superheat and repair my existing superheated fist, and random appliances for the Toaster.

    And I just. Couldn’t. Stop.

    Aside from that, I pick up every bit of ammo or shells I see, as well as every food item, regardless of weight or usefulness.

  11. Entropy says:

    You don’t really behave this was? What?

    Oh, I see, ‘this way’ I didn’t get that for a second there. Also, ‘neuroses’ as it’s plural.

    My obsessive behaviour is correcting spelling. IN CryoEngine games it tends to be collecting. In NV and 3 I collected hundreds of teddy bears.

    1. Raygereio says:

      Surely you meant “In” instead of “IN”?[/pedantic]

      Also: “CryoEngine”? CryEngine games don’t have any collecting that I recall. Did you mean Gamebryo?

      1. Entropy says:

        d’oh. I did. Silly me.

        hmm. Dunno where I got CryoEngine from :P

  12. Eärlindor says:

    I think my worst obsessive behavior is picking up just about anything, repairing it, and selling it. I also carry multiple guns because I like to kill mooks in various ways, even if I don’t necessarily use the weapon. I’m a pack-rat, I dump loads of stuff at my house that I NEVER use, though that obsession was worse in Fallout 3 for some reason. I also hoard stimpacks, and think I’m running low if I drop below 100 (currently have about 50 or 60 in NV, you should see my internal angst). An obsession which is new to… New Vegas is I can’t seem to part with certain ammo types that I NEVER use.

    Oh, I have more than I thought…

    1. Yeah, anything unique, rare or modded I’ll store in my house long past the point of obsolescence. Also anything that has been useful that I didn’t have to sell to upgrade.

  13. Hitch says:

    Am I the only one who’s favorite Fallout weapon was the Red Ryder LE BB gun from the first game? It just thwip thwip thwipped along for 100 shots between reloads of super cheap ammo. Was so quiet you could get stealth kills with it, and had nearly the highest damage in the game. I would stack luck and pointlessly wander the wasteland until I got the random encounter to get that gun.

    1. Ayegill says:

      YES THIS.
      The Abilene LE BB gun is the NV version of this
      I didn’t use it in actual combat(because it was only good when you critted), but it could completely silently kill most people in the wasteland, so guess what? ITS MURDER TIME!

      Then i got over-encumbered from the weight of a thousand fully repaired service rifles.

  14. Numbnuts says:

    Obsessive behavior?
    I have to pick up everything. Not even things I could logically use in any way, unless I know theres no chance of getting my carry weight to an appropriate level (ex. I’m in a library with hundreds of pre war books)

    Dead Money just made it worse with all those gold bars at the end.
    And then I successfully (somehow) made it out with all of them. Then had to walk so long because I never got the “Long Haul” perk.

    1. Arisath says:

      I would make multiple trips to clean out the library. For the caps I don’t need.

      1. Numbnuts says:

        Ohh man.
        200k caps.
        And NOTHING TO BUY.

  15. krellen says:

    My obsession is purifying water. I carry around surgical tubing and glass pitchers all the time, and collect all the dirty water I can expressly to purify it. I don’t even using Purified Water as a healing item. I have a fridge full of over 200 bottles of water.

    1. Is this some sort of repressed frustration from Fallout 3?

      1. krellen says:

        Possibly. Maybe it’s my way of railing against how stupid the central problem in the plot was.

        1. Raygereio says:

          I still say the “got-real-world-science-wrong”-thing wasn’t anywhere close to being problem of that plot. It was all the idiocy surrounding that premise.

    2. rofltehcat says:

      Oh, who would have thought that distilling enough water for everyone in the wastes would have been a great solution to the shortage of pure water? You’d have to be a genius for that! From the Followers of the Apocalypse! Or no, from the Brotherhood since the Followers don’t seem to have this kind of advanced technology! Who would have thought that there would be no problems if every community had a simple distill?
      You know what? This is far too simple. Let’s build something bigger, that magically cleanses all water on earth!
      This sounds very reasonable and doable, doesn’t it?

      Let me know if you are interested in joining us at Project Purity, we could really need someone with your expertise here.
      Just call me at Pipboy # 4091483729 or send an answer to [email protected]

      With kind regards,


      1. krellen says:

        You have won, sir. Here, have an internet.

  16. evileeyore says:

    My “OCD” in games like this is to collect one of each weapon, armor, item, etc and keep them in one place (say a “player house”) and not have those “pristine” pieces of equipment get used… which means I actually need two of each item I actually want to use and often end up with two of each item…

    I also like to “furnish” and “decorate” player housing/bases as much as possible in a “personalized” manner.

    1. Littlefinger says:

      THIS. I slugged around almost 270 weight of items (on a 240 limit character) for Honest Hearts not because I wanted to sell it, but because I wanted to decorate my home with the sishkebab, the picked up antimaterial rifle, and a sledgehammer, while my character uses energy weapons.

      It’s agony

    2. Ayegill says:

      Me too. My current “goal” is to have one of EVERY SINGLE WEAPON IN THE GAME either lying around in my house or being used.

