Spoiler Warning S5E11: Khaaaaaans!

By Shamus Posted Thursday Apr 28, 2011

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Man, these are some really great Khans, here.


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142 thoughts on “Spoiler Warning S5E11: Khaaaaaans!

  1. GTRichey says:

    I succeeded in killing Victor in Goodsprings. Oddly enough his weapons didn’t fire, so apparently that is your only chance to do so. Unfortunately upon getting to Vegas he is still there outside the Lucky 38 (with a similar story to Yes Man as to why he isn’t dead).

    1. Vect says:

      The only way to perma-kill Victor is to kill House, I think. When you do, you’ll find Victor dead back at Goodsprings.

      1. Vipermagi says:

        Correct. When you kill him, he still appears everywhere he normally spawns, for whatever reason. On my first playthrough, I killed everything in the nearby vicinity after selling all my junk. Killing Victor four times was.. weird. Also failed approximately one quest per three named NPCs.

        1. Hitch says:

          Inspired by the first episode(s) of this season, I started a new playt-hrough and sided with the Powder Gangers to see what it was like. During the battle in Goodsprings, I killed Victor. He showed up on schedule at the next plot point. I chose the “Gah! How are you even here?” dialog option and he explained that if he gets killed by anything he downloads into any convenient securitron. “It’d be mighty useless to only have one body.”

          And there were no hard feelings at all about me killing his previous body. Plot immortality lets you take the moral high-road.

          1. Vipermagi says:

            Ah, right, that’s it. I remembered there being some explanation, but not what exactly :)

          2. GTRichey says:

            I think it depends on when you kill him… I did it after I was done with Goodsprings. On another playthrough I killed him first thing and he showed up with the “you should be careful” speech on the road to Primm, without the option to be freaked out by his being alive.

        2. James says:

          It’s not wierd that Victor re-spawns, well ok it is at first until you realize he is just a program that can change securitron bodies. I personally loved it when he died and came back in the next town like nothing had happened. You can even bring it up, it makes him creepy at least to me, and it made me distrust him because now I knew I was being followed by him for some unknown reason.

    2. Piflik says:

      I think, if you kill him in front of the Tops Casino, he will stay dead…not sure though…

    3. krellen says:

      Killing Yes Man is still hilarious. As you beat on him, he says “Serves me right!” in that cheerful voice of his.

      1. Eric says:

        Now I have to do this.

      2. GTRichey says:

        I love his response to you saying that you’re the courier that Benny shot… Even if it is little more than an excuse to give him plot armour at least they bothered to explain it unlike Bethesda (and it does actually make sense).

    4. brainbosh says:

      On my first playthrough when I got to New Vegas I ignored Victor and did other stuff, then later I went to visit Mr. House, only to be attacked by all the securitrons.
      It took me forever to realize that there was a dead securitron outside(might have been Victor), apparently a victim of an earlier firefight.
      I was marked as a permanent enemy of Mr. House and was really annoyed because I didn’t know what the sides where yet and I had lost any opportunity to join that one.

  2. Talson says:

    The rational of them letting me do the negotiating in my game was because I was wearing the hat from Boone’s quest so he was probably thinking “One of my armies elite sniper commandos wants to go in and ‘negotiate.'” Also, if I can speech check the Khans into letting the hostages go, I’m probably convincing enough to persuade him to let me negotiate.
    Also, I missed the head spear moment because I was eating chocolate pie.
    Ok everyone, it’s that time again! DRINK!

    1. Eric says:

      Yeah, if anything there should have been a speech or reputation check up-front… or at least he could say something along the lines of “you’re an idiot, but I can’t stop you from going in.”

  3. Deadpool says:

    I am reminded of an interview with Neil Gaiman where he tells an anecdote of meeting a publisher who finds himself incredibly bored by the fact he writes “comic books”. When finding out WHAT he wrote, the man finds himself incredibly interested and exclaims “Ah, but you don’t write comics. You write graphic novels!” He describes it feeling like a prostitute who had just been called a lady-of-the-night.

    I know Mumbles was just messing around, but it still left a bad taste in my mouth…

    1. Mumbles says:

      I was just messing around, though it is important to note there’s a technical difference between a comic book and a graphic novel.

      1. Eddie says:

        Yes, you’re right, comic books are technically for very, very young children, whereas graphic novels are genuine, legitimate artwork.

