Scattered Thoughts on Hobbies, SWTOR, and WoW

By Paige Francis Posted Wednesday May 15, 2024

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We need to talk about Thomas the Tank Engine.

No, we don’t actually. But ever since I watched Thomas “TomSka” Ridgewell’s video about Thomas the Tank Engine, that opening line has been stuck in my head. Tom mentions having a, what he believes is quite conventional, relationship to the British children’s show. That is, when he was a child, he watched it. When he wasn’t a child, he didn’t watch it anymore. That seems reasonable. As is, or was anyway, common in England; television programs tended to be produced one series (what Americans would call a “season”) at a time rather than under an open-ended contract. So while the first two series/seasons appeared in the early 80’s, the third didn’t run until several years later. The show picked up…steam…and probably hit peak popularity in the mid-to-late 1990’s. This was when Thomas big-screen movies started to appear. And while the average person, especially us American GenX’ers who only had early exposure to Thomas through the PBS children’s show Shining Time Station; could be forgiven for thinking Thomas probably disappeared sometime early in the new millennium….well, you are wrong. As I have discovered, Thomas…chugged…steadily along until Mattel(!) bought the franchise, and made some decisions that have ONLY RECENTLY left the show in somewhat questionable circumstances.

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Wednesday Action Log 5-15-24

By Issac Young Posted Wednesday May 15, 2024

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This week I’ve played Content Warning. It’s quite a lot like Lethal Company but instead of getting killed for scrap and The Company, you are getting footage of monsters for your SpookTube channel, it’s quite light-hearted; even when you don’t make quota, instead of dying it just turns out that it was a bad dream. I’ve also finished Half Life 2: Episode 2 VR and aside from me not liking the strider fight very much, it’s a good mod and I had a lot of fun.



Wednesday Action Log 5-8-24

By Issac Young Posted Wednesday May 8, 2024

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This week I ended up playing a bit of Risk of Rain Returns. Mostly just cleaning up the achievements I missed. I think I’m mostly done with Minecraft. I’ve mined more copper and the cube is now around nine thousand blocks, I also did some of the archaeology stuff and got a sniffer, the plants and sniffer are kind of useless but the archaeology is fun.



Beating it With a Hammer: Making WoW Work For Me

By Paige Francis Posted Monday May 6, 2024

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I have been determined to not lose control of the story THIS TIME while playing World of Warcraft. And I must tell you, it has still been a challenge. And I’m still learning. Step one was to follow the default storyline prompts for the current iteration of WoW. That means after the starting area (recommended choice: Exile’s Reach) you will be directed to start the Battle for Azeroth expansion. I discussed last week how two quests/quest chains actually happen before Battle for Azeroth properly begins, and both are still available in the game. I DID just learn why the Heart of Azeroth beginning isn’t included in the start of the BfA story: even though NARRATIVELY it takes place before anything else you will be doing, the Heart of Azeroth mechanic WILL NOT be used until you start the War Campaign quests. These don’t became available until around level 35 or 40. I ALSO just found out that SOME of the War Campaign quests are designed to be done interchangeably with the storyline quests. My previous belief that the War Campaign had needlessly distracted me from the story was incorrect.

HOWEVER…the game does a TERRIBLE job of explaining any of this. As in, it DOES NOT explain anything. These options just become available. I will explain how I’ve reached my current state in the game.

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DM of the Rings Remastered LXX: The Needs of the Many

By Peter T Parker Posted Sunday May 5, 2024

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This is exactly the sort of behavior you get when players stop role-playing. Metagame thinking is poison. I played this for a joke, but from my own experiences and from comments others have made I know this isn’t that far-fetched. I’m beating up on the players here, but you could make the case that stuff like this is the result of a DM who is strict about rules and lax about role-playing, which is about the surest form of self-sabotage a DM can do. If you adhere to the rules with meticulous authority and fill the world with generic NPCs, then soon enough you’ll have players treating your world like a place to mine treasure and farm experience, and not like a place where an epic story is taking place. The last thing you want is to end up DM’ing a game of Diablo.

– Shamus, Friday Mar 2, 2007

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Break Week: First Job Second Verse

By Bay Posted Friday May 3, 2024

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This post was supposed to be a cheerful, excited outlook into the job I’m starting today, my first ‘real’ job in seven years. But, sorry, there’s some real truths mixed up here. We keep trying to tiptoe around the hard things as gracefully as dad did but it just leads to questions I can’t answer, and there’s so much behind the scenes. I keep having to make bummer posts, I’m not a fan. Hopefully next update will be actually a good one, it helps to put the cards on the table so improvements don’t sound like negatives down the line.
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