      And yes, i don’t stuff anything into containers in my house, i use it all to decorate. The physics engine makes my computer take a break every time i enter my house and i JUST. CANT. STOP.

      1. ps238principal says:

        I’m currently using the abandoned BoS bunker as my house. After clearing out Elijah’s stuff and sticking it in a desk drawer, I thought, “Hmm… I bet those bookshelves would look awesome with every kind of hat arrayed on them.”

        So, yeah… hat quest.

    3. Destrustor says:

      Yes. one pristine individual of EVERY piece of different armor, even if there are four billion identical copies in the mojave, every unique weapon and armor, one of every rare guns(recharger pistol, fat man)one of every different kinds of food, every unique/rare consumable, and enough specialised ammo for the guns I’m using that I can actually drop or sell the standard ammo type. also a lot of crafting materials that I store somewhere and never use because I don’t have them with me when I get to a crafting station.
      In oblivion and morrowind, I did the same and added jewels to the list. And I had a house full of nothing but skulls in oblivion.

  17. potemkin.hr says:

    Damn, I’m a critical one.

    Saving – Saving every time before entering new areas.

    Hoarding – Collecting inhuman stockpiles of every ammo type (I even use VATS constantly to waste less ammo, go figure), the best weapons and armor in the game. I simply LOVE collecting throwing spears from Legion soldiers, then returning them back in their heads. If I only had a cent for every spear :)

    Exploration – I simply can’t stand leaving some area unexplored. It doesn’t even need to have a quest, just freeroaming and turning every cabinet and drawer over IS the fun, finding something new and unexpected.

    Punking – Finding new ways to screw the game over and to “obtain” (steal) stuff.

  18. Daemian Lucifer says:

    My ocd is finishing every quest.

    “-He killed 16 babies!
    -It was in self defence.”

    Wow guys,you actually tricked Josh into using a weapon he is most proficient with,and then you let him switch for a shotgun?Damn,you wont get a chance like that again.

    Why did Rutskarn retell the story about the pistol,and more importantly,why was it better acknowledged this time?

    My favourite from the original was the gatling laser!

    As for the jackhammer,that was my favourite weapon in max payne.

    Also,I miss Mumbles.You really should have done half life 2 instead.Its weird because Ive grown used to hearing her as well during new vegas.

  19. Joe Cool says:


    I should take a screenshot of the piles of teddy bears, Nuka Cola trucks, race cars, and lawn gnomes I had after finishing Fallout 3.

    I ended up having to make a lot of runs to town to sell/store stuff because I just couldn’t leave it. I think I had one mint condition version of just about every gun in the game stored in one locker in my house.

    I also took EVERY SINGLE Wild and Refined Punga fruit from Point Lookout back to my house in Megaton.

    1. rofltehcat says:

      No, don’t open that cabinet! Nooo-
      *big wave of radioactive miniature rockets and dinosaur toys floods through the room*

      1. Destrustor says:

        opens the bathroom door:
        gets buried under a mountain containing exactly one of every item in the game, including guns, several of which discharge on their own.

  20. Sleeping Dragon says:

    Well, I generally hate to see things go to waste, usually for half a game I gather most stuff I can get my hands on in the hopes that at some point it will come useful or I can sell it for some profit. At the same time I hate using stuff that is one-use only, I will hold on for dear life to almost every single herb or chem. Pretty soon my inventory is a mess and eventually I loose patience for that. Particularly due to carrying limitations since playing mages or other “brainy” characters typically doesn’t leave me with a lot of strength to carry stuff around, it still pains me to see the weapons just “rot” there though.

    I also tend to collect armour and/or weapons, especially the more interesting looking stuff, if the game gives you your own house, or better yet mannequins (or a mod that provides those), I will have a weapon and armour gallery. Still, these are pretty normal, my one collection that I would describe as obsessive to the point of unhealthy? Dwemer coins in Morrowind. For some odd reason I decided that these would be a thing for my character. So I stored them around my mansion (mod): in chests, in baskets, in neat little columns on the bench next to my bed, put one under every pillow in the servants’ quarters. If I liked an NPC, or felt they have done me a good service, I would actually “gift” them one of the coins (this sometimes took a bit of savescumming, some of these folk are really touchy about people poking around in their pockets or drawers).

  21. somebodys_kid says:

    With New Vegas, it’s collecting ammo. I have more ammo than I dare count.
    My Oblivion pack-rat mental disorder was much much worse. I downloaded a mannequin mod and collected one piece of EVERY SINGLE ARMOR and WEAPON in the game (I should point out that I had at that time dozens of other mods that added weapons and armor) and displayed it in one of my houses. I had more than 50 mannequins in four different rooms each with a unique assortment of weapon/armor and I still wasn’t done. Surely there’s help for people like me (well, after reading this thread, I should say “people like us”)

    1. yeah, ammo and bottlecaps. On any given save fily I’ll have ammo in the 10000s, and bottlecaps in at least the 100000s because once I get to the point I can comfortably kill most enemies I stop spending caps altogether, and always insist on making a profit at any vendor I come across.