        1. Grag says:

          That is just demeaning the format.

          Long before I’d heard the word hipster, I had long arguments with a friend who insisted his Crow comics were “graphic novels”

        2. X2-Eliah says:

          Sir, you have claimed that graphic novels have higher artistic value than comics. Shenanigans and Heresy! We shall duel at dawn!

          1. Eddie says:

            Duels, really; you’re still into duels at how old? Now Street Fighting, that’s a way of killing each other with real artistic merit.

            1. Bret says:

              Hay, maybe he’s from a sleepy London town.

              1. X2-Eliah says:

                Pah. I do not hold with your metropolitan ways.

        3. Mumbles says:

          See it’s shit like this that ruins words.

          Graphic novels are typically one shots that aren’t distributed in serial form whereas comic books are associated with a series. Neither has more artistic merit than the other, but graphic novels are generally easier for outsiders to read since they don’t have to follow an overarching series. It’s absolute bullshit that people both use the word incorrectly and as a tool to give comic books a bad stigma.

          Yeah, I just explained it. I don’t give a fuck if everyone already knew the difference.

          1. False Prophet says:

            But frequently the titles trotted out as good examples of “graphic novels” aren’t even good examples of that definition. Watchmen was originally published serially. Maus was originally published serially and is a non-fiction memoir–would you really call it a novel? But on the other hand, Charles Dickens wrote many of what are considered the best novels in the English language, and yet most of them were originally published serially.

            The lack of consistency in definition is why I avoid the term “graphic novel” like the plague, and just call everything comics.

          2. Deadpool says:

            The definition of the term “Graphic Novel” has been up for debate for eons… But I have seen it used as a pretentious excuse FAR more than I’ve seen it used to differentiate a miniseries from an ongoing…

            In the end, it means what you want it to mean. As I said, I know you were joking and didn’t mean it that way at all, it’s just the kind of anecdote that struck a cord with me and I was reminded of it…

            1. Mumbles says:

              YEAH. TO BE FAIR it’s one of those things that really grinds my gears. Maybe the word should just not exist anymore. I don’t know if that’s a complete disservice to guys like Eisner, though.

      2. False Prophet says:

        Speaking as a librarian, there’s a technical difference that’s ignored by most publishers to better market collected trade editions of comic books to bookstores and libraries. I’ve seen “graphic novel” applied to non-fiction comic books. While that’s not wrong in the strictest sense of the word, nobody in the present day ever refers to a non-comic memoir, historical narrative or journalistic account as a “novel”.

        While he’s written a few graphic novels, most of Gaiman’s work in the industry–especially the noteworthy stuff–is actually comic books. Personally, I just call them all “comics”, hoity-toity nomenclature be damned.

        1. Deadpool says:

          Btw, another random anecdote, this one happened to me.

          We were in Chicago for the Comic Con YEARS ago. Wasting some time before (or after, who cares) dinner we stop at a Borders and just look around. I find an entire rack of the Absolute Kingdom Come (If you don’t know, Kingdom Come is a future DC story about the end of the world, involving Superman/Batman/etc coming back to deal with the ultra violent new gen of heroes and villains. The Absolute version is a reprint with annotations and all sorts of extras).

          Not amusing in its own, until you notice that it was the New NON-FICTION rack it had taken over…

    2. Erik says:

      Its pretty much the same discussion as “its not a toy, its an action figure” isnt it?

  4. Patrick the UberN00b says:


  5. Kanodin says:

    Huh, the one time I followed Victor he went straight into a nest of lakelurks and got torn to pieces by them.

    1. Same thing happened to me, except it was Victor who died, followed by the Lakelurks because I had Boone and the unique Gauss Rifle.

      1. Kavonde says:

        I once found Victor dead, north of Novac and alongside the road. I don’t know what killed him, as there weren’t any other corpses nearby, but the only monsters in the area were giant ants. Considering he apparently got mauled by insects without managing to kill any of them, I’m kinda surprised to learn he has any combat effectiveness at all…maybe he just gets a big damage bonus vs. the player?

  6. Nathaniel says:

    Hahaha “Awwwww that was awesome!” took the words right out of my mouth! =D

  7. Zukhramm says:

    Josh has the weirdest play style I can imagine. It’s totally opposite mine. Nothing wrong with it I guess but it’s so strange watching it.

