Sims 4 Overthinking: Two, Maybe Three Bedrooms

By Bay Posted Friday Dec 9, 2022

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Week three! Finally, we can get the interior shape done and get started on moving forward in the years.

Last week I actually made a mistake Gasp. I know, right? I thought I was the first infallible 24-year-old too. We will have to press on.. I mentioned that my ‘outlet cover’ in the kitchen (pictured below) was deserving of praise from future inhabitance.

Later, the inhabitants will cry because there is only one outlet by the kitchen counters. They should be instead rejoicing that the old homeowners needed a place to plug in the home phone.

My bad. This mistake, funnily enough, came from a childhood memory misfire. I know that home phones didn’t plug into the wall! I might be a zoomer, but I am only a year too young to be a millennial by most accounts. Plus, my dad collected junk electronics and refused to move into the 20th century.
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Sims 4 Overthinking: Wooden Outlet Covers

By Bay Posted Friday Dec 2, 2022

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Alright, where we left off two weeks ago, we had just ‘finished’ the house’s facade.

This is not the final finished exterior by a longshot, it can't be. With so many windows, there is nowhere for me to place stairs except for in the middle of the building, which I try to avoid.
This is not the final finished exterior by a longshot, it can't be. With so many windows, there is nowhere for me to place stairs except for in the middle of the building, which I try to avoid.

I’ve worked from a few reference images of real-life houses built in the early 1900s, but I’m mostly winging it. Half of the point of this project is to be low-maintenance while I get my bearings, so I suppose I should admit I don’t do a lot of historical research for these projects. It feels a bit dishonest to say ‘let’s go through one of my normal builds’ and then do a ton of research I never do on my own without an audience. Maybe I’ll do some research and disclose it, but if I’m honest, probably not. What I know comes from family, stories, and history I already have.
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Turkey Crime Scene

By Bay Posted Saturday Nov 26, 2022

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So, it’ll surprise no one that my entire family experiences textural issues with food: gristle, bits of fat, and bones. We were the kids who wouldn’t eat the bone-on chicken wings and legs, or we’d just take a single bite from the outside and proclaim it finished.

Dad’s autobiography was riddled with clear neurodivergence, which was only a peek into his real life. One of my favorite things was the fact he’d still be wandering around in shorts at this time of year. It wasn’t that he wasn’t cold, it was that he was so used to wearing them that the change felt wrong. It wouldn’t be until late January that he’d finally break and switch to sweatpants. He’d take a couple of weeks acclimating to the change, just in time to experience a month and a half of comfort. Then, come May, he wouldn’t switch back to shorts no matter how hot it was because he was used to the sweatpants, and the cycle continued.

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Sims 4 Overthinking: Where’s the Plumbing?

By Bay Posted Saturday Nov 19, 2022

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Years ago, I saw a YouTube video of real-life architects reacting to Sims 4 builds.  They mainly had little issues with the builds, IE: You can’t put windows to the east because you’ll be blind in the morning, or, you can’t have a vast open space like that without support beams, etc etc. But the other issue they had really stuck out to me.

Why were these digital builders sticking in the realm of possibility? The individuals reacting to these builds were architects. Building stuff that makes sense in the realm of possibility was their full-time jobs. Why the hell are these gaming dumbasses doing the same crap they have to do for work? At work, they can’t just ignore zoning laws, but these ‘simmers’ can! Why are they building normal stuff?

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Inheriting an Audience is Weird

By Bay Posted Friday Nov 11, 2022

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These last few weeks I’ve had Peter posting to the site, and before that, I was doing some lighter content. The podcast, some venting about VR, but nothing really substantial. The long and short of it is: it’s the holidays, and I really, really miss my dad.

Pumpkin carving was enough to leave me out for an entire day, recovering from the smell of fresh-cut pumpkin; a smell I associate with my dad. He used to do the pumpkin carving for us every year. We kids would draw out our designs, and he’d do his best to cut them out. It’s been a really long time since any of us carved a pumpkin with Dad, I suspect however many years it’s been since I’ve been old enough to hold a knife on my own. But still, the memory sticks as ‘how it’s done’ and leaves Halloween feeling wrong and unfinished.
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The Death of Digital Ownership

By Bay Posted Friday Nov 4, 2022

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This post is written by Peter. Due to a needed overhaul of the backend of the site, his post will be marked as written by ‘Bay’ for the time being. Sorry for any confusion.

On November 22nd, 2019. Blizzard announced the development of ‘Overwatch 2’, the sequel to their highly praised multiplayer game ‘Overwatch’. 

As far as I’m aware, The idea was pretty well-received; I personally was pretty excited about the news. I had been given Overwatch as a gift from my parents sometime in mid-2016. I had loved the game through my teens and was excited about the potential of a sequel. I then promptly forgot about the concept until I moved home three years later, and abruptly gained a large amount of free time to waste playing online games with my friends. 

Once again, I was excited, and even more excited to hear it would be free-to-play. That meant more chances for people to experience a game I’d enjoyed since my teens.

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Deus-Ex Pitch Final Thoughts (Post-Mortem Post)

By Heather Posted Wednesday Nov 2, 2022

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Obviously this outline is missing a ton of detail. Miami is the most developed location in the game, and even that one needs more characters, more points of interest, and more potential routes and interactions. The other missions are positively threadbare, and a couple are missing entirely. A lot of the ending missions boil down to “the player goes to an industrial location and kills someone important”, which feels more like Hitman than Deus Ex. Again, you’d fix this by adding more stuff to do and giving the player interesting reasons to spare various conspirators.

Alex needs more development. She’s a composite of three different characters from the first game: Alex your tech guy, Jock your pilot, and Paul your brother. She’s your guide, your transport, and your conscience. Which means she really ought to have a strong personality, a backstory, and even a bit of a character arc that points her towards ending #5. 

I think the idea of “The Illuminati are the reason people are mean to each other on social media” is cute and just the right kind of stupid. Having said that, the entire idea needs a lot more meat on its bones.   Continue reading ⟩⟩ “Deus-Ex Pitch Final Thoughts (Post-Mortem Post)”