      1. Ayegill says:

        I usually just empty the casinos to have enough money for a lifetime, but since i carry SO. MANY. WEAPONS. I never have enough space in my inventory to actually carry anything for sale.

  22. Annikai says:

    The thing about child at heart was that you got so many perks in fallout 3 that I ended up taking it early because there was literally nothing better to take and I ended up breezing through that quest.

  23. CalDazar says:

    I have two of every item. One to use and one in case I lose the first one. I’m slowly getting three of every item because I lose track of what I have a backup of and what I don’t.

    I have what might be the largest collection of Pre-War money in the world.

    If I find any Undamaged Gnomes I throw them off the edge of the Dam. I really hate gnomes.

    1. I use pre-war money as an alternate currency – I always sell it for free caps

      1. Ayegill says:

        In Dead money, i emptied the sierra madre casino, and turned it all into pre-war money.

        I have, i believe, OVER NINE THOUSAND in my inventory alone, plus my bathtub in the Luck 38 is filled with all 37 gold bars and 10x stacks of Pre-war money.

  24. Naota says:

    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned this one yet, but scouring every inch of every surface for hidden objects of value is my true New Vegas addiction, and it does become incredibly wearisome at times. What sucks is that it’s also the most effective way to play the game.

    Bethesda has created a game framework where nearly every interactable item can be picked up and stuffed into your bag regardless of whether or not it’s being used only for detailing a scene and has no actual worth. Whole shelves can be stocked with heaping helpings of nothing you will will ever need or use. However, a lot of these things look like other things, or have things underneath them, or are containers stacked on top of one another that you have to meticulously open at one at a time in order to ascertain that they are either empty or devoid of valuable loot.

    Add onto this Obsidian’s level design, and you have a recipe for an eternity spent hugging every wall and systematically sweeping through each of the hundred rooms in a needlessly over-elaborate maze of a building complex, searching for that one weapon repair pack stashed way above head level, or that skill book stuffed between a dresser backing and the wall. Words cannot describe the horror that beset me when I walked into Hoover Dam for the first time, reached the far wall after a half-mile of scavenging, laden down with actual valuable loot, and realized there were four more identical three-floor areas still to explore with just as many identical tunnel systems under them.

  25. Even says:

    So what's your obsessive behavior?

    Hoarding. Even if I’m selective about it. (I’m not gonna drag around worthless crap) Weird thing is I sometimes decide not to loot some of the stuff because I don’t want to spoil the “decor”, especially if it’s a place where an NPC lives. There’s something that rhymes wrong with me about the sterile and desolate look you end up with. Not that I care about the NPC’s.. it’s just something about verisimilitude I guess.

    I did manage to avoid weight problems in the DLC by repeatedly stashing all the extra crap I didn’t need. The Survivalist cave near the Dead Horses’ camp proved to have safe storage and fairly simple access so it became my base for the DLC.

  26. Commodore Beep says:

    I collect unique weapons. Doesn’t matter if I’ll be using them, doesn’t matter if I’m good with them, doesn’t even matter if I know HOW to use them (coughcoughUnarmedcough)…I pick them up and fastidiously store them away, often in separate containers based upon classification. I’ve cleared out entire Raider camps simply for the purpose of abusing such safe storage space as they provide. (The Nevada Highway Patrol Station is a particular favorite.) The same principle applies to ammo, actually-my primary character has, at last count, about 16000 Electron Charge Packs, and I’m only about 60% of the way through the main questline.

    Also, I carry a harmonica with me everywhere. If it’s not in my inventory by 20 minutes into a playthrough, something’s gone horribly wrong.

  27. kanodin says:

    My favorite weapon in Fallout 1 was the .223 pistol, I used it pretty much exclusively until the Boneyard I think. Needless to say I was overjoyed when I stumbled onto That Gun in New Vegas.

  28. Mari says:

    I tend to not sell much of anything if I can help it. In most games it’s not a problem but occasionally I hit the odd game that puts some sort of limit on my inventory or enemies only drop *stuff* instead of cash. Those give me a nervous tic. I swear, I’m not a real-life hoarder. But yeah, in video games I could probably put most of the people on that TV show to shame. The greatest thing that ever happened to me was when Guild Wars started letting you buy additional storage panes so that I never had to sell anything ever again. I’ve got stacks and stacks of materia of every kind. I also tend to be a collector of unique items in games I play. I’ve played through some games dozens of times just to gather up all the unique items. Oh, and I’m a completionist. I can’t stand to leave a game less than 100%. To the point that I spent MONTHS in Final Fantasy X grinding to get all of my party everything on the sphere grid. It kind of made me a little crazy for a while. I’ve learned to be cautious with games that offer me too many choices because I can’t rest until I’ve exhausted all possible options.

    OCD? Me? Naw!

    1. noahpocalypse says:

      That’s not obsessive compulsive disorder, that’s obsessive _completion_ disorder.