    1. Eric says:

      I get the sense he does silly/crazy/stupid things just for the entertainment value of the show, or just “because he feels like it” and he’s already played the game through so it’s not like he has any reason to strive for perfection.

      1. Even says:

        Pretty much my thoughts.. still doesn’t help getting irked about it at times. I laughed a little when I realized that that at least part of the reason he’s going to get Cass must be because of her unique perk.

        And now thinking about it, can’t really think of anybody else who Reginald would voluntarily hang out with out of all the (non-robot) companions than the fellow alcoholist in arms.

  8. Eddie says:

    You guys make light of the fact that Reginald is able to consume vast quantites in a blink of an eye during a fight (and also repair weapons in this case), but I don’t think that’s actually how it works. If you have the radio on when you brink up the Pip-Boy, it continues to play, which indicates that time hasn’t stopped; I think the Pip-Boy just freezes all living things around the user so you’re able to have a leisurely meal. It all makes perfect sense if you’re willing to think about it.

    1. I assumed the fact that food items healed over time meant that it took you a few seconds to eat each one. I mean, it’s still ridiculous but it’s more plausible than all of them eaten instantly.

      1. Eddie says:

        I’m genuinely not sure which is the more ridiculous justification. If the time it takes to heal is the time Reginald is eating them, that means he’s eating and drinking multiple things at once while engaging in a fight. Maybe he has a huge mouth and just crams everything in there at once and is able to swallow it piece by piece.

        1. BenD says:

          Reginald, entering combat: STOP SHOOTING ME
          Reginald, after losing some HP: I SAID F**NG SMFF SHMMF *gulp* MFFF

          1. Nyaz says:

            So what you’re saying is that someone is shooting at Rutskarn during the episode…

        2. Abnaxis says:

          Maybe they didn’t expect people to use heal over time items in combat?

          Maybe using the repair skil should repair over time?

          1. Sekundaari says:

            Oh yeah, I hadn’t even thought about that. During the Khan firefight, not only did Reginald stop to stuff his mouth full of drinks and food, he also combined the parts of three more or less broken submachine guns to make one in a good condition…

          2. Dovius says:

            Or combine both and put in a cyborg perk which makes your repair give you a certain amount of HP every 5-ish seconds.

        3. Halfling says:

          Now I can’t help but imagine Reginald as Gluttony from Fullmetal Alchemist.

    2. Grag says:

      So what you’re saying is that the Pip-boy is also a TARDIS?

      That would explain so much. Like where you’re keeping the 200 pounds of firearms, ammunition, and Fancy-Lad Snack Cakes.

      1. Piflik says:

        No…it is that watch from this one Simpsons Halloween Special Episode…

        1. Sleeping Dragon says:

          Better that than the Ben10 watch… hmm… actually, is there a mod for that?

          1. Sekundaari says:

            For the Simpsons thing, console command toggleAI should be a decent substitute, as far as I know.

    3. Daemian Lucifer says:

      Whenever you bring zour pipboy up to your eyes,everyone is a good sport and stops to give you a breather.

      EDIT:Damn it,Ive entered the wrong email!Though green does suit me.

      1. Eddie says:

        Maybe it’s a sort of “I can’t see you, so you can’t see me” deal. What other explanation can there be for the super goofy way you look at your Pip-Boy?

      2. Newbie says:

        Now Shamus has two of your emails… you have given him twice as much power. When he goes crazy and takes over the world you will be the first to fall.

        1. Daemian Lucifer says:

          Nah,its the same one,only the domain for the country changed.The old email doesnt work anymore,except for certain sites Ive registered to,like the gravatar one.

    4. Eric says:

      The problem comes when trying to rationalise the systems of a game with turn-based combat in a real-time setting. Turn-based combat is inherently an abstraction of temporality. It only makes sense within the context of its own defined rules. When bringing that into real-time, it’s inevitable you’re going to run into problems with justifying aspects of gameplay. You can either accept them or go back to turn-based combat, where the player’s imagination can fill in the blanks.

      Of course, the previous Fallouts barely had any food or drink, and in most cases it served almost no purpose except for fleshing out the world. Most had no effect, and while some would heal the player, it was limited enough to avoid the “player opens inventory and eats 30 croissants” problem. This could have been easily avoided by simply making food either wholly cosmetic in function, or relating it to some sort of hunger/stamina system rather than health.

