DM of the Rings XI: Failure to Communicate

By Bay Posted Sunday Mar 19, 2023

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The DM will do a lot of talking, but if he’s not rolling the dice then what he’s saying is probably not important.

–  Shamus, Friday Sep 29, 2006

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Kneep the Magpie

By Bay Posted Friday Mar 17, 2023

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Alright here’s the deal, I have the flu, or a cold, or possibly some sort of monster mixture of both. I’ve slept 30 of my last 48 hours, eaten nothing but hot dog buns, and frankly, had some very weird fever induced dreams.

Now, I…think I’m feeling better. No fever, currently, and my face is only sort of threatening my existence. I feel well enough in fact, that I sat down to write a Sims Overthinking post, however…is that a good idea? I really like that series and I don’t want to wake up in three days only to realize I wrote into canon that Kelly had her baby and it’s a alien vampire from outer space, or whatever else this version of me might think sounds normal.

Again, I’m pretty sure I’m lucid, but messing with a story I’m loving writing is not how I want to test that theory. So, instead, we’re gonna get some D&D content.

I have a whole folder of things I’ve made for D&D campaigns that I either intend to publish, or am keeping for a rainy today. Today is a rainy day.
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DM of the Rings X: Our Growing Family

By Bay Posted Sunday Mar 12, 2023

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Even more reviled than a typical roleplayer is a roleplayer who insists on roleplaying. When the dorks need to feel superior, this is the guy they denounce as a dork. Honestly. The only person worse than him is the DM himself.

–  Shamus, Wednesday Sep 27, 2006

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Sims 4 Overthinking: Michael

By Bay Posted Friday Mar 10, 2023

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Kelly gives her mom a hug on the porch of the ‘new’ house. She is surrounded by luggage, but it isn’t hers, hers is still in the taxi. Michael is trying to look busy organizing Kelly’s things for her while she and her mother talk on the porch.  Kelly is on her way to her dad’s house, but has stopped to make sure that Michael and her mom are settled, first.  “He won’t mention it to you, but he’s got a shellfish allergy.” Kelly says, grasping at conversational straws.

“No shellfish…got it.” Lorretta replies, feeling suddenly as though she’s being left pet-sitting.

Kelly and her mom have never gotten along very well, but now, with Kelly’s pregnancy, leaving school, and boyfriend, there are too many elephants in the room to even pretend effectively.  Eventually, Kelly climbs back into her taxi. She and Michael say their goodbyes quietly and have a quick hushed conversation Lorretta cannot hear, before Kelly closes the window and the taxi drives away, leaving Michael behind.
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DM of the Rings IX: Too Warm a Welcome

By Bay Posted Sunday Mar 5, 2023

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When you want an image to use for your character portrait, you have two choices:

  1. Spend years mastering the art of sci-fi / fantasy illustration. Perhaps attend art school. Hone your craft until you can fully realize your character on paper just as you imagine them.
  2. Use Google Image Search and swipe something that looks roughly like how you want your character to look.

For whatever reason, most players take the lazy way and opt for #2, despite the fact that there is a 90% chance they are going to look like a brooding androgynous goth / punk elf holding the wrong weapon.

Go figure.

–  Shamus, Monday Sep 25, 2006

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By Bay Posted Friday Mar 3, 2023

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After a six month waiting period, I’ve finally gotten in with a rheumatologist. Yay! Drugs! So many helpful drugs. Thank God for modern medicine.

But, this does mean a short transitional period. My hands feel like they’ve been run over by a train while I wait for this stuff to kick in. Next week, we explore Lorretta and Michael’s meeting. This week, what are you guys playing/watching/doing?

I’m currently introducing Elliot to Doctor Who and finally watching all the post-Tennant content I never touched. Good time to binge-watch something, but I have to admit, still not a Matt Smith fan.



DM of the Rings Remaster: A Tearful Reunion

By Bay Posted Sunday Feb 26, 2023

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Yes, black dragons are powerful. So are level-20 fireballs, demi-gods, and huge mythic beasts. But there is no force in the game as powerful as the combined selfishness and apathy of your players.

–  Shamus, Friday Sep 22, 2006

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