  29. Derp says:

    In Baldur’s Gate, I keep the most expensive bounty notice available for me handy at all times. It serves no use that I’ve found, but I just can’t will myself to throw it away.

    1. Matt K says:

      I actually had to stop playing BG2 because I was in the Underdark and ran out of inventory room but couldn’t sell my stuff. I literalyl had no room for the quest items but didn’t want to drop the items from my inventory.

      Funny enough the same thing happened to me with Arc the Lad 2.

    2. Zekiel says:

      Ah I’m not the only one then… I guess its a sort of ego thing really: “look how much they think I’m worth now”!

  30. Jakale says:

    I save upgrades when I think I’ll be replacing whatever they upgrade. Mass Effect had me with tons of those upgrades before I realized they didn’t get used up. Hoarding weapons and armor too before running out of room forced me to sell just about everything I wasn’t equipping.

    Back in my first Fallout 3 run when I thought money making stuff would be hard to come by I picked up everything that had a bigger value that its weight, including rusty cans. The grocery store was my last foray into that.

  31. Rasha says:

    I must always carry around a wood chipper and a rock it launcher in this series. I mod to get them when necessary. Yes even if I’m not properly specked to make the most of them.

  32. Nick Pitino says:

    I won’t spend money.

    Every. Single. Transaction MUST have a profit.

    I’m sitting on hundreds of thousands of caps I’ll NEVER spend.

    1. bit says:

      I’m exactly like that; I must constantly make more money, every single bottlecap accounted for.

      Then, one day I decided that I would get my Power Armor fixed.


    2. AlternatePFG says:

      Oh god, I ended up one playthrough with like 200,000 caps and I still refused to spend them, even on the implants.

    3. SougoXIII says:

      ‘Hi there Vendotron, what do you have for me today? Oooh, a Brush Gun that look nic- 8000 CAPS!!! Are You trying to rob me? What do you mean I have over 100,000 caps? Does it look like I Want to give you any money?

      Hm… let’s see *looks up wikia* ‘Oooh, looks like elite Veteran legionary drops them. Time to piss off Kai-ser!!!’

      A couple of in game days later, I was standing over the mutilated corpse of my assassins, with a brand new Brush Gun. Which I then paid Major Knight thousand of caps to restored to 100% condition. Then I proceeded to pickpocketed him for my caps back. Even though I myself have over 90 points in repairs. And the Jury Rigging Perk.

      HELP ME!

  33. Zombie says:

    Hey, Child at Heart got you past the worst part of the game, the LITTLE LAMPLIGHT LEAD UP QUEST! MUHAHAHAHAHA (Evil laugh is needed when talking about any thing related to little lamplight).

  34. SlowShootinPete says:

    I collect weapons and armor that I will never, ever use, and stash them in my house. Every unique item I find I will hold onto, and I usually have at least one of every normal weapon and armor piece (except Raider armor because it’s ugly).

    I even kept the useless neural interface suit from Operation: Anchorage.

    Also, on fighting the White Legs over a piece of land: considering most of the world is irradiated wasteland, letting anybody destroy an actually habitable area (like the White Legs do if you retreat from the valley) would be criminal.

  35. Bentusi16 says:

    In Fallout New Vegas? Playing cards, believe it or not. Tons of them. You find them scattered all over the Mojave, on corpses and in random containers.

    And sometimes after a major battle I like piling all the corpses up and using a flamer on them.

    1. Ayegill says:

      I have a mountain of all the Freeside Thugs i’ve killed lying outside the Old Mormon Fort

  36. Pearly says:

    When playing WoW I have a problem where, no matter how absurd, I have to finish every quest in the zone I’m on before finishing any in another region. It leads to some problems when I’m four levels over the recommended and mowing everything down while people who are doing the content properly glare at me over the field of dead quest-bears they now have to wait to respawn.

  37. Littlefinger says:

    By the way Shamus/Josh (forgot who brought it up). New Vegas already has good karma dispensers. They’re called the Fiends.

    1. Tiberius Gracchus says:

      Don’t forget the Powder Gangers.

      1. bit says:

        And Feral Ghouls, though they’re a bit less plentiful.

  38. Greygore says:

    I don’t have any obsessive behaviours brought on by the Bethesda-engine games, did someone tell you guys otherwise?!

    I mean, it’s perfectly normal to sort, decorate and populate your in-game safe-houses with any… shiny weapons and armour you might have gathered. So what if I kinda spent a third of the game using the god-awful drag function to place them perfectly aligned (oh-so-fun with books in Oblivion).

    It’s not like I collected plates and forks and fruit and stuff and laid out tables and filled fridges as well… er… I might have done a bit of that actually, but at least I didn’t try to roleplay actually living in them – that’s gotta count for something, right? Right?

    I’ll just be quiet now.

    1. Raygereio says:

      So, did the physics engine screw you over as well?
      I spent literally ages in FO3 decorating my house with the grab key (which was absolutely not designed for this).
      And then one day when I entered my house, the physics engine decided to get a good laugh and throw all of my displays around the house after a single item spawned inside a table instead of ontop of it.