  9. Chuck says:

    Is it just me, or are the SW folks slowly going insane from Cuftbert exposure?

    1. Grag says:

      True fact, every time Mumbles says “oh my god” you lose a little piece of your soul.

      Our exposure is limited as we only listen to Spoiler Warning, but they all play TF2 and otherwise spend more time Skype-ing with her

  10. Integer Man says:

    Loved the way you chuck the grenade, it explodes under his feet, he’s fine, and you go flying and land on a bed of bullets. Quite awesome.

    1. Specktre says:

      I was laughing so hard when that happened.

  11. Kelly says:

    Josh you are bad at video games.

    1. Hitch says:

      He just has a unique play style when it comes to most games featured on Spoiler Warning. Based on what I saw and heard in the TF2 special, he’s quite good at his preferred genre(s). He’s very good at shooting in games where it depends on player skill. He gets thrown off when the game enforces character stat based inaccuracy.

      1. Chuck says:

        And he tends to be more aggressive when he’s being recorded, to make things more interesting. And hilarious.

        1. Raygereio says:

          That and the man made the vanguard in ME2 look playable. I’m convinced that’s something only a videogame-deity can do.

          1. Mersadeon says:

            Only because of Spoiler Warning, I played Mass Effect 2 again as a Vanguard, because it looked so fun when Josh did it. Was way better than the typical “duck, wait until enemy comes up, shoot, duck, wait until…” playstyle.

            1. Raygereio says:

              That’s why you:
              1: edit the coalesced.ini file to ensue biotics affects enemies no matter the defenses.
              2: play an adept.

              Throwing people to the edge of space never gets old.

          2. Bret says:

            Vanguard (Especially if played on insanity) is a class of many gifts. It kills the weak, torments the slow, and destroys the stupid.

            What more could one ask?

        2. Kelly says:

          I know a lot of it is on purpose, but even so it’s not hard to figure out RAISE MELEE SKILL IF YOU ARE JUST GOING TO MURDER PEOPLE WITH MELEE and DON’T USE GUNS WITH LOW GUNS SKILL.

          1. Raygereio says:

            You weren’t here when Spoiler Warning did Fallout 3 and our courageous Cuftbert energy-weapon’ed and big-gun’ed his enemies to death with his melee build, were you?

            It is indeed on purpose and I’m pretty sure that when Josh reads your comment it’s with a huge grin.

            1. Kelly says:

              Fallout 3 is my favorite season actually.

              But that doesn’t mean that Josh isn’t bad at video games (see also: pissing off the faction that owns most of the settlements and wasting an entire episode trying to do a quest he had not accepted).

              1. Raygereio says:

                Well, for one we can both argue whether or not that constitutes “being bad at videogames” until the sun goes out. So let’s not get into that.

                But if you’ve watched the previous seasons, then you ought to know by now that Spoiler Warning isn’t about showing of an “expert” playthough. It’s more about taffing about and getting into various hijinks.

              2. Daemian Lucifer says:

                Id like to see your attention span when you are playing a speedrun of a game while engaged in a conversation with three other people.

                As for the melee build,I had a melee character,but still used energy weapons during the start,because of that plasma pistol I found early on.It was only when I got the rebar that I switched to the weapon I actually leveled.

      2. Jeff says:

        FNV only has stat based damage reduction, unless you’re below the “minimum” for using weapons, which is when you get accuracy penalties.

        1. Vipermagi says:

          Weapon condition and Strength also plays a role in weapon accuracy ;)

          Fun fact: the 10mm SMG has shotgun-accuracy at best; there’s only one rifle that is less accurate (Automatic Rifle). 9mm SMGs have a notably smaller spread; the Sil and 12.7mms are slightly more accurate. Heck, half of the shotguns have a lower or similar spread.

          1. Jeff says:

            Is that still true as of the latest patch? They seemed to fiddle with weapons quite a bit, although I’m not playing FNV atm.

    2. poiumty says:

      I’m bad at playing videogames too if I have to talk over it. In fact, no, I’m bad at TALKING if i’m playing a videogame in the meantime. So kind of the reverse of Josh.