      I had just spend 2 hours manouvering a doll with the grab key to make face the right way!! *snif* Even after two years, that wound is still fresh.

      1. Greygore says:

        I think Morrowind was the prime offender there (lesson learned on all subsequent Bethesda-powered games); books never, EVER stacked properly, there was always a damn 2-pixel space making them look like they were floating on top of one another.

        Let’s also not forget how silly the physics engine went each time you tried to ‘rotate’ and align an item onto a surface, sometimes launching said item across the room and into any other stuff you’d spent an hour or so trying to place.

        …good times, I guess.

  39. Varre says:

    Material for the reloading benches. I never use them, I just carry enough bullet cases and shotgun shells to fill a house around with me. Also, Joshua (as well as every named npc) goes to Dead Horse Point, and vanishes from Zion valley. Any stuff you might’ve given him would’ve vanished with him. I’m pretty sure that it takes 3 days waiting inside the DLC zone for vendors in that area to reset. So, wait for 72 hours in Big MT for the Sink to reset its caps.

  40. TraderRager says:

    I never, ever allow myself to carry more than 4 weapons.

    Right now I’m rolling with a Silenced 12.7 SMG, Christine’s COS Rifle, A Silenced .45 pistol, and Chance’s Knife.

    Oh, and I have a tendency to pick up EVERY.SINGLE.GODDAMN.FISSION.BATTERY. I currently have over 50.

  41. Sucal says:

    You can use the duffle bags from the ambush area as stable storage.

  42. Windblade says:

    Mentally working out how you would arm and organise whatever your playing as as a fighting unit, assuming your military or somewhat organized fighting force.

    To whit, in Doom three, I imagined ten man squads divided into two five man fire teams, with four in each armed with machineguns (maybe the sarge gets a plasma rifle), with one team having either a chaingun or plasma rifle, and the other getting a rocket launcher or BFG.

    This combined with the mech builder in Armored Core 4 and for answer kept me occupied longer than the respective campaigns did.

  43. Topaz Wolf says:

    I tend to collect all unique weapons, alcohol, interesting trinkets, and anything that would look cool on a table. I tend place them (not put them in containers) in my safe house.

    Oh, and I always take a souvenir from any hard fight or reload death experience I may have had to keep. In morrowind this took the form of helmets and occasional jewelry. In Oblivion I collected helmets, gems (which I kept in a dedicated display case), creature parts, and sigil stones. In fallout I tend not to find much I want (it kinda looks bleak and ugly) but I put up my special bottles, alcohol, and named weapons.

  44. Vect says:

    Well, Graham’s covered in burns that fucking hurt 24/7, so I don’t think being your Pack Brahmin would help his case.

    The White Legs are trying to gain favor with Caesar by trying to hunt down Graham. Caesar’s too busy with the Mojave (and being dead) to really pay care too much though.

  45. Some Jackass says:

    Nomatter how useless the armor is, Ill collect as many unique types as possible and just leave them in my wardrobe. Kinda like a display for everything Ive killed in New Vegas.

    I also collect every pre-war money I find. Then I take it all back and fill the bathtub in the Lucky 38 with them so I may bathe in it like Im Scrooge McDuck or something.

  46. ProudCynic says:

    I like to hold onto specific weapons or trophies even if I’ll never actually use them or they have literally no use. I mean, I killed that Deathclaw Alpha Male single-handedly since Veronica was being useless; why shouldn’t I keep its hand (although there probably are better places for it than my nightstand)? Unique weapons or ones that I used a lot get the same treatment–that cowboy repeater was my constant companion for I don’t know how many levels and it’s fully modded to boot–no way in hell am I selling it for a few caps.

    I think it started as a roleplaying thing when I took Vulpes Inculta’s dog-helmet-thingy off his corpse, but now it’s pretty much just a compulsion.

    1. Patrick the Bone Collector says:

      I’m the same way, I never throw away or sell unique items or boss items. I never even use most of them, I find a safe room and start a trophy room. Usually with lots of shelves. Ive spent an hour rearranging all the special weapons and armor I take from corpses. I have no idea why I do this. You should have seen the collection of S**T I had in the Elder Scrolls. I filled an entire house in the H’llalu compound with quest crap…. ridiculous.

  47. Darthricardo says:

    Well, I had this thing in Oblivion where, no matter what the circumstances were or whatever the consequences may be, I would always take yarn. Always. I’d then spread it out one by one all over my house, so there would just be piles of yarn scattered around the place. It was pretty fun.

  48. Mailbox says:

    The Sink Vendor in OWB is kinda annoying. You can try waiting 3 days outside, not sure if that works. I have heard that if you wait 3 days back in the Mojave and go back to the Sink the vendor resets. The only thing its good for once its out of money is repairing then selling all the brush guns, proton axes and Shishkebabs to get your repair money back.

    I did like how this DLC just gives you all the unique items at the end. That is my OCD I must collect ALL unique items.

  49. Dragomok says:

    In cRPGs I never, NEVER buy health, mana or buff potions, always end up carrying tons of them and nearly never use them because I’m saving them for tougher times.