      There’s one thing I won’t excuse him for, though: 24 guns skill. Using a gun that required 25. He levelled up twice and DID NOT PUT A SINGLE SKILL POINT INTO GUNS. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

    3. Deadpool says:

      Shamus has mentioned he’s a crit stacker, which means he probably steam rolls these games his first playthrough. I think the quote is something along the loines of “Josh has once again broken the game over his knee with his melee build.”

      He just doesn’t do it because it’s Spoiler Warning. Actually, if you watch the first season, he was ORIGINALLY pushing to be nice and goody two shoes, until Randy took over and went the chaotic-neutral playstyle. It became popular and Josh showed his mastery of it in Fallout 3. Were I to guess, I’m betting he does a “Good” run on his own private playthrough…

  12. Daemian Lucifer says:

    Actually that part about khans knowing what deal you made kind of makes sense.If you choose sneak,then they are alert and shoot on sight.But if you choose negotiations,then ncr guys probably wave a white flag or something,and you come in as their spokesman,so they greet you.

    Oh,and this episode failed to fulfill the bunnyhop quota,so you need to redo it.

  13. Mersadeon says:

    The “Confirmed Bachelor” perk just really bothered me. I’m playing the german version, and Bachelor was translated as “Junggeselle” – someone who is male and single. It doesn’t have the connotations like its english counterpart, so I was really, really weirded out by my character suddenly coming on to guys. I don’t have anything against it, but I would have wished for a better translation. The rest of the game is translated ok, compared to Bethesda & Fallout3 standards, though there are some things that just don’t work that way in german. The worst in my opinion is that one radio comment about the Kings (I think it was about the Kings, at least) that he doesn’t want to see NCR “in the ghetto” and they should “return to sender” and stuff like that – but to keep the reference, they didn’t translate those part of the sentence. It sounds really artificial.

    1. Hitch says:

      The situation isn’t that much better in English. “Confirmed Bachelor” was a euphemism used about 50 years ago and seldom heard since. I’m sure most people didn’t get what it meant until the saw the resulting dialog options.

      1. krellen says:

        Fallout is based off 50s culture. It makes complete sense for it to use 50s terminology.

        1. Vipermagi says:

          Hitch didn’t seem to imply otherwise, to me.
          Also, it doesn’t take away the fact many people won’t know about it :)

        2. Eric says:

          The retro-future-50s thing was pretty scaled back in the first two Fallouts, and didn’t refer to culture or social standards so much as it did the way technology branched off (i.e. what if the transistor was never invented and everything ran on vaccuum tubes). It was only with Fallout 3 that Bethesda went whole-hog trying to handle the setting with the care and delicacy of a sledgehammer that the 50s aspects became something glaringly obvious.

          Besides, it really does not make much sense for people to be using 50s slang… 200+ years after the Great War, which itself took place well past the 1950s and according to what we know from Fallout 1 and 2, didn’t much resemble the 50s at all outside of aesthetic trends.

      2. Jeff says:

        It was odd to me, until I considered the possibilities. One was Lady Killer, for interactions with females. What else would Confirmed Bachelor do? Increase the chances of finding instant noodles?

        1. Mersadeon says:

          I thought it would help me with males. But not that way. I thought “Well, Bachelor is a male single. So he’s probably good when dealing with other male singles, as buddys, drinking beer and watching raiders being shot.” Also, the picture for that perk doesn’t really make sense to me.

          1. Moriarty says:

            well that’s partly what it does. The few dialog options I found didn’t necessarily implied sexual attraction

      3. Abnaxis says:

        I, for one, didn’t get it until my avatar started using homosexual pick-up lines. Though at least historically, the term had some precedence–Cherchez La Femme hasn’t been used to suggest lesbianism anywhere IRL, has it?

        1. Kelly says:

          It means “look for the woman.” While I don’t THINK that’s ever been used to imply lesbianism, you can see how it could easily be re-purposed as such, especially alongside Black Widow.

        2. BenD says:

          No, but it’s kind of a pulp noir thing. “Look for the woman” means that at the root of every problem (case) there is a woman. So it fits in the time period, although the interpretation of the phrase is entirely new. And sort of amusing, in that perspective – suggests that whomever in the Fallout universe started using the phrase that way to imply lesbianism was probably a bitter and angry man. ;)

      4. Sumanai says:

        I’ve heard Stephen Fry use it, so I consider it a valid modern euphemism.

  14. arron says:

    On an unrelated note, what’s the chance of Portal 2 being next up for Spoiler Warning Season 6? I think it’s got the right amount of black humour for you guys to bounce off whilst playing it..

    1. Mersadeon says:

      I don’t think they’ll do Portal 2. Black humour, yeah, but also very scripted and completely about puzzles. Also, there isn’t really much to say about Portal 2 while playing it for several hours. And if Josh hasn’t played it already, chances are he is just going to stand there, looking at a puzzle and thinking about it until he has the solution.

      1. Grag says:

        Besides which, spoiler warnings usually feature games that have been out for awhile (even F:NV feels too new). Maybe an infocom text adventure.

        1. arron says:

          On that basis, then System Shock II would be a prime candidate (being about a decade old), assuming that they don’t hate it enough to not do a series on it. ;)

          1. Jeff says:

            Not just System Shock 2, but System Shock 2 multiplayer. The possibilities are endless!

          2. Irridium says:

            They touched on that, and its very unlikely.

            1) Its very hard to buy now.
            2) Its a massive pain to get running on modern operating systems.
            3) Josh has to be able to run the game, along with a bunch of other stuff. Mainly the feed to Shamus/Ruts/Mumbles, the software he’s using to record when he’s playing, and Ventrillo. All could mess up a game, and with a game like SS2, chances are there’s no way they’d be able to get it to work.

            Now if System Shock 2 ever got released on GoG… then things would be different. Most likely.

            I really want System Shock 2 on GoG.

            1. arron says:

              As for your points:

              > 1) Its very hard to buy now.

              It is, but I’m sure that someone might be able to donate a copy for the purposes of the Spoiler Warning appraisal. I’ve got two myself.

              Ebay have several copies for sale at semi-reasonable prices..


              > 2) Its a massive pain to get running on modern operating systems.

              I’m not at all sure about this. My copy runs under Wine on Linux with no problems whatsoever. It was basically a case of installing the DirectX drivers and it works fine. If it runs without problems on a non-native operating system with open source graphics/sound/input drivers, then it should (in theory) have less problems under proper Windows.

              > 3) Josh has to be able to run the game, along with a bunch of other stuff.

              Not sure exactly what other software is running, but given that this game was running on a single core, 64MB of RAM, DirectX 6 and Nvidia Riva TNT2 card on the system I bought it for, it’s probably not going to take up more resources than your average anti-virus application these days. Well within the capabilities of your average modern machine.

              1. Eric says:

                System Shock 2 runs fine on Windows 7, but you need to patch it. There is a fantastic program called SS2Tool you can find here:


                It will install lots of unofficial fixes to problems, and using it, I have never run into any problems at all. It also makes it easier to use mods… speaking of, the SS2 Mod Manager is also great to have.

                The only issue I’ve consistently had is getting the videos to play in-game due to the dated codecs they use. For that, you can always try to transcode the videos yourself, download versions in different codecs from elsewhere, or watch them separately from the game. See here:


              2. Irridium says:

                I use Vista, so yeah. Getting old games to run on this is a pain at best, and damn near impossible at worst.

      2. Hitch says:

        The also don’t do cold play throughs on Spoiler Warning. Now if Josh played Portal 2 and figured out really odd ways to get through the test tracks, then it might work with the others saying, “No, Josh you need to come back this way.” Only to have him consistently complete the level in the “wrong” way. I don’t know that that’s viable.

        Although, it might be interesting to see them take on a game cold. People have mentioned Oblivion (which is really old), but how about planning ahead and try Skyrim at release? Actually get some spoilers in Spoiler Warning.

        1. Abnaxis says:

          Please, please no. I don’t play games until long after they are released–if they start playing games as soon as they come out, I’m gonna have to leave…

          1. Grag says:

            Even having played F:NV and Portal2 I agree with this. I watched the ME2 season with some hesitation as I haven’t played it yet.

            1. Annikai says:

              Yeah I skipped the Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock seasons because I haven’t played them and therefore found them much less interesting.