    Although, I think Torchlight might have helped me a bit to overcome this behaviour by setting riddiculously high potion drop rate. Now I never buy them, never use them but sell every bottle except those tiny-itsy-bitsy 80 units of the best ones (40 health, 40 mana).

    1. Raygereio says:

      I have the same disorder. I also never buy them, but I also I never or very rarely use such items. Even when they’re plentifull as loot.
      As you say: I’m saving them for when you do need them.

      Most of the times when I reload in a cRPG, it’s because I just used a restoration item and I didn’t feel the situation called for it (read: pretty much any time outside of a boss) and I think I just handled that particular encounter wrong.

  50. supflidowg says:

    my quirk is whenever the physics engine would glitch I woud collect screenshots since I thougt swiming through land or watching a corpse in vats fall through the ground was entertaining.

    1. Alan says:

      That isn’t a bad one. In fact, you could probably set up a blog posting those.

  51. Dwip says:

    You know, I used to be a pretty obsessive hoarder. I once spent weeks full clearing all of Serpent Isle for every valuable to put in my gigantic treasure room. Then I started finding the most ridiculously huge loot piles possible and figuring out how many trips they would take me to get back to town and sell. It’s not like I needed the money from selling the entire Brotherhood of Steel vault, but I did it anyway.

    Worse than all that, though, is now I’m an obsessive modder when it comes to Bethesda games. In New Vegas, it was the indignities of hardcore mode’s quest for the One Bed (to rule them all) that led me to say “Oh, I’ll just make a house mod. Maybe add a mini quest or two. Take me a couple days.” Then it was “Hey, maybe if I had a travel system mod.” In Oblivion it was “Man, this village is terrible! I’ll just put some stuff here…” and that’s gone on for five years now.

    I mod more than I play now. It’s almost kind of sad, except it’s kind of fun.

  52. Ayegill says:

    I plotted out my entire character in advance. This is why i, at level 30, have no maxxed out skills: i haven’t collected all the skillbooks yet. Also, it turns out that with three DLC you can get all skills except barter and survival maxxed out. Fuck barter and survival.(and i’m getting barter to 70 so i can get Pack Rat)

    I think if i’d made this plan after OWB, i could have gotten everything to 100.

  53. Rem says:

    I’m actually relatively good when it comes to habits in games. I still buy items in multiples of fives and reload a lot, though. The reloading comes from HL2, and eventually prolonged sessions of Metro 2033.

    Ammo is more or less provided neatly throughout the game in HL2, but the need is a little questionable with such simple shooting mechanics and a great melee attack. Metro is a survival game so there’s bugger all ammo, most of which you pick up from fallen soldiers to replenish the small stock of ammo you already wasted killing them. But the fact that the shooting mechanics are terrible when not shooting military grade bullets heightens the lack of ammunition, because a lot of those rounds will be wasted.

    When ever I’d find a decent stockpile of ammunition, such as a series of scenery corpses or a makeshift barracks, I’d always find myself having to reload to make sure I wasn’t forgetting any of the precious, precious bullet space. Of course, if you don’t like having currency you can just shoot your accurate military grade ammo.

    Since Metro 2033 I always reload, or try to reload just before picking up supplies. Even if I’ve only shot a few rounds. Just in case I lose some of the overflow.

    Edit: Also, crafting and alchemy supplies. In RPGs I stockpile so much random crap I may possibly combine into something useful that I end up losing most of my loot within a sea of flora, spare parts and junk. Thank God for games that allow you to view your inventory by item type.

    This came in handy a few times, though. On the subject of Fallout games, I found the schematics for the Deathclaw Gauntlet in the early game on my first run of Fallout 3, and so happened to have enough parts to make two from all of the shit I collected on the way.

  54. Zaxares says:

    My quirk is collecting and selling every single last piece of loot I can find from enemies. If my inventory is not large enough to hold it, then I will head to the nearest merchant, sell everything, then come right back and collect all the leftover gear to sell those. I repeat until the dungeon is pristine and absolutely picked over of any last object of material value.

    Although, I’ve gotten better about it these days now that mods and dev-consoles have introduced the ability to grant yourself unlimited gold and inventory limits. XD

  55. Slip says:

    Collecting crafting items for Weapon Repair Kits and, after OWB, pencils and clipboards. It’s ingrained at this point; if I’m over encumbered, I’ll fast travel, unload, and then make a point to fast travel back to pick stuff up.

  56. AlternatePFG says:

    Did anyone else hear about Lonesome Road being delayed?

  57. Destrustor says:

    The “sneering imperialist” perk actually gives fairly good bonuses, which is why I took it. I didn’t even know at the time that it was a child-at-heart-type deal where new conversation options appear. Does “fight the power” do that too?
    That frozen-in-time headsplosion thing happened to me too with a lakelurk near camp golf. Baffling AND funny.

    1. somebodys_kid says:

      Alot of perks add dialogue options. The perk that reduces AP usage by 10% (Math something or other) adds a couple dialogue options in OWB and elsewhere I think.
      Also, Strong Back added a dialogue option at the beginning of Honest Hearts, too.

  58. Peter H. Coffin says:

    In Diablo II, it bugs me to actually buy stuff. I’ve played by “iron man” rules so often in that game that it kind of bugs me to interact with the merchants voluntarily. When I’m not playing iron man, I end up mostly selling stuff, then not buying anything and ending up with HUGE piles of gold littering campsite, and then compulsively picking it all up before saving. I’m never going to use 475345 gold pieces in Act I, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to just drop it forever.

  59. Von Krieger says:

    In Fallout 3 and NV I think I might have went and over-detailed my character’s background a bit. Basically going “No, I’m not going to play the person you want me to play and play a genetically engineered, vat grown, cute albino mad scientist instead.”

    And that resulted in me roleplaying, in game, several of her neuroses. Even though no one else but me could ever possibly see or know about them.

    Being vat-grown, artificially aged, and instructed by machine, she utterly lacked a childhood and despite all the other quasi-horrific things she did, would painstakingly collect toys (Teddy Bears especially). Though she wouldn’t snatch up ALL the bears. If she found a small, child-sized skeleton, she would leave a bear behind.

    Like a lot of the other commenters I also had to pick up and repair just about everything I could find. And player housing was just so far away that I went and downloaded a mod that lets me carry a backpack item that I can drop and activate to make a tent with instant player housing so long as I use it outside.

    I also meticulously collect every single unique item and outfit I can find, repair it to perfection, and then place it in a container with all the other wonderfully unique guns and clothes I’ve managed to find.

    Also due to me using one of the most popular perk packs on New Vegas Nexus, specializing in Energy weapons and Stealth, and having a few other interesting abilities mentally I have once again gone into too much detail about in-game events that no one else could ever know about.

    Like after finishing Honest Hearts I’m pretty sure that the tribals there view my character as some sort of vengeful but benevolent cave salamander goddess.

    Heals her wounds by dousing her inner flames. (Healing only by drinking water. I think I have like 400 Stimpacks and have never used a single one, because I somehow feel like they’re too good to waste. Despite having more than I will ever need. Especially when I can get a huge pile due to Dead Money.)

    She wraps the very light around herself and hides like a chameleon. (Perk w/ a stealthboy that leeches from your AP)

    Runs far faster than any man could ever hope. (Sprint mod and taking just about every +Movement rate perk in the vanilla and perk packs that I could find.)

    Strikes from incredible distances with a lance of unholy flame, (Scoped Alien Blaster with maxed out stats and skills, due to careful perk planning, implants, and a modded set of Bobbleheads inserted into the game.)

    Rips the very souls out of those she kills in order to strike down their allies. (Perk that makes an AoE explosion whenever someone is crit-killed with an Energy Weapon)

    Harvests the spirits of her foes in order to fuel her own destructive power. (Perk that lets you make ammo from ash and goo, essentially the only reason I can use the Alien Blaster as my primary weapon.)

    Calls down apocalyptic destruction on those who have wronged her. (Took out the rival tribe using the Archimedes Ion Cannon and a perk from the pack that lets me use, essentially, a nuclear strike.)

    Yeah. I have an overpowered, broken, modded to an unholy degree packrat of a character.

  60. Jeremiah says:

    I pretty much do the same thing. Collect all the weapons & armor I can and repair them up as high as possible then eventually sell it off when I get back to town.

  61. burningdragoon says:

    The only thing OCD I do in games like this is to try on everything, because “does it look cool” tends to have more weight than “is it useful”.

    Semi-related, the first time I played Morrowind I picked up everything I came across that could be picked up. Being the first time I played any game like this my reaction was “What do you mean I can’t hold every item in the game in my back pocket? That’s bullshit!”

  62. Jamey says:

    Years ago, the first thing released for the (now series) of Operation Flashpoint games was a demo that was a “single level.” It was actually quite large, in terms of area. There was some training, and then a series of scripted encounters to reach various objectives. You had a limited amount of available ammunition (you could pick up others’ weapons but it tracked their ammo as well), and there were several vehicles including a few tanks but a very limited number of Anti-Tank weapons.

    After playing it a few times so that I could get through it, I started exploring the island, and realized that *everything* that you fight is pre-placed. So the tank that drives up on you at the crossroad objective is parked way down the street at an enemy fortification, only driving off to meet you when scripted to do so. I discovered ways to kill things in different order. Assaulting the aforementioned enemy fortification wasn’t even a “normal” objective. Just something you could do if you wanted.

    I ran out of ammo many times. Then I had to come up with other ways to get things done to preserve it, or use different weapons to get the job done. After all that, I decided it would be fun to start killing friendlies…

    Well, to make a long story short, I clocked almost 10 hours of play time on a single level demo (as much time as I spend on an *entire* AAA shooter title these days). I slowly and methodically worked out an engagement path to carefully eliminate all human life on the island, friend and foe. I can’t recall a time I’ve had more fun in an FPS, or that obsessively wanting to challenge myself to kill everything.