      3. arron says:

        Well, another option is just a single-parter on the “finer points” of Portal 2 like they did for the execrable Train thing a couple of weeks back. You get all the highlights without sitting through endless hellish trial-and-error solving chamber after chamber. Sort of an extended drunken sarcastathon review thing.. :)

        1. Mersadeon says:

          I first thought that might work really good, having just one special episode, but then I thought… there isn’t anything to make fun of or complain about. Amnesia had the drawers and physics and Josh’s… unique kind of playing a horror game, the train game was plain horrible and TF2 had Josh playing various builds and being a good TF2 player… but in portal, there isn’t as much “being good at it”, is there? It’s just playing through the story. There is nothing to complain about, because it’s just awesome.

          1. Sec says:

            If they do portal 2, they should really do the co-op courses. They are way shorter than the main game, and I imagine it would be funny seeing them trying to coordinate the solutions :)

    2. Daemian Lucifer says:

      Nah,portals are both great games,but I dont want to listen to someone talking over them.And having the spoiler warning guys quiet for so long just wouldnt be very spoiler-warningy.

      Assassin’s creed,now that would be a great series for spoiler warning to take a bite out of.

      1. somebodys_kid says:

        Yes! Assassin’s Creed! Great Visuals, some great story telling mixed with absurdities, and some totally inane and senseless gameplay mechanics! It sounds perfect!

        1. Daemian Lucifer says:

          Assassin’s creed actually has great mechanics for climbing and jumping that should be implemented into every other platformer.Im sad that this,the best thing that from the game in my opinion,went so unnoticed.

          1. False Prophet says:

            I love Assassin’s Creed. There’s a bit of a learning curve on the parkour mechanics, but once you have them down, it’s the most awesome thing ever. Then I go back to something like God of War or Enslaved and feel like I’m playing crippled.

            I wonder if the complexity of the engine turns developers off. It did take them two games to go from failed masterpiece to brilliant and innovative.

            1. Klay F. says:

              Watching Altair Cuftburt murder the entirety of Jerusalem is enough for me.

              1. Vect says:

                Well, chopping down civilians quickly drops your “Synchronization” (Health), the justification is that Altair/Ezio didn’t do that. You can do things like shove them into water or really indirect ways.

        2. Vect says:

          If I remember, Shamus apparently got bored with Assassin’s Creed II after he managed to get it running/get past the DRM. Not so much out of the game being bad, but just that it didn’t exactly grab him.

          I loved Assassin’s Creed II, and Brotherhood adds more lulzy stuff to mess around with (Assassin henchmen, ability to kill people one by one in combat, others).

    3. Nyctef says:

      Actually, thinking about it, I would pay good money to watch Mumbles and Rutskarn going through Portal 2 co-op. The trolling possibilities are endless .. :D

      1. Velkrin says:

        Yeah, but we’d have to put up with Ruts singing the portal opera.

      2. Daemian Lucifer says:

        Considering that robots offer 7 extra seconds of cooperation,these two would offer 7 less seconds of cooperation.

  15. Adam P says:

    If only Josh tried the speech check option, then this episode could have featured prose and Khans.

    1. Harry says:

      Rutskarn would be so proud

      1. Bobby Archer says:

        And the rest of us are so, so disappointed.

  16. krellen says:

    On the subject of Barstow:

    Barstow is in California, and has already appeared in Fallout (more or less). While the game claims that Necropolis is Bakersfield, based on its location on the map and its relation to Los Angeles, it’s actually Barstow.

    1. BenD says:

      Also, Barstow is way outside the scope of the New Vegas worldmap. It would be farther from Mojave Outpost than New Vegas is.

    2. Kavonde says:

      Trust me, as a resident: Bakersfield is the Necropolis, whether the geography agrees or not.

  17. Marlowe says:

    The development team was somewhere around Barstow on the edge of completing it when the drugs began to take hold. They never finished.

  18. mixmastermind says:

    Scumbag Josh: Puts Unarmed higher than guns. Never punches anyone.

    1. JPH says:

      Yeah, I was really confused by that. It’s not bothering me to death like it probably is for some people, but it really seemed like Josh was trying to troll us at that point. It seems like he’s adding to every weapon type except energy weapons (which is ironic since he carries around an incinerator), which is a great way to nerf yourself.

      1. Vipermagi says:

        He will probably pick up a Ballistic Fist and bend the game over Reginald’s alcohol-fueled knees, similar to the Shish in FO3.

        1. GTRichey says:

          I’m doing an unarmed build now… and it breaks the game extremely early. When you can knock out or kill anyone you come across in about 3 punches (with the most basic weapons) it’s almost impossible to die. It might make for some interesting challenges later, but none that won’t be solved by either Boone or a good ballistic fist or displacer glove.

          1. Vipermagi says:

            Oh, no, don’t worry, it doesn’t really become much more (read: at all) challenging. I also rolled an Unarmed character, first char actually, and as soon as I hit the Strip I started murdering everything with Sneak Attacks. Went quite smoothly, all things considered. No companion, level 15 give or take, and only one death in the end.

      2. Alexander The 1st says:

        Hey, nerfing oneself in the game is fun.

        I remember playing Mass Effect as a Biotic, and trying to evenly distribute all my stats except the pistol itself, then only using the pistol the entire game.

        It works too, since the pistol was OP in that game.

        And when I played FO3, I went melee with energy weapons, putting all my points into speech, then went into the final battle un-armed.

        …I had to resort to grenading the final group, because you can’t encounter the final boss without killing them. Then I had to steal their gun and wipe out their mooks.

        Of course, doing that in Dragon Age: Origins got a little TOO annoying for me, what with the Deep Roads. I still need to finish the final act of that.

        It’d be interesting to see a WRPG developer take on a similar re-spec system as Final Fantasy Tatics (And well…most tatics games, actually) – “got yourself into a bind? No problem! Just re-spec your talents and move on!”*

        *You’d still keep your stats still, but re-specing skills is where you’d likely need to spend time anyways.

        1. JPH says:

          I’ve never understood the appeal in doing stuff like that. It just makes the game a million times less convenient.

        2. Deadpool says:

          U hated the respec feature in FFT… That’s why Tactics Ogre is far, far superior.

          And not the remake, the original, Super Famicon (well, the PSX remake too… It’s the PSP remake that borrows too much from FFT).

  19. poiumty says:

    For the record, I liked New Reno. It had that merchant dude I always killed and got his stuff and the free upgrade dude in the basement and the priest dude who gave you the cheat book and the porn studio (porn is awesome) and the high-tech du..family that gave you the quest with the millitary base.

    And Myron. Myron, baby, Myron.
    One look at this guy and I’m off to erase Arcade from the face of the earth.
    Also, is it me or are his facial animations more character-defining than anything you see with FaceFX software.
    EDIT#2: just noticed Myron’s voice actor is… Boone. Wow. I’m gonna go lie down for a bit.

    1. Deadpool says:

      New Reno WAS cool… I liked how you could assassinate every mob boss with some care…

      My favorite was Bishop, cuz he shot me on sight after I delivered his suitcase. I said “Oh yeah?!?”, slept with his daugther, snuck out, slept with his wife, changed the combination on his safe, snuck out and went to have a beer in Mordino’s casino…

  20. Fang says:

    14:28(in the video): It’s not explained in the comic. It’s not explained at all or so the wiki tells me. The one that is killed in the comic is Chance.

    Also Victor! The best griefer in any videogame hands down.

  21. superglucose says:

    They didn’t mention barstow because there is nothing there. The town in the game would have been an abandoned movie theater and an abandoned hotel. You thought Goodsprings was small? HA!

  22. Jabrwock says:

    Yahtzee mentioned having fun messing with the hostage quest when he reviewed F:NV. He agreed to negotiate, looted everything while they were waiting for him to talk, and then started a firefight between the Khans and the NCR after he was back behind NCR lines by shooting a Khan. The NCR still rescued the hostages, because they were safe inside that building while the firefight raged outside.

    So he wasn’t really needed at all. Seems a bit of a goofy quest if you don’t really contribute much.

  23. Chris Louviere says:

    Dude, that Ghoul Cirque d’ Sole’ (sp) joke got me. I stopped listening…and couldn’t stop laughing, out loud, in my office, at a Bank. Hehe.

  24. p1p says:

    damn you mumbles, i lost.

  25. sebcw1204 says:

    opens with bunny-hopping. great. fantastic. clap. clap. clap. oh good, my slow clap program made it in here. seriously, i take it josh doesn’t read these comments. the extra speed from bunny-hopping is insignificant. stop it.

  26. rasmusernst says:

    We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold ;-)

  27. TraderRager says:

    The Hub from Fallout 1 is in the Post-War ruins of Barstow.

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