  63. RTBones says:

    For myself, I have a few habits:

    Saving – for whatever reason, I never use quick saves. I save, and save often, and every save is unique.

    Speech – I always tend to max it out.

    Hoarding – probably a hold-over from my D&D days (and the fact that I tend to play rogues), if it isnt nailed down, I generally pick it up – then wonder why I never have any inventory space when I need it. At some point, I’ll do an inventory “cleanse” at a usually less-than-convenient storage area, and typically only visit it when I am dropping stuff off – because you never know when you’ll need those empty casings for the crafting system that I never use.

    Weapons – I typically only use one or two, but carry a half dozen at least. I have convinced myself that there will be SOME situation that I am going to want a different weapon than I normally use. The weapon I usually stockpile the most of is frag mines – for those hard to kill enemies: I can run away from them and drop them in my wake.

  64. Sekundaari says:

    Well in Fallout 3, rarely do I pass and leave a paint gun behind. It’s one of the custom weapon components that I remember and notice. Same happens with lawnmower blades, gas tanks, etc. And named or rare weapons. And one copy of each weapon I encountered. The one particular locker downstairs in the Megaton house was probably more dangerous than the nuke.

    In Oblivion, whenever I see a Nirnroot, it’ll definitely end up in my inventory. Also, the time I’ve spent grinding to get those +5 attribute levelups…

    And then there’s Dwarf Fortress, which might be an obsession in itself. I used to mine every ore vein or gem cluster I saw until dry.

    1. Ayegill says:

      I had the first problem in fallout 3 as well. I’d be like “A paint gun! I need that for the Dart Gun. But do i have one already… Screw it, i’m grabbing this one.” [5 Minutes Later] “A paint gun!”

  65. Vipermagi says:

    I often steal every light source in Morrowind. Sometimes I use them to mark locations or light up an entire town. In FO:NV I absolutely must loot every weapon. Running around with a mere 20 barter means it’s all worth crap, and money is overflowing regardless… But loot!

    Also, re lugging around 400 pounds of stuff:
    I just used a chest at the Dead Horses camp to stash all my excess loot. Got me badboy points whenever I looked at it, but oh well. Also took me three trips to get it all back to the Mojave.

    1. Destrustor says:

      I’m even worse about the light sources: I’m picky about them. If your lamp is blue, or your candlestick is red, it vanishes in my wake. Then I use them to give my dedicated alchemy room a creepy mad-science-blue glow.

  66. Vect says:

    My thing is that I do hold onto certain unique items/weapons, though there are ones that I eventually sold/gave to other characters. I always keep Benny’s stuff and last playthrough I held onto Caesar’s suit even though I couldn’t wear it without getting shot on sight. I also made it a point to do all the Companion quests even though they’re quite annoying to trigger. Luckily Arcade’s activates automatically once you reach the end of the Wild Card quests.

    I also have a thing for dismemberment of evil characters such as Vulpes, Fiend Leaders, Caesar and Clanden I think.

    1. somebodys_kid says:

      Dismemberment! Yes!
      I made sure EVERY SINGLE LEGION person had his head exploded before I walked away after a skirmish. Does that make me a bad person?

    2. Ayegill says:

      Arcade has this annoying bug where if you dismiss him at any point after you’ve recruited Veronica, no matter the circumstances, you can never recruit him again, breaking his quest. Sadly, i discovered this too late to do anything about it(since veronica was one of my first companion) on my current character.

      Dammit Arcade.

  67. Uscias says:

    Professor Elemental… nice!
    Rutskarn, you’re the man

  68. LMR says:

    In Dragon Age: Origins, I always maintain a set of Templar armour even when it is very unlikely anyone will ever wear it– including, most stupidly, a shield.

  69. Alex says:

    The start of my obsessive behavior was STALKER, when I had to make do with whatever I found. Great, subsistence-living gameplay.

    Fallout 3: Armor and weapons, ofc. My third playthrough, though: tin cans. You can make HELLA BANK! GO ON, CLEAN THOSE SUBWAY TUNNELS!!

  70. klasbo says:

    This is maybe the complete opposite of obsessive behaviour, which in an ironic way is also somewhat obsessive: I have a hatred towards any form of inventory that requires more than one layer of clicking to get through. Weapon selection in Half-Life 2: A paaiiiin. (Almost never used anything that wasn’t the top weapon in the list, it just took too much time to switch to.) Almost any RPG game: Bleeauurnnuuaargh. Constructing buildings in StarCraft 2: I WILL KILL THE “B” KEY. F*** YOU AND F*** YOUR MUM.

    But the biggest obsiession…
    In any FPS game, I will rarely/never use the most powerful weapons because I’m afraid I need to save the powerful stuff for special situations. I also conserve ammo like an idiot, and I end up having ridiculous amounts of ammo even on the hardest difficulties. And then I continue to use as little as possible of the maxed out ammo I can carry. And it’s the same on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th playthrough… I’m almost never below 75% max ammo capacity…

  71. Rem